Dream interpretation

6 lunar day: how it affects our lives


6 lunar day has a passive energy, refers to the metal element. Lucky minerals of the day include: turquoise, pink-tinted chalcedony and marble. Happy colors of the day are the different variations of blue: classic blue, indigo, ultramarine shades, cornflower and sapphire.

There are several symbols of 6 days: the main one is the clouds, as well as the crane and the mystical bird Ivik. The angelic essence of the day: Elar (acts as a warrior of the night, a destroyer of obstacles).

General characteristics of 6 lunar day

The sixth lunar day promises to pass in calm, measured tendencies. During the whole day the atmosphere of harmony and emotional balance is preserved. Today you should not count on updates. The situation as if becomes on a temporary pause.

Astrology experts call this day a chance for a man above, given to reflect on all the changes that occurred at the beginning of the month. It is difficult for some people to learn new things, they hardly adapt to the changed conditions of life. Therefore, a special day is given to adapt, rethink and evaluate everything that happened.

Tibetan sages prohibit to go on trips on the 6th day of the lunar cycle. This is due to the fact that the road always brings new experiences, dating. And now you need to relax mentally, doing something calm. The diverse spiritual upheavals that are negative, that positive on a given day will provoke destructive internal processes.

Main recommendation 6 days: refuse any travel.

Also today should not be given to other people to use their personal items. Even if we are talking about close relatives or friends. Together with the thing will leave and a piece of your peace of mind and good luck.

You are tired of work, do you dream of a respite? Make it now recommended over! Just abstract from everything that is happening and stick to the position of neutrality.

If possible, do not even think about anything. Soothe your mind from unnecessary thoughts, any trivial things in life and problems. It is important that your reasoning today be like a quiet river. It is possible that at the same time you can discover your true purpose or those truths that were previously unavailable.

Of course, you won’t solve all the mysteries of our Universe, but you can definitely clarify a couple of issues that are particularly disturbing to the soul. For example, you are interested to know the sincerity of the feelings of your loved one or attitude towards you from a friend / girlfriend. At 6 lunar day you effortlessly distinguish the truth from lies.

Although the energy of the day and passive, it does not mean that today should only be lazy. Indeed, the 6th lunar day characterizes a quiet pastime, but it is clear that no one will do your duties at work and at home. Therefore, calmly deal with them, most importantly, do not fuss, do not sort things out and maintain inner peace.

Love, relationship, marriage

Astrologers recommend going down the aisle to those couples who seek to lead a quiet, measured, quiet and unserious married life. If both spouses are introverts by nature, do not get joy from noisy companies and prefer to rest together, then the day is ideal for getting married.

In addition, by holding yourself together with the bonds of Hymen on a given day, you will provide wisdom and love for your union for many years. Such pairs are very stable, and their members are loyal to each other. Divorce in them is a rarity.


At 6, the number of the lunar cycle is worth attending to the state of the organs that are connected with the water and air elements. In no case, you can not over-exaggerate your vocal cords, since you risk to "disrupt" the voice. If your job is related to the need to talk - try now to refrain from long conversations.

Also, do not drink cold drinks, even if the weather is hot. And also monitor the condition of the kidneys: they should be kept warm, you can not be in drafts.

At this time, successfully begin the implementation of anti-aging manipulations. Massage will bring great benefits, and you can choose any kind of it at will. Do not be limited to classic.

Business work money

In business life, it is required to make a short pause on the sixth day. Hazard brings overvoltage and recycling. As a result, you risk worsening your health, and your business will suffer. Give up today strong actions to improve your financial life, on the contrary, it is better to postpone activity.

Nowadays, sales and purchases of something are extremely unfavorable. There is an opinion that the sale on this lunar day will provoke serious losses: the finances will begin to “float away” and you risk to be at the very bottom. Also, the period is not suitable for the return of debts.

Haircut, coloring, manicure

Shaving curls in 6 days is not recommended. Otherwise, there may be a deterioration of the immune system and general well-being.

Also, the day is unsuccessful in order to change the usual shade of curls. As a result, there is a possible imbalance in the balance of its natural energies, which will provoke unnecessary conflicts, disputes with its close circle and employees at work.

Manicure and pedicure procedures are allowed.


Night visions are considered prophetic. Even if in a dream you dreamed something a priori meaningless, abstract - still give him your increased attention. In this dream, hiding direct or encrypted tips from above for further action.

Your important task is to correctly interpret the nightly dreams. At the same time, do not aspire to an overly unambiguous interpretation, try to take the reference point no longer on the logical mind, but on those feelings that you experienced immediately after waking up.

Ritual for 6 lunar day

Today it is shown to perform special attitudes and affirmations on the youth of the body. Many examples of such practices are offered in publications of Sytin and Louise Hay. Although allowed and self-writing affirmations. In this case, you put all your soul into it, your message will be especially pronounced, which will help to get the best effect.

Further I offer you examples of effective rejuvenating affirmations:

  • I am caring for my body and my inner world.
  • I get rid of any nervous and physical stress, allow myself to be appeased.
  • Relaxation gives me a flow of healing vital energy.
  • I easily and without much effort get everything I want, what I feel the need.
  • My interests are protected by divine laws.

For the gardener and the gardener

By the sixth lunar day, the active phase of growth of garden crops continues. All the beneficial substances in them rise from the roots to the stem, provide food for the leaves and fruits.

Therefore, it is shown today to harvest. The fruits that you get, especially grown above the ground level, have a lot of vitamins and minerals. But the healing effects are different and the roots harvested now.

In addition, the growth phase of the moon is suitable for planting and transplanting plants. All plants that you plant in these days will actively grow and give a rich harvest.

It is also good to cultivate the soil on day 6, loosen it, water it abundantly, provide root-dressing with the help of mineral fertilizers, plant, graft, seed grass, pick seeds, swoop down and trim.


It can be summed up that the most ideal pastime of the current, 6 days is calm and harmonious. Save yourself from conflict situations, and solve all problems exclusively by peaceful means. It is worth using the recommendations of the Tibetan sages and other clever personalities who have managed to find inner harmony.

Do not overload your mind with the solution of various everyday issues and life difficulties. Let spiritual questions come to the fore now.

And if you were lucky and you caught a mystical crane in the sky - make efforts to keep it. Do not try to lock it in a cage, so you do not get the desired result. Just enter the moment and fill with energy of the sixth lunar day.

The symbol of today is the clouds. Astrologers advise to stop, pause from all classes and just admire the distant skies. Stay a little child, allow yourself to withdraw from everyday life and adult difficulties, and just enjoy the beauty of the world.

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