Dream interpretation

What will tell the values ​​of numbers on the clock


There are many different ways to shed some light on the events that await you. Quite an unusual method that we want to offer you today - fortune telling by the hour. It is not used as often as the options with the cards, but because of this it does not become less effective.

During the day, we repeatedly look at the clock. It happens that while we are constantly seeing the same values ​​of numbers. It makes you wonder - maybe fate is trying to send some kind of sign in this way? And this is really true.

In many ethnic groups, a combination of any odd numbers is considered lucky; the same rule applies to fortune-telling by the hour. Only the number "nine" falls out of this rule - it represents the final number, the final cycle and a certain life stage, which means that it foreshadows imminent changes in life.

If even combinations are repeated often - this indicates a possible danger, it is a warning that you have detractors and envious.

Pay special attention to such "coincidences", because they often play a more significant role than happy combinations. Such numerical values ​​are designed to motivate you to improve your life by getting rid of old, unnecessary connections and people.

Anyway, when you regularly notice the same numerical combinations - think about it, it’s likely that this is not just a coincidence, and the Higher Forces want to warn you about the coming test, various difficulties of life.

Hours erase the time boundaries between past and future events, they form the formation of a single information space, so people, if desired, can extract from here any information they need.

Deciding to ask for help from the clock, you need to remember about observance of certain rules - this will ensure you receive reliable information.

It is best to perform fortune telling on clocks on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because it is on these days that the information space is as open as possible. The numeric matches that you find these days will play a special role and under no circumstances can they be ignored.

It is also forbidden to deliberately guess the time to see a positive combination. Even if you succeed in this, fortune telling will still not make any sense and, of course, does not predict future events for you.

Find out more about the meaning of certain numbers in this video.

Each numerical combination has its own values, which may differ slightly, depending on your current position. Therefore, in this material, only those meanings of figures that have the most informative interpretation are given.

  • 00:00 - this combination advises you to be vigilant and prepare for possible troubles and problems;
  • 01:01 - in the near future you will be lucky, and you will also receive pleasant news from a representative of the opposite sex;
  • 01:10 - what you are doing now, will not have a proper result on your life;
  • 01:11 - On this day, do not ignore the proposals that you receive;
  • 02:02 - you should be invited to a party, you should also pay attention to your health;
  • 02:20 - a numeric combination tells you that you need more control over your words;
  • 02:22 - in the near future some secret will be told to you;
  • 03:03 - the number promises you the appearance of love relationships;
  • 03:30 - you dream of a change, but, unfortunately, they will not come into your life soon;
  • 03:33 - in the future you will be very lucky;
  • 04:04 - The number advises you to look at your own life from another angle;
  • 04:40 - it is necessary to exercise caution until the lady luck does not want you to patronize;
  • 04:44 - threatens the emergence of problems in the team;
  • 05:05 - your enemies are now at the peak of their activity, be vigilant;
  • 05:50 - the element can harm you;
  • 05:55 - in the near future you will have an acquaintance with a very interesting person;
  • 06:06 - In the near future you will learn about someone's wedding, the day will be very successful for you;
  • 07:07 - be careful with people in shape;
  • 08:08 - you can build a dazzling career;
  • 09:09 - it is worth more carefully to handle money;
  • 10:01 - the combination promises you a very good day, filled with positive events;
  • 11:11 - be careful not to be dependent on people or the circumstances;
  • 12:12 - the combination testifies to success in love affairs;
  • 12:21 - soon you will meet an interesting person;
  • 13:13 - you have a secret or obvious competitor;
  • 13:31 - what you secretly dream of is surely realized;
  • 14:14 - love governs all your thoughts and actions;
  • 14:41 - you may be in a very unpleasant situation;
  • 15:15 - the older and more experienced person will give you a good recommendation, which should be followed;
  • 16:16 - should be careful on the road;
  • 17:17 - take care of yourself from the negative influence of bad people;
  • 18:18 - transport can cause you danger;
  • 19:19 - the numerical combination promises good luck in all undertakings;
  • 20:02 - soon quarrel with someone;
  • 20:20 - you will have a conflict with a relative;
  • 21:12 - the idea of ​​a new enterprise will appear in life;
  • 22:22 - this number carries a certain danger, disclaim responsibility, because you can not cope with it;
  • 23:23 - indicates a relationship with a dangerous person;
  • 23:32 - in the near future it is possible the emergence of certain pathologies.

Pay close attention to the prediction received above. Do not ignore the signs of fate, because otherwise you run the risk of facing significant trouble and end up in an unfavorable situation.