Dream interpretation

What dreams of salted herring?


Some people can't imagine life without fish. Someone eats it, someone gets aquarium fish. But often the fish is in dreams.

Herring, a favorite fish from the time of the Soviet Union. Her fried, salted, make a layered salad "Herring under a fur coat." Such a fish has not only to the table, but is in dreams. Today we will answer the question: “What is the dream of salted herring?”.

We look at the little things

Concentrate and remember the dream. Nuances and specific actions in a dream are able to fully disclose the interpretation of your dream. What did you do in a dream? The situation that unfolds in the vision plays an important role.

  • Did you eat fish?
  • Did you buy herring?
  • Just saw a fish?
  • Was the fish live or frozen? Smoked or salted?

Dream dream help to understand the dream.

Herring in dream books

Dream Miller

The dreamed salted herring portends big financial problems. These problems can be solved without great effort, but it will be important to ask for help from relatives.

Women engaged in business, sleep promises a financial crisis. Housekeepers also predicted herring in a dream of monetary gain, which will fall unexpectedly.

Lonely ladies should expect a bargain. Perhaps it will be a big purchase, and maybe a very small, but useful thing. Family girls need to wait for a romantic evening and strengthen relationships.

Salted herring dreams to sorrows. Most often it is the experience of the opposite sex. Live herring predicts a quick pregnancy.

Big online dream book

See herring to future family squabbles and troubles. Did you catch herring? You expect trouble in the service. They will be small but durable.

Salt herring to the troubles that await you at work. In situations you will be guilty. If someone ate herring, and you watched, then the trouble worth waiting for your friends, whom you saw.

If you were buying herring in a dream, then such a dream tries to warn you against trouble. Did you sell herring? Together with the sold fish will leave difficulties and troubles from your family.

Culinary dream book

Eating fish in a dream means that events will soon come that will cover you completely. All actions will be aimed at achieving the goals associated with the new event.

Small Veles dream

To buy herring means to return old debts.

The newest dream book

Dreamed fish for pregnancy. Perhaps there is a frivolous person around you. Expect heart problems.

Russian dream book

Herring in a dream foreshadows the disease of relatives and friends.

Family Dream

The fish, seen in a dream, promises monetary problems. To solve all the difficulties, you will need to make a lot of effort.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

See the herring? Wait for financial difficulties. Overcome the trouble can only be worth a lot of effort.

Dream dream bitch

Buy or eat a herring in a dream to a dream of unplanned money. Your budget may suffer greatly. To replenish finances should be a lot of effort.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Did you buy herring? Wait for the guests. Salty fish dream to sorrow and tears. Marinated herring promises a loss of independence. Fish was fresh frozen? Your feelings for the partner cool.

Cooked or fried? In the near future, making a big and gross error. Salted themselves fish? Children will bring a lot of trouble. Cutting fish on the table dreams of a bad mood, the culprit of which will be your spouse. If the herring has deteriorated, then wait for deception.

The dream of a modern woman

See herring to money problems. Force will have to apply a lot to restore financial stability.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Saw? Expect trouble in the family. Caught a fish? Soon problems at work will be overtaken. In a dream, salt herring means that all the troubles and problems that have fallen at work, come only from you.

Eat herring to problems and difficulties in the workplace of relatives.

Did someone eat fish? The problems will cover the person you saw. Buying fish means that soon you will become guilty of problems not only of your own, but of other people as well. Sold? The difficulties that have seized your home will recede, but you have to work a lot on the problems.

Esoteric dream book

Did you see herring or ate it? Soon make a frivolous act. You will regret. Did you catch fish in a net? You can be deceived, be careful.