Dream interpretation

What dreams of a bunch of keys to the apartment?


What dreams of a bunch of keys? The authors of the dream books are considered differently. Consider the favorable and unfavorable interpretation set forth by popular authors. Try to remember your dream in detail, and then find a suitable prediction.

Dreaming nostradamus

The most mysterious soothsayer Nostradamus gives the most complete interpretation of the dream, in which you see a bunch of keys to the apartment. His interpretations are as follows:

  • Did you see only one key in a dream in a dream? This means that in real life you are fixated on a problem and are trying to find all sorts of ways to solve it, trying to find the easiest way.
  • If with the help of keys from the bundle you open the door to some room, then the dreamer will face some difficult situation in real life, which will have to be solved in the very near future. There is also a global prediction - a grandiose discovery will soon take place in the world that will change the life of all mankind for the better.
  • If in a dream you break the key from the bundle, the prediction also applies to all people, not just the dreamer. There will be a cosmic scale tragedy - perhaps a very large accident will occur on the space station
  • If the dreamer saw a huge bunch of keys, he will have a long and very exciting journey, during which he will see many new things, visit several countries at once. But it will not happen in the near future, but in the distant future.
  • If there are only two keys in a bundle, then the situation that worries you in real life will be resolved in a very unexpected way.
  • If in a dream you lose a bunch of keys from your own home, then in real life you will find yourself in a situation in which you will feel extremely embarrassed and difficult.
  • Dreamed of a stranger giving or giving you a keychain? So, soon in real life you will get into trouble. But you will be helped by an influential person who gets out of trouble and helps solve all problems.
  • Keys made of precious metals dream of financial well-being, gain, sudden enrichment
  • If in a dream you are looking for and can not find the keys to your apartment, problems in relations with a loved one are coming

Dream loft

According to David Lofa, the dreamed keys can predict the following events:

  • If you lose a bunch of keys from your own apartment in a dream, in real life you will lose power, control over some significant situation for you. Ordinary benefits may also be unavailable, or you may not be able to solve an important task due to conflicts with others.
  • If in a dream you find keys that have long been lost in real life, then you are striving to change your life for the better. You are not satisfied with the current state of affairs, therefore you are making every possible effort to correct the situation.
  • And what is the dream of finding someone else's bunch of keys, which in a dream fails to find uses - they don’t fit into any lock in the realm of Morpheus? This means that in real life you strive to develop, to change yourself for the better, to discover your own potential. Look for all possible methods, and the results will not keep you waiting long

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

What do the keys to an apartment dream about in the opinion of the author of the dream book Tsvetkov? He gives only one laconic interpretation. A bunch of keys dreams of the fact that in real life you will receive a hint that will help you make the right decision in a meaningful case for you.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Hasse gives several interpretations:

  • If you just saw a bunch of keys in a dream, the closest deal will end with a big profit for you.
  • If you lose your keys in a dream, then in real life you will lose something: freedom, power, or money. Be careful and consider all your actions, then the loss can be avoided.
  • If you find a keychain, then in the near future you will get a big benefit or you will find yourself in an advantageous position in a meaningful situation for you.

Esoteric dream book

The opinion of the authors of the esoteric dream book is as follows:

  • If you dreamed a bunch of keys, expect in real life something new, amazing, unfamiliar to you earlier
  • If in a dream you are trying to open the door with the keys, it means that soon in real life you will start some new business, the results of which will greatly delight you. Expect success
  • If the keys in the bundle are made of precious metals, good luck will accompany you in everything. It is time for luck - a great chance to start new things, plan something and achieve goals. Pay attention to social activities - it will bring the best results.

See in the video what else the keys can dream about:

Dream Dream Meneghetti

There is only one prediction in the dream book Meneghetti: a bunch of keys can dream that in real life you will make the wrong decision due to the pressure of public opinion. Try to listen to yourself, and not to stereotypes that are imposed on others.

English dream book

According to the author of the English dream book, a dream in which you saw a bunch of keys to an apartment can dream of the following events:

  • If you dream that you have lost the keys to someone else's apartment, this is an unfavorable sign. In real life, you will find either major disappointment or dissatisfaction with your own actions.
  • If in a dream you give a bunch of keys to an outsider, wait for the offer of a hand and heart. A man in love wants to lead you down the aisle
  • If the keys are given to you, or you find a bunch, soon there will be a replenishment in your family. The long-awaited child will be born, and life will change drastically.

Also, a bunch of keys can dream of financial well-being, which you have long tried to achieve. Your work and work will finally bring tangible results.