Dream interpretation

What a drunken husband dreams about?


What a drunken husband dreams about? If the dream is not connected with the real events of the family’s life and the man’s drunkenness, it spells unpleasant events. However, the details of interpretation are directly dependent on the peculiarities of the plot of the picture seen in the dream. Consider the details.

Popular interpretation of dreams about a drunken husband

  • Seeing a non-smoking husband drunk in a dream predicts his illness or ecstasy of illusions. If in reality the husband drinks only on holidays and at the same time behaves violently, a dream with a calm drunk husband may reflect a desire to change his behavior. A woman in reality suffers from drunken antics and with all her heart wants her husband to behave adequately.
  • To see in a dream man absorbs potion with glasses, denotes its inner spiritual experiences. A man seeks to hide them from loved ones, hide them deep down. Subconsciousness of a woman signals a disorder in the soul of her spouse. In reality, such a man can also begin to drink heavily to drown out the spiritual suffering.
  • Sleep in which drunk husband had an accident or fell into a pit, foreshadows trouble at work. Perhaps the man will soon be fired, or he will fall under the reduction. Trouble can not be avoided. Also, sleep can have a direct meaning, so warn your spouse not to drive a car in the near future.
  • Drunk dead husband does not mean anything. You should order a memorial service in the church, bring a mention to the grave, put candles for the funeral. If a deceased husband in a dream started a quarrel, in reality you can expect a scandal with his living relatives.
  • See drunk ex-husband - he did not accept divorce and wants to meet. Perhaps the meeting is just around the corner, or hear from him. A dream in which, the former trashes the house, speaks of his desire to return to his ex-wife and live together.
  • Former husband drinks alcohol in your home? It means that he is gnawed by remorse. A man regrets about divorce and with all his heart wishes to restore family relationships. Most likely, the other day will be felt.

Interpretation of dream books

Dream Miller considers this plot a bad omen: this foreshadows family conflict. The situation heated up gradually, matured and requires permission. Conflict is inevitable, be prepared.

If a woman sees her husband very drunk, she unconsciously does not respect him. Miller also warns that such dreams can visit a woman on the eve of major purchases. Should refrain from acquiring.

Dream Dream sees in this story a ripened conflict or trouble. Moreover, sleep is not a sign of a conflict, but its reflection. You should make concessions to prevent the development of a conflict situation. Also, a drunk husband in a woman’s dream can be a reflection of her fears of a despotic man.

Freight's Dream Interpretation believes that dreams with drunk people are dreaming of illness. The dearer drunk in a dream, the harder will pass the disease.

Modern dream book warns: a woman awaits waste or loss of money. They can cheat in the store, steal a wallet or use a credit card. If you plan to invest money in a project, change your decision immediately.

Former husband drunk negative values ​​does not carry: it is an echo of the memories of the past unsuccessful life in a creative way. However, if the drunken man rushed home, the dreamer will face problems in the financial and business sphere. This may be a reprimand from the authorities, the machinations of colleagues or the failure of the project.

Seeing a dead husband drunk - do not forgive him past insults. It is necessary to bury insults with a person, stop tormenting your soul.

Family Dream warns: quarrel with a drunken husband in a dream - to waking conflicts. This is a dream warning: if you allow the development of a conflict, it can lead to a divorce. It is better to give in and not notice a quarrel than to risk a break in relations. To see a drunken husband in the company of drinking companions - to the dreamer's disease.

The aggressive behavior of a drunken husband in a dream requires the intervention of his wife: he got into a bad company, you need to save him from this society. If this is not done, the divorce is inevitable. If the young wife saw her husband drunk in a dream immediately after the wedding, we should expect scandals.

Everyday dream book believes that a drunken ex-husband dreams not just like this: a man is ready to come with a guilty and reconcile, but is afraid to take the first step. Often, such a dream may warn that the ex-husband needs the participation of the woman in his life. A man is bad without his wife, the world collapsed.

See how people make fun of a drunken husband - to problems in life. Dreamer expects a black streak of bad luck. To dream of a drunken husband constantly - he has problems that he tries to hide. It is necessary to find out in a confidential conversation that he cares.

Several times to see the dead husband drunk - this suggests that the woman still remembers him and can not accept the loss. If he offended her during his lifetime, it is worth forgiving all offenses and living a new life. Until you let off the insults, you will not be able to meet a new man, worthy of living together with you.


What a drunken husband dreams about? The interpretation depends on the nature of the man. If he likes to indulge in alcohol, sleep reflects the woman's daytime experiences about it. To interpret this dream does not make sense. If a man drinks on holidays, and in a dream is in a drunken state - you should sound the alarm.

First of all, you need to find out if a man does not hide his problems from his wife? However, when clarifying this issue, you should not run into a conflict, because a man may perceive the question as an interrogation. If misunderstanding is ripe in the life of the spouses and a wall of indifference has arisen, the image of a drunken husband is a reflection of the realities of real life.

A late husband in a dream is not a harbinger of unhappiness. Usually the deceased come to sleep if they need the support of the living. Order the service, put the funeral candles, read the prayers - this will help the deceased's soul and calm yourself. Sometimes the deceased dream just to change the weather.