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Horoscope for Sagittarius for August 2019: the time of great activity


The end of summer is the time to take a rest (if you, of course, have not had time to do this yet) and gain new strength before the autumn-winter season. What else is important to have time to do Sagittarius now? About this will tell horoscope for Sagittarius in August 2019.

Forecast for women-Streltsov for August 2019

The first decade of the month will bring a lot of reflection on global life topics. You will need to take part in high intellectual disputes. Perhaps there is a philosophical friend in your environment? Then it is worth now to communicate with him as much as possible.

From 12 to 19 August - Strelchiha risk again to face the old rake. Astrologers warn you not to give a second chance to those who have already betrayed you once. And also do not buy goods brand, which once disappointed.

From August 21 to August 31 - quarrels with relatives provoked by you are not excluded. Take special control of your emotional sphere, do not express yourself too harshly and do not start topics unpleasant for your opponents. And express your claims in the most correct form.

Horoscope for men-Streltsov

A very active communication is foreshadowed. You will begin to talk more and more by phone, conduct business correspondence, and also take part in business negotiations.

In relations with the authorities promises to come stability and easier than before mutual understanding. But some difficulties with employees are foreshadowed. The latter, instead of active labor, will engage in the idle gossip. But you, fortunately, do not sink to their level.

In the first and second decades of August it is shown to work with information flows. You will begin to receive answers to questions that have long been disturbing your soul. And some representatives of the fiery constellation will be forced in August to convey certain information to their surroundings. And where do it so that they are understood correctly.

From the 14th day, there is an increase in the work sector, which will contribute to the growth of your ability to work and success in business. The atmosphere in the sky will give Sagittarius even more faith in himself, others will begin to listen to them.

In the last 7 days of the month, summarize and reap the fruits of your labor. You can prepare for the completion of some significant business or life stage. You will feel the blissful feeling of inner freedom and the appearance of wings behind your back!

And what is personal?

For almost the entire month (since August 4) the planets are in the money sector. And this means an improvement in your financial situation, but not at the expense of your own efforts, but due to love relationships.

For example, if you are married, it is assumed career growth spouse. Or just an increase in wages, finding an additional source of income, receiving an inheritance, and so on.

The same representatives of the constellation, who, for reasons of being alone, will meet in August with a fairly wealthy man. You will be pleasantly surprised by his generosity during the courtship. Maybe he will even decide to pay you a rental of luxury housing or offer to live in his beautiful and big house (apartment).

In addition, many Sagittarius by the end of the summer rethink their actions and decisions. It is possible that they will now decide to radically reconsider their long-standing conflict. They will probably find their wrong and be the first to go to reconciliation.


According to the health horoscope you will be filled with vitality all month. Your energy is now just pouring over the edges, and all that you don’t take is burning directly in your hands. Familiar shocked by this state of affairs and trying to find out the secret of vitality and vitality.

Another positive point - you can get rid of sleep problems. Now no external factors can damage your night dreams: you will sleep like a baby.

At the very end of the month, minor quarrels are foreshadowed. They can wear down a little and nervously exhaust Sagittarius. Stars advise you to relax and change the familiar atmosphere.

Arrange a small trip away from people, during which you will be engaged only in your personal hobbies. If you wish, you can go to the theater, museum or exhibition to get new impressions. Such relaxation will be very useful.

Money sphere

Sagittarius in August is distinguished by financial foresight. Even the stars now advise you to trust only your sixth sense. You yourself will understand where you can make a profit, and where not. So, you begin to benefit from all that relates to monetary issues. This is largely due to the lively activity of the planet Saturn in the 11th house.

The peak of luck can be said in the second decade of the month. Those Streltsy, whose activities relate to finance or trade, will experience good times. And who is on the verge - will definitely get an opportunity to improve the situation.

At the end of the month, the most industrious and reliable workers are promised to receive a well-deserved addition to wages.

Career area

The first 7 days of the month will not be the best time for work. Strelets Troops are now in need of concentration and concentration. They are given a heavy portion of the tasks they have to perform.

If there is such an opportunity - wait a little with the performance of serious and responsible work. The beginning of August is not the best time to enter into contracts, deals, important projects and so on.

By the middle of the situation promises to change for the better. Sagittarius is already normally given their work duties, they gain small victories. Due to this, they gain faith in themselves and begin to work even more efficiently.

At the very end of the summer of 2019, luck accompanies creative personalities. And when you will, as usual, follow the labors of your idols, then one day you will discover remarkable abilities and talents. Be sure to start developing them to please the world with new masterpieces!

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