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Three strong prayers to Spiridon Trimifuntsky about housing


I read prayers before any responsible process and recommend this to all believers. When purchasing a home, I advise you to contact Spiridon Trimifuntsky for help. Today I will tell the miracles of this saint and the rules for offering prayers to him.

Help from St. Spyridon

Selling or buying a home is a complex process that takes a lot of time. In addition, recently a huge number of scammers divorced. They represent a threat to honest Orthodox Christians who are trying to buy or sell real estate.

How many stories can you find on the Internet of deceived co-investors who simply wanted to acquire their own housing and paid a lot of money for it? But because of the cooperation with the scammers, they actually find themselves on the street, and sometimes it happens that people even get completely bogged down in debt.

And then their only reliable becomes the help of the Lord. But the priests assure that in matters of material the best helper is St. Spyridon. It is he who is the saint who is so honored by the followers of the Orthodox Church. It is believed that the prayer to Spiridon Trimyfuntsky about housing necessarily reach him, and he does everything to help the applicant. Interestingly, the belief in the power of Spiridon is quite justified. Since this is the saint who patronized the travelers who did not have their own homes.

The story of the life of St. Spyridon

Spiridon was born on the island of Cyprus. The exact date of his birth is unknown, as is the fact who his parents were. However, it is authentically known that he was from a simple family.

His parents were not rich and did not have slaves in submission. They did their best to raise their son a true Christian. And thanks to the positive influence of the father and mother, the prelate is a growth that is ingenuous, virtuous and, most importantly, humble. It was humility that set him apart from other people. After all, he perceived any tests that fell to his lot with some enthusiasm. He believed that the Lord sends as many trials as a man can endure.

Work and personal life

From an early age he worked and helped his parents in everything. To help them financially and to accustom themselves to work, the young man was herding sheep. In adolescence, he met a woman with whom he wanted to tie the knot. Their marriage was happy, but not long. The spouse managed to give birth to him several children, but she died early. After her death, Spiridon no longer married. He decided to devote himself entirely to serving the Lord.

Good deeds

All the inhabitants of the island knew that travelers should be sent to Spiridon. Because he gladly provided them with shelter and food. He never demanded any payment from people. And this earned the love of many travelers in distress. After all, they knew that they could find accommodation and salvation in the house of this humble layman who faithfully and regularly served the Lord.

For this reason, there was always a lot of people in Spiridon’s house. Travelers who didn’t have the money to pay the owners of the inns often visited this place. That is why the Orthodox believe that housing should be prayed exclusively to this saint. After all, during his lifetime he helped those who did not have their own shelter. So, after death, being in heaven, he will surely hear the request addressed to him, and fulfill it with the permission of the Lord.

Spiridon's Miracles

Scripture says that Spiridon was not only a pious Christian in his lifetime, but also a wonderworker. Because it is reliably known that during his life he performed a great many miracles. And here is just one of them.

According to legend, in ancient times there was a strong famine on the island. The reason for this was the drought, which lasted for many months. The plants died, the rivers dried up. People were very frightened by the fact that they had to face such a terrible and painful death. Seeing the people suffer, Spiridon offered a prayer to the Lord. As soon as the prayer was over, raindrops fell from the sky. The land was well saturated with moisture and after a few days all the gardens gave a harvest. It is a joyful time. Then people first believed that Spiridon has the power to work miracles.

After that, for several years, people on the island lived very prosperously. But at the same time they continued to sin. And so the Lord decided to send them another punishment. Hunger began again in the cities.

Then a merchant came to the island who traded in bread. He bought it at a low price and, having learned that hunger began again in Cyprus, he wanted to make money on it. He brought bread to the island, but sold it at a very high price. And so the simple peasants were forced to sell the latter in order to save their children from death.

One of the poor, who could not find money to buy bread, went to ask for mercy and help from Spiridon. He answered that tomorrow the rich man would pray that they would take bread for free from him, and all the hungry would be fed. And indeed in the morning the townspeople saw that a rain-stream carried bread through the streets. As soon as the rich man understood that he was ruined, he began to beg the peasants to take this bread for free.

Interesting facts about the relics

After the death of Spiridon, who prayed for the sale of an apartment, his relics were placed in the cathedral. Since then, millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to the temple to touch the relics of the saint. Those who repeatedly visited the temple and saw the relics tell us that there is a belief that the saint continues to help his flock even after his death. And in this case, it is not about heavenly intercession.

It is believed that after his death, the saint continues to roam the world. When a person offers him a true prayer, having fallen into a very difficult life situation, he rises from his cancer and goes to help this person. It is for this reason, according to the Orthodox, that on some days the priests cannot open the cancer. Initially it was thought that the mechanism is simply faulty. Therefore, the master came to the church several times. However, he never managed to find any signs that the mechanism was really faulty.

But most of all the ministers of the church are surprised by the fact that every year the saint has to change his shoes. To the surprise of all the priests, Spiridon's shoes are always worn to holes. This circumstance was the reason for the emergence of rumors that he, after his death continues to roam the world. Perhaps this is true. And so prayers are so powerful. After all, there is a chance that the saint himself will come to a man in order to render him unbearable help.

Rules of the Ascension of Prayer to Spyridon Trimifuntsky

As it was written above, the prayer to this saint is very powerful. However, there are several conditions that can significantly improve the effectiveness of prayer. Therefore, in order to receive divine help as quickly as possible, it is recommended to adhere to these recommendations.

  1. Never pray to buy an apartment, being in a bad mood. Unfortunately, some Christians completely forget that prayer is a sacrament. And therefore it is necessary to prepare for it in advance.
  2. You can not pray, guided only by the desire to quickly get money for a deal or buy housing. It is imperative that man ask exclusively for the goodness of heaven. After all, it is actually prohibited to directly ask for material benefits. Because such prayers can infuriate the heavens. As is well known, material goods have no meaning for the Lord.
  3. Before you begin to offer a prayer, you must tune in the right way. It is also allowed to consider a request for several minutes, which will be addressed to the saint. This is necessary in order for a person to collect his thoughts and be able to clearly express his desire. No need to think that mentally expressing a desire is easier than verbally.
  4. It is necessary to pray every day. It is a mistake to believe that it is enough just to offer a prayer once and after that happiness and luck will come to your hands. After all, such thoughts are even sinful. Because they show how lazy a person is. And if he is not ready to offer prayers daily, then there can be no talk of divine help.

By following these simple guidelines, a person will be able to correctly offer a prayer and receive help from higher powers. Thus, the purchase or sale will be successful. Therefore, it is recommended not to neglect such valuable advice, which directly determines whether a prayer will be heard.

Texts of prayers

Little known is the fact that there are several options for prayer to this saint. The church allows to offer prayers to St. Spyridon in such cases:

  • when it is necessary to sell housing;
  • if it is necessary to urgently purchase real estate;
  • if a person is in a difficult life situation;
  • if a Christian has long been in the queue for housing, but can not get it;
  • if demons have settled in the apartment.

Depending on what kind of help a person needs, one should offer a certain prayer and do it not quickly, but at a quiet pace. Remember that the main condition for achieving the desired result is the purity of thoughts. Only a person who is absolutely pure in his thoughts can hope that heaven will answer his prayer.


  1. It is believed among believers that material goods cannot be asked for. But in reality, a person can pray for housing, addressing his prayer to Saint Spyridon.
  2. The saint hears absolutely all the prayers that are sent to him. But he answers only to those who are sincere.
  3. Before you begin to offer a prayer, a person must tune in the desired fashion. Otherwise, it is likely that the prayer will not be heard.
  4. There are several variants of prayer texts that can be used when addressing the saint.