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Monetary signs to increase money in life


Everyone dreams of success, in particular - financial. And if for many it is not the main goal in life, then almost everyone is afraid of poverty. Any nation has monetary signs and rituals that protect such a fragile material well-being.

Signs for money are closely related to symbolism of the harvest and fertility. The simple people, who invent the majority will accept, have not had cash in their hands for a very long time, and riches of food and healthy children were considered wealth. Therefore, many will take associated with food, drink, table - responsible for the satiety of objects and concepts.

Another interesting feature: unlike Protestantism, Orthodoxy, widespread on our territory, does not see a direct link between hard work and enrichment as a reward from God for this work. Being rich is generally not very decent from a spiritual point of view, and wealth is first and foremost a way to help the poor. Therefore, the signs and rituals associated with money, often featured advice serve the poor.

Poverty now does not necessarily promise death, as it was in ancient times, but still the condition is extremely difficult and unpleasant. And to avoid it, you need not only work, but also a bit of luck. How to attract her?

General tips in terms of will

As they say in the books about rapid enrichment: "Wealth is a way of thinking." Can add - and lifestyle. The old ("grandmothers") signs that money was brought in, agree with this: material well-being is attracted not by a one-time action, but by the correct everyday mood and actions.

What needs to be done and what is not so that the luck in money matters smiles at you?

  1. You can not get involved in the account of other people's money. It is not good to envy, in principle, but with money, danger is not only for the soul: if you take other people's money, it will not be yours.
  2. Money should not stagnate. Earned - spend, and the money will come again. Spending income immediately, and not postponing - not the healthiest consumer habit, but the signs say that.
  3. Money from different sources - different. It is of great importance exactly how you received the money. Unfair revenues will take away good luck for a long time, easy money will easily go away, and they should not be confused with your own earned efforts.

Signs about the wallet and piggy bank

A purse as the main container of money has a special power over them, as well as a piggy bank.

  • Dear wallet - a good omen. He will easily attract money.
  • Good omen is considered put money in your wallet face to yourself. The face is an obverse, that is, that side of the bill where the “Bank of Russia Ticket” is written and the serial number is indicated.
  • OK, when there is some money in the presented walletat least a coin. So, the money will be driven.
  • To raise funds, you need to fill a purse in a purse ("lure" money) or a little cinnamon.
  • If thunderstorm broke on Friday, she needs to be answered. rattle a purse or coins in your pocket - to the income.
  • New piggy bank is best to start on the growing moon - and savings will also grow.
  • Piggy bank protects collected riches from thieves, in the form of pigs - multiply, and in the form of squirrels - will allow risky, but quickly enriched.

Happy accidents and important rules

The ancient people saw symbols of wealth (or poverty) in everything, so that signs about money are sometimes associated with very strange objects. But this is only at first glance, there is logic in everything.

  • Step in a dog "surprise" - to the money. The most famous omen that comforts unlucky passersby. Excrement is a fertilizer, fertilizer is a crop, everything is clear.
  • From here the sign about birds: if a one of them tagged you - this is for money. With birds associated few happy will, this is a rare exception.
  • On Sunday, give away all the little things to the poor - a sure way to arrange so that in the house money was not transferred. But you need to give every penny.
  • AND debts should also be repaid with small money. It is unlikely that the one who lent you will be very happy about it, especially with a large amount.
  • Received for labor money (salary or money for an order for freelancers) must spend the night in the houseotherwise disappear quickly. No need to spend them at the moment when they were in your hands, you should suffer to give them to "settle down" and to attract well-being.
  • Left palm itches to the money. The most famous omen.
  • You should take money with your left hand, give it with your right hand. The left hand is responsible for the profit that echoes the previous point.
  • Whole (without holes) pockets they will keep the money well, they will not run away in a mysterious way a week after the salary.
  • Count change - It means to attract money, because they love an attentive attitude.
  • Give the animals should not free and at least for the ruble. Then unplanned kittens will not only find a new home, but also provide the old well-being.
  • Money, especially large, is worth washing (or “sugary”), that is, to mark their appearance with something tasty and sweet. The same sign as for large purchases.
  • See the young moon on your right was considered an excellent sign and promised quick profit and success in undertakings.

Home signs

The house is a place where money is brought and where they enjoy what they bought for them. How to behave at home so that income is stable and poverty is spared?

  • Broom (mop) should be put handle down. Brush up accordingly. Unusual, but correct in terms of will take on the money position.
  • Also within the same apartment follows revenge one broom. A few - wealth post. Saves the vacuum cleaner.
  • Put in the corner of each room a coin of 5 rubles - to well-being.

Money House Plants

Some plants are considered the owners of a special energy that can attract money. To settle in such is to help the cash flow to find you.

  • Zamioculcashe is a dollar tree. Unpretentious plant with lush green leaves, which, when watered with water, which threw a few coins and allowed to stand, will ensure you success in financial matters.
  • Red geranium. It is believed that she lures money with her smell.
  • Bamboo. Uniquely symbolizes wealth. On it you can hang pieces of paper with desires that are surely fulfilled, and bills or coins - to enhance the properties.
  • Fat woman also known as the money tree. If she is well looked after, she tirelessly generates well-being. A particularly powerful effect will arise if the sprout of the fatty brook gives you a financially successful person.

It happens that the money is absolutely unlucky. Our ancestors believed that it was not only a blind case: the person was partially guilty, because he ignored the signs about money.

  • "Do not whistle - there will be no money." Everyone heard it, everyone knows it. You can still whistle on the street, and indoors it is strictly forbidden under the threat of poverty.
  • You can not sit on the table - save money.
  • Another sign of the money associated with table: it is not recommended to leave empty dishes on it, mugs, bottles. This is all a symbol of trouble, malnutrition, and it repels abundance.
  • Also do not brush the crumbs off the table with your hand, You must take a rag or a sponge.
  • But put on the table should not be the keys, hat, gloves. And the money is also better not to let it lie there for a long time, especially in the dining room.
  • Take out the trash in the evening - definitely a bad omen, also famous.
  • Long stand or sit on the threshold - Do not let money into the house.
  • A bad omen is considered sweep the floor towards the threshold - you can sweep the money.
  • Harmful to cash flow store together bills of different currencies. For each - at least its own office in the purse, and for the savings are best suited different envelopes.
  • Another bad sign is considered put in one place and spend money together in different ways together: earned and found or came by chance.
  • If a pay sunday on sunday - other money, except trifles, you will not see for a long time. Coins are best served to the poor.
  • Throw trash out the window - not only big disgusting, but also a bad omen for money: they will fly away in the same way.
  • Borrow on monday and tuesday - bad idea, promises financial difficulties.
  • And anyway, if you can avoid money transactions on mondayespecially those with debts, it’s better to do it. Bad for finance day.
  • BUT Sunday is not worth lending - may not return.
  • Cleaning after sunset - not the best thought, if you want to have money in the house.