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Runa Turisaz (Thurisaz, Turisas) - meaning


Runa Turisaz (Tours, Thurisaz, Turisas, Tyr) is the personification of Thor, the god of the Thunderer. Therefore, it is a symbol of force, both destructive and defensive. Very powerful rune symbol, which is used in magical rituals. Let's talk about the meaning of the runes Turisaz more.

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Runa Thurisaz: meaning

Another name for the runes is Turisaz - rune Tours, also called rune Tyr. This is the third rune of the first Etta, which is under the auspices of the powerful element of fire.

Helps a person to destroy all that is old that hinders progress. This is a change in personality for the better, the release from the shackles of old complexes, insults and psychological clips. Also rune helps create space for the "construction" of something new.

The values ​​of the runes are also as follows:

  • It personifies a situation in which action requires a complete return from a person.
  • The symbol of the time it takes to get to know yourself, analyze your life and find the right answers to your questions. The analysis concerns first of all the past - it is necessary to free oneself from it in order to get energy for moving forward
  • Indicates that the moment of insight has come in life, the search for truth must end in finding the right answer. And you need to fill yourself with energy to move on and get the strength to accomplish all things
  • Turisaz helps to accelerate the spiritual development of a person, to achieve active progress. But after a stop - the moment of rethinking

Runis Thurisaz need to use very carefully, because it is endowed with incredible power and strength.

The value of the runes in a straight position

Any runic symbol has two positions - straight and inverted. Depending on the position in which the rune fell in divination, its value will be different.

What does Thurisaz say in the straight position:

  • In the life of a fortune-teller, a turning point came: it was time to choose - move on, free from the past, or stay “stand around”, burying yourself in frustration, resentment and loss
  • In the near future, you will need to take the only right decision in a very difficult situation. Its outcome will depend only on you, so think it over well.
  • At present, a person will have the opportunity to radically change life for the better - Fate herself will throw such a chance. It is important not to pass by your happiness, but also not to hurry, not to commit rash acts.
  • You have a huge potential for success, but it depends only on you how to use this potential - for your own benefit or harm.

Tip on dropping the Thurisaz rune in a straight position: now in your life is not the best time to rush. Stop, look back, meditate. It's time to think about your values, goals, choice of destination.

The value of the Thurisaz rune upside down

If Turisaz fell in an inverted position, it may mean the following:

  • You will experience a state similar to a lethargic sleep - you will feel that the forces are running out. There will be a reluctance to do something, move forward. "Lying in the direction of a dream" is all you want
  • It is necessary to travel in company with unpleasant people. The decision to set off will not be voluntary, but you will have to do it.
  • There will be negative consequences of decisions that you made in the past. It is time to pay for the mistakes made.
  • There will be some danger in life, a threat that will be very disturbing and frustrating.

Tip on dropping the Thurisaz rune upside down: stop considering yourself to be too important a person, remove delusions of grandeur, do not think that the outcome of business with other people depends only on you. You cannot influence the current situation - allow events to develop independently, without your participation. If you are required to make a decision, think about it well, so as not to get into trouble.

Magical use of the runes Turisaz

Runes are often used to perform magical rituals. Also for making amulets, amulets and talismans. Turisaz in magic allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • To protect a person from the active actions of enemies and detractors
  • Destroy (not physically) rivals and competitors
  • Develop willpower, strengthen the spirit, help a person become more resolute
  • To attract the love of a particular person
  • To know yourself and the world from a spiritual point of view
  • Prepare the ground for creating something new

In fortune telling and love rituals, Turisaz is used to provide a person with protection and patronage, to destroy rivals, to teach them to control their emotions. Turisaz teaches not to engage in self-deception, but to clearly understand what relations are moving towards and what is worth waiting for from them.

Watch the video in which the author talks about the modern interpretation of the Thurisaz rune:

In ancient times, the image of the runes Turisaz was put on the military uniform and weapons of men going to war. She provided powerful protection and guarded against enemies. In the modern world Turisaz helps protect against black magic: love spells, evil eyes, damage and other things.

But women use Turisaz not recommended - it is very harmful to the female energy.

Very powerful Turisaz acts when a person has a specific goal, but lacks the capacity and strength to implement it. In this case, the rune creates all the conditions to realize his plans, and very successfully, with a good result.

With the help of the rune, it is possible to tremendously harm another person — to plunge him into a depressive state, to cause a breakdown and apathy. It provokes problems with potency in men and frigidity in women.

A person just starting to use the runes, it is better to refrain from the use of Turisaz. Not knowing all its subtleties and features can be very much harm yourself. Because this symbol carries a tremendous charge of power and destructive energy, which can get out of control of the novice mage.