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Magical fortune-telling on the mirror of the betrothed and fate


Divination from the mirror has been used by Slavic girls since ancient times. This kind of magic ritual helped to know the fate, to understand who would be a companion of life, how to develop a relationship with her husband. The smooth mirror surface was considered a powerful subject endowed with magical properties. Let's talk about how to guess on the mirror.

Guessing on the mirror: the rules

Guessing on the mirror - the procedure is quite dangerous. It is believed that if you violate certain rules, you can call trouble. Therefore, the girl should take a magical ritual responsibly and follow these recommendations:

  • During divination, you need to dissolve the hair, remove all hairpins and gum from the head
  • You also need to get rid of jewelry, belts and belts. Nothing should hold down movements
  • Divination is performed in the dark, only candles are used for lighting. It is desirable that they were wax. The right time for divination is from midnight to five in the morning.
  • It is important to keep silence; no other sound should interfere with divination. The room should not be other people, pets. The words necessary for the ritual should be spoken in a whisper
  • You must be calm and relaxed, if there is the slightest feeling of fear or anxiety, divination must be stopped
  • When you try to see the silhouette of the future groom in a glossy surface, sit still. Any movement can interfere with divination.
  • You can not leave the mirror open after fortune telling. It is important to properly complete the magic ritual, and then cover the mirror with a piece of thick fabric.
  • In order not to release otherworldly forces outside, immediately, as soon as you see the figure of a man in the mirror, stop guessing and say "mind you!"

And remember: fortune-telling on the mirror is one of the most frightening and dangerous. Girls with an unstable psyche, too emotional and impatient, it is better to refrain and not to use this method of divination.

Traditional types of fortune telling on mirrors

And now we list the existing types of magic rituals associated with the mirror. Choose a suitable and fortune telling and do not forget to follow the rules that we described above.

Mirror divination for children

This method of fortune telling can be used by girls who are interested in how many children they will have in the future. Therefore, the ritual is suitable for married women.

The mirror will need a small one. Preferably new, which you have not used in everyday life. It is held at full moon, when the moonlight is bright enough.

Together with the mirror, the girl must go to the window so that the reflection of the moonlight is reflected in the reflection. Then you need to start looking carefully at the mirror surface. After some time, months will begin to appear in the reflection - as many as they will be, as many children will be born to a wondering.

Mirror fortune telling

It will take a big mirror. Arrange around the candle so that their light reflects in the glossy surface. Center set the glass with water. Sit near the mirror and start looking at the reflection through the water.

Candlelight, refracted through the glass and reflected in the mirror, will indicate the images and visions of what will happen to you in the near future. Try to carefully consider everything that will be reflected.

Mirror fortunetelling

You will need not one, but three mirrors. Also prepare wax candles.

Mirrors must be arranged as follows: two are opposite each other, and the third is behind your back. Put the candles in front of the first two mirrors. Draw a circle around yourself and the mirrors, you can use chalk for this.

Sit down at the two mirrors and start looking into the reflection. Your future groom should appear in them. But in no case can not look into the mirror, which is behind your back. Therefore, have patience and do not turn around.

Mirror guessing for the future

On the eve of fortune telling, it is advisable to eat only Lenten food, give up salty, sweet and alcohol.

Mirror for the ritual should be round. You will also need a bowl of water, a bowl of salt and wax candles.

For magical manipulations, place the mirror with the reflective surface up on the table. Draw thirteen crosses on the mirror and put lit candles on either side.

Sit at the table and mentally say 13 times: "Tell me what awaits me in the future." After that, dissolve a pinch of salt in water, take a couple of sips and begin to gaze intently at the reflection. You will be the images that tell, what upcoming events to expect.

Mirror fortune telling

Such a magical ritual is performed through sleep. Take two mirrors - large and smaller, you will also need two wax candles.

Sit by the large mirror, light and put candles. On a small mirror it is necessary to schematically depict the devil, make a wish for his most intimate desire and utter a magic spell: "Damn, damn, tell me whether it will come true." Repeat your desire in your mind once more, put out the candles, cover the large mirror with a cloth.

After that, immediately go to bed, putting a small mirror under the pillow. You should dream the answer to the question: come true or not.

Watch the video about fortune telling on the mirror:

During the fortune-telling on the mirrors, be extremely careful and cautious. Prepare for the fact that all the unusual things that start to happen can scare you. It happens that the girl suddenly began to see her betrothed in the mirror, frightened and ran away. So you can not do divination, you must correctly complete. Therefore, if you are afraid of all the mysterious, it is better to choose safer variants of divination.