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Prayer to be hired - to whom and how to pray


Every adult person at least once in their life had to deal with the search for work and the “charms” of employment. And even the high personal and professional qualities of a candidate are not always able to give an absolute guarantee of obtaining the desired position. The job search procedure can take quite a long time. Significantly shorten this period, attract good luck to the side of the applicant and create all the conditions for him to be quickly recruited, a special Orthodox prayer is capable.

How does prayer work for work?

In today's world, where fierce competition is flourishing, it is very difficult to get a high-paying job without the help and support of influential individuals. However, each applicant can enlist the assistance of the highest forces, if in the process of his employment he uses Orthodox prayers. Prayers for getting a job help any candidate to bypass all possible obstacles along the way and take the desired position.

The Orthodox prayer for help in seeking work is a means of high efficiency, but it is impossible to pin all our hopes on it. The job success of the applicant largely depends on his personal characteristics. Heaven will not help people lazy. The higher forces favor only those who are accustomed to achieve everything by their diligence, perseverance and purposefulness, because even God's holy helpers themselves during their lives were tireless workers. It is for hardworking, active and energetic candidates that there are more chances for successful employment.

The most effective Orthodox prayers when looking for work and employment

A request for help in the work can be addressed either directly to the Lord himself or to His holy saints - the second category of prayer texts is the most requested. In order to find a good job, believers most often address their prayers to the holy martyr Trifon, the blessed old woman Matrona of Moscow and St. Seraphim of Sarov. Some ask for help from Jesus Christ.

Matrona Moskovskaya prayer to find a good job

To the blessed Matronushka, even during her life, the flow of the suffering and needy did not stop - they all came to her with their requests. The blissful old lady continues to help people after her death. A prayer for work addressed to Matronushka provides good assistance to those who really want to quickly and safely find a job. The words in it are:

Prayer to the holy martyr Trifon for help in finding

The Holy Martyr Trifon is greatly honored by the Orthodox Church and the faithful. People pray to him for deliverance from evil spirits, with material and housing problems. It is also possible to offer a prayer to Saint Trifon so that he can quickly and without problems take on the desired work. The prayer text is as follows:

Listen also to the text of the prayer for the work on this video:

Prayer to Rev. Seraphim of Sarov in order to quickly find a monetary job

It is possible to ask Saint Seraphim Sarovsky for help in finding employment not only for himself, but also for his relatives, relatives, friends - for those people whose destiny is not indifferent for you. A prayer addressed to the holy righteous and wonderworker, sounds like this:

Prayer to the Lord to quickly find a good job.

The prayer for help in seeking work, directed to the Almighty, is one of the strongest, therefore it will certainly be heard by heaven. It is necessary to pronounce it at any stage of employment: viewing announcements, calling up potential employers, submitting a resume, before and after the interview, etc. The process of reading this prayer should always be accompanied by a sign of the cross. The prayer text itself is:

When you can find a good position and gain a foothold on it, you will certainly need to thank the Creator for the support and assistance provided.

How to pray to be hired?

Any Orthodox prayer acts as a link between the highest forces and the believer. For a prayer request to help you find a good work, it is not enough just to choose any of the texts suggested above and pray with its help. Prayer must be carefully read, its content carefully studied so that the applicant can understand the very essence. The text is desirable to learn by heart and read it from memory.

The Lord and the holy miracle workers are also allowed to turn and in your own words. The main thing is that they are pronounced sincerely and come from the heart. Communion with God will bring the greatest result, if you make it in holy places - temples, churches, chapels. But this does not mean that it is impossible to pray outside these institutions - prayer can be used at home, in the office - in any place convenient for the applicant. An important condition is that a person must be motivated and ready to talk with representatives of higher powers.. It is good if the prayer is read before the icon of the saint (even if it is small in size).

The words of the Orthodox prayer about getting a job are best to be uttered in a whisper, with understanding, clearly pronouncing and passing each one of them through yourself. It is necessary to talk with God and His holy helpers in a calm, peaceful state., irritable mood, evil categorically not suitable for these purposes. The head of the worshiper must be free from problems, and his thoughts are devoid of ill intent.

A prayer to be hired is recommended to begin by saying “Our Father". After it, it is already possible to read the prayer itself, addressed to a certain saint. Also, be sure to impose on yourself three times before each reading and after it. sign of the cross. The best effect gives the prayer, pronounced kneeling. Also, regular visits to liturgical establishments help improve performance.

Mandatory requirement - do not forget to thank the higher forces, if the search for work was crowned with success. Heaven helps people in a short time. Those who are obsessed with laziness will have to sweat, apply more independent efforts to employment.