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Dream Interpretation: what it means to jump with a parachute


Dreams are so unpredictable that sometimes you do not understand what they were for. These dreams include a parachute jump. What does the unknown world want to tell us? What does it mean to jump with a parachute on the dream book?

Knowing the future at the tip is sometimes not easy. Parachute and leap foreshadow risk and success. Dream books will help to deal with future events.

Special nuances and trivia sleep pro leap

Draw on the little things akin to science. It is very difficult for untrained people to grasp the subtleties of a dream. But to pay for such signs is simply necessary for the correct interpretation of what he saw.

What to look for?

  • The interpretation of sleep depends on who jumped with a parachute. Are you or someone else? If you watched from the side of a parachutist, standing on the ground, then his dream will come true incomprehensibly when. The dreamer has chosen the wrong goal, which he will not achieve. Jumping themselves? Soon you are waiting for anxiety.
  • Parachute opened or not? Undiscovered parachute means trouble in reality. The opened parachute dreams to eliminate problems and obstacles.
  • Where did the skydiver land? Landing on the water to great disappointment. Before him will be an unexpected event. Landed on a burning house? Conspiracies and gossip wind around you. Perhaps you will get into a conflict situation.
  • What emotions did you experience? Screamed and feared? Wait for difficulties in making a decision. From indecision will suffer. It was fun, and sang songs? Emerging problems are easy to solve and will not bring worries.
  • What was the weather, the sky, windiness? Squall wind in a dream to the obstacles. It’s safe to sit down with such a wind to solve problems.
  • Why did you jump? Was the aircraft serviceable?
  • How did the jump end? The parachutist is broken - to the misfortunes of yours and your loved ones. Hazards are expected from car accidents and accidents. Drowned by landing on the water? Expected depression.

So many nuances, and everyone plays an important role in the interpretation. Answers in more detail will help us give the popular dream books.

Dream interpretation

East Dream

Fly with a parachute to riskiness. You love risk, but remember that your relatives are constantly worried about you. Jump swift, and the parachute does not work? You are afraid that luck will turn away from you, but the experience is superfluous and success in business will not keep you waiting.

Dream relationship love relationship

Such a dream by dream to acquaintance. Your views on sex will change. You are waiting for new aspects in this matter.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If someone descends on a parachute during a holiday, it means that soon it is necessary to take measures to preserve their cash reserves. Jump from the plane, but the parachute is not disclosed - an accident with unpleasant consequences. You can change the future. Cancel informal meetings.

A successful landing promises happiness in marriage. Fell into the woods, while hanging on a tree and confused? Started business will not bring profit. Sleep in hand for entrepreneurs.

Drop down on a lost island, and your plane crashed? Soon you will be put in a hopeless situation. Before you put the conditions from which you can not refuse.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Jumped and landed? You have set yourself a goal for which you have made a lot of effort. Sleep says that enough has already been done to make it happen.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

Parachute jump dreams to unusual emotions. Look forward to meeting or dating. Acquaintance will change views on sex. For married ladies such a dream promises a new love adventure, which she did not expect. Relationships in the family with her husband violated.

Dream Dream

Parachute jump dreaming to meet. From the relationship you take a lot of experience. A partner will teach you everything, even sex.


Jumping with a parachute means finding a way out of a problematic situation. If you jumped from a high building and flew, then the risks in real life will justify yourself and be successful.

Jumped off the plane, and did not open the parachute? An accident will hurt you.

Landing while jumping on arable land means prosperity and financial stability.

Dream Miller

A successful landing foreshadows great luck. Perhaps you doubted and did not dare to do business for a long time, but in vain.

Fall after hitting a haystack for profit, which suddenly falls on your shoulders. New ways to make money come to mind.