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How to make a wish for the New Year to make it come true easily and effortlessly


I always say that the correct formulation of your dream is already a big step towards its fulfillment. Therefore, if you want to know exactly how to make a wish for the New Year to make it come true, read this article. I will share all the secrets and tricks that help me to fulfill absolutely all my desires easily and effortlessly.

The secrets of the correct wording

New Year's Eve is not just a date in the calendar or an ordinary holiday. This time is filled with a huge amount of energy that you can use to fulfill your desires. It's a shame to miss this moment, is not it?

There are certain rules that are important to follow in order for desires to be fulfilled. And the most important thing is to use competent and correct formulations. What is important:

  1. All desires should be made only in a positive way, without negations and negative formulations. Do not use the particle "not." Instead of "I do not want to hurt," formulate "I want to be healthy."
  2. Keep the focus on what you want, not what you want to get rid of. Example: "I want to get rid of excess weight" - is wrong, with such a formulation you can, conversely, attract a couple more kilograms to yourself. But "I want to be healthy in a beautiful and slim body, in weight N kilograms" is already the correct wording.
  3. Your desire should be as clear, specific, measurable. “I want to be rich” is the wrong formulation. But "I want an income of 300,000 rubles a month" - excellent.
  4. Do not forget to determine the deadline for your wish. It should not be too close so that you can “let go” of your dream and not get hung up on it. A dream that has a clear time is already a goal, and the Universe will give you maximum opportunities so that you can reach that goal.
  5. It is advisable to describe in the formulation of your condition, which you will experience after the fulfillment of the desire. For example, if you want a happy relationship, then try to imagine what you feel about it. "On 26.03.1019 I walk with my man in the park, holding hands. Passers-by look at us and are touched. I feel tenderness and see how he looks at me with loving eyes." The more you describe your state "in the moment", the better.
  6. And, most importantly - make wishes only for yourself. They should not touch other people. "I want my mother to be healthy" - such a formulation is useless. Moreover, by making such desires, you interfere with the intention of another person. Therefore, maximum, as you can formulate: "I want to be the daughter of a healthy woman."

Try to write out 10 of your desires and formulate them according to the rules that I have described. And then read on.

Why wishes don't come true?

It also happens: a person has correctly formulated everything, made effective techniques for the fulfillment of desires, but for some reason it is impossible to get them in real life. What are the reasons for this?

They are as follows:

  1. You are not making your true desires, but those that are imposed on you by society, the environment. Or is it the goals of your mom, partner, employer. But not yours at all. Think, maybe you want a promotion? And your mom. Or in a society being promoted to be successful, and you want to match. In fact, you might not want to work at all, for example.
  2. You have a low level of energy. Energy is the engine that triggers external intent. If it is not there, then there can be no question of a quick fulfillment of desires. Therefore, the energy level must be constantly raised.
  3. You focused on what you want to get rid of, and not on what you want to get. For example, you think of getting rid of debts and loans, thereby aggravating the situation even more. And you need to think about financial freedom, large purchases, the life of your dreams - rich and full.

And it is very important to check how much your soul and mind are united in striving to get what you want. To do this, I suggest you do one very simple exercise.

Imagine that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to fulfill your dream. It remains only to get up from the couch and take what you want. For example, if you want to travel, you can collect your bags tomorrow and buy a plane ticket. If you want a relationship, then you will meet the man of your dreams, and you will only have to say “yes” at the altar.

Feel it and carefully follow your inner feelings. Is there 100% readiness? Do you feel complete comfort and confidence? Or there are some doubts, fears, a lot of “excuses” appear in the head.

In the second case, you are not yet ready to accept your dream and realize it.

Ways and rituals

And now about the most interesting - rituals aimed at the fulfillment of desires. In fact, it is not important how to make a wish, but everything that I described above. Then any action will work.

So read and choose:

  1. Write a wish on a piece of paper, and while the chimes will beat, burn, pour the ashes into a glass and drink champagne to the bottom.
  2. In the process of cooking festive dishes, keep focus on your desire. Think of it as if it had already been fulfilled. And then do not forget to try everything that is prepared. The food is already "charged" with your energy, and you just have to wait for the realization of dreams in reality.
  3. Write a letter to Santa Claus. Who said that only children can do this? Maximum emotionally, with feeling describe what you want. Thank the good wizard for what he has already performed. Tie a piece of desire to the balloon and send it to the sky.
  4. Buy a beautiful card and write in it all your wishes. Clean in a secluded place - read next year, after 12 months. At the same time, check how many items in the list have been implemented.
  5. Make a wish card. Just make it better not in the traditional Russian New Year, and in the Chinese, which begins on February 5. Then the probability of fulfillment of all your dreams will be much higher.

We summarize: