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The most powerful maternal prayers for the children of the Blessed Virgin Mary are Orthodox texts.


For any woman who has a child, the main thing in life is his health and well-being. For everything to be successful, a maternal prayer for the child, his success and confidence in life is necessary. The main thing is to believe that it will help in all difficult life situations, which sometimes presents a capricious fate.

Such a conversation with Heaven connects the parent and her children with an invisible connection. The heart of the mother is an inexhaustible source of earthly unselfish love. The existing prayers of the Mother of God for children help to keep this connection and make the child's life happy.

Prayers to the Virgin

In Orthodoxy, it is considered the most zealous babysitter. After all, she and the Mother, whose soul and heart suffered about the Son, were wounded by His pain. Being under the cross, when the Son was tormented, She received the human race under her care. Since then, tirelessly about him bothers before God. Sincere prayer that pure water will wash away all the dirt of sin from the soul, and the mother’s prayer is so strong that it will take the child out of the bottom of the deep. The prayer of the mother of the Mother of God for her children, the godchildren, multiplies the forces given by the Lord.

Difficult test for the mother when her child is ill, especially if the disease is terrible, not treatable. The woman suffers, as she is ready to take away all the children's pains, but she cannot help in any way. There is an effective help - the heartfelt prayer coming from the very depths. Why is this happening? Why is the mother capable of so beneficially, through prayer, to influence the course of events? It's simple. The invisible connection between her and her child continues throughout their lives, because for the whole 9 months they were closely interconnected and were a single organism. After birth, souls continue to be around.

The sensitivity of the mother's heart is sung by many nations, literature of different directions is not accidental. It is able to feel even at a distance that something is wrong with the child, that he is sick or that his life is not going well. In this case, the role of the father does not diminish. And the daily prayer, coming from both parents at once, will have an even more beneficial effect on children's destiny.

Prayer "ambulance"

This is the way to call a tearful appeal to the Mother of God, when the last drops of hope for the recovery of her offspring are lost. In this case, in any case, you can not ignore the doctor's advice and recommendations. However, it will be useful for a child to have a healer to heal not only the body, his spirit and prayerful help are very necessary.

Orthodox believe that such a prayer will bring together all those forces that sometimes do not fit in my head. There are a lot of examples when invisible reserves were activated, when a person got up on his feet by a miracle, he was fighting off his illness. Along with the prayers of the Virgin, they read about the child: "Lord Jesus Christ wake thy mercy on my children".

Prayer for babies every day

In the difficult process of raising a child of any age, a regular reading of an Orthodox prayer will become a reliable helper. Even if you pray daily, time is spent a little. Those pressures experienced by modern children, not only in the process of study, but even in communication, have a bad effect on the entire state of the child.

All overloads, which are the result of a restless rhythm, greatly hinder the child to be attentive, focused. He is difficult to cope with the bulk of information. Often because of this, he is unable to cope with the teachings. About such children who cannot study well, it is also necessary to bother with prayer before the saints and the Most High. Who advises priests to pray? First of all, the Wonderworker Nikolai, then Sergius of Radonezh and St. John of Kronstadt.

How to pray

There are several general rules for turning a mother to the Lord and Orthodox saints. It is desirable for all Christians to observe them. Only in this case, you can get the desired result.

Prayer should be done in a relaxed atmosphere, at home at the iconostasis or in the walls of the temple. It is good if a candle shines in your hand, or to burn under an icon of an icon lamp. You can pray alone or in the presence of a child. In the latter case, after the completion of the ritual, it is necessary to cross it. Exalt the words asking about the health of the baby, according to tradition, preferably before the icon of the Mother of God.

What is the power of the maternal prayer of the Virgin about children

Any children's problem responds to the loving heart of mom with pain and feelings. And let the son or daughter be adults for a long time, for her they will forever remain children. The Almighty and the Virgin Mary will never heed indifferently to the mother prayers for help. It is believed that a hot plea can save even the most hopeless cases, when the doctors also give up.

Great power is faith without doubt. A powerful message to God's world is capable of miracles. Praying to the Mother of God will help

  • daughters in childbirth;
  • son in the hour of persecution;
  • inexperienced children from cheating dangerous people;
  • from the wickedness of demons.

If the parent has taken care in the morning, having prayed for the children, drives away the troubles from them for the whole day ahead. Prayers for the night grant peace and sleep to the child, without nightmares and disturbing dreams. Do not forget to bless your child every day, it will help him cope with the upcoming affairs of concern.


One of the most powerful icons that helps to cope with the disease. There are many faces of saints, but for the indicated problems it is recommended to turn to the image of "The Healer". Often, in moments of despair, women prayed to her and, according to the recollections of many, help came.

01.10. - is considered a day of remembrance. On this day, it is good to go to the temple and ask for healing for your child. We will tell only about one of the numerous cases of helping the image of people. The Moscow priest Vincent, who once lived, suddenly became seriously ill, his consciousness left, and his tongue became black. The pain was so strong that he screamed out of his will. Then the poor father began to pray for pardon to the image of the Mother of God, so that she would deliver him from such suffering. Even losing his last strength, he whispered his prayers.

According to eyewitnesses caring for the sick, it was written that his bedroom suddenly became brighter, as if white rays had pierced, and the Mother of God appeared before him. Gently touched the stick to Vincent, and the ailment receded. Since that time, there is a marvelous image in every church, and in some places in the hospital.


As a result, it is clear to every Orthodox Christian that