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Health Conspiracy - Healing Magic


A health conspiracy will help you heal faster if you suffer from an illness, or strengthen your strength to avoid all sorts of ailments. It can also be applied to another person close to you. Talk about how to read the plot correctly.

Tips and tricks

If you want the plot to work, follow these rules:

  1. Believe it. Only faith in the miraculous power of a conspiracy can accomplish miracles. If you are skeptical, no magic will help, for the Universe feels that you are being disingenuous to it.
  2. Speak the text of the plot in the present tense. For example: not "I want to be healthy", but "I am healthy". Believe that the healing power of the conspiracy has already worked or began to act at the moment when you perform a magical rite
  3. Speak the text of the plot clearly, confidently. You should read it without hesitation, do not disturb the sequence of words. Memorize the plot in advance so that you don’t forget anything
  4. Do not rely only on the power of the conspiracy. It will definitely help, but if you are negligent about your health, you have bad habits, refuse drugs and treatment prescribed by a doctor, no conspiracy will work
  5. The day you plan to read the plot, you need to fast. You also need to refrain from negative thoughts, actions, conflicts and quarrels. You must be relaxed, rested and peaceful.

And it is especially important: any conspiracy on health should be read either on the new moon, or on the waning moon. A conspiracy pronounced on a full moon or on a rising moon has no power.

Universal Health Conspiracy

This ceremony is suitable for a person who has the opportunity to visit a forest, grove or park where many trees grow.

It is necessary to go out at night, to find a young tree. Then put both palms on its trunk, close your eyes and imagine that your hands are filled with warmth transmitted from the bark of the tree to the hands.

After you tune, clearly and distinctly say the text of the conspiracy:

"The disease is painful, the prickly disease to the tree stretches, it is transmitted from my body to the roots. Not a servant of God (the name of the patient) will torment and torment, and the tree wears out and dries. will come, he is healthy now. So be it! "

In the near future the patient will recover. It is very easy to check whether the plot has acted or not: in a couple of weeks, approach the plotted tree. If it withered, the foliage turned yellow, then all the disease was gone.

The plot of severe pain

This version of the conspiracy is used to cure patients of acute pain that does not pass and does not give rest. It should be read directly over the sick. Put the person on the bed, stand over him and start saying the magic words:

"(The name of the part of the body that hurts) no longer suffers from pain, the patient, the servant of God (the name of the patient) begins to feel better. Let it be so"

Perhaps the plot will not work right away. But as soon as the moon from the waning phase goes to profit, the disease will leave the patient and never return.

Plot on the water

Water has a very powerful energy. But it works best on women, so such a conspiracy is suitable for the treatment of women in particular - in the healing of a man the rite may be useless.

It is important to find a source with clean water. It is good if it is a spring or a mountain river, a lake. Also suitable holy water, consecrated in the church. Prepare water in advance.

Water must be poured into a silver bowl. Silver has very powerful magical properties - it preserves and accumulates positive energy, and the negative rejects.

On a new moon, stand over a bowl of water and say the following words:

"O healing water, you give people strength, cleanse the ailments and negatives. Help the servant of God (the name of the sick) to clear the illness, to come and to become healthy. Redeem her body, deliver it from the torment. "So be it. Amen."

The plot must be pronounced three times. Then give the patient some spirited water and sprinkle the rest of her body. Recovery will come soon.

Conspiracy from unclean disease

This conspiracy fits to heal a sick person who feels unwell because he has been damaged or jinxed. The rite will help eliminate the negative magical effect. As a result - the disease will go irretrievably.

Before the rite, the patient must visit the church and pray to the saints. It is necessary to collect holy water - it will be used for the ritual.

On the new moon or the night on the waning moon, you must take a glass of holy water and utter a conspiracy over the sick:

"As the mother of a servant of God (the name of the patient) made the light, protected her from adversity and illness, she saved her from evil eyes, and now the power of the holy water will relieve the disease, will remove the evil eye / damage. evil slander, slander dangerous. All bad with him, as the water flows, health will return. So be it. Amen. "

After that, the patient must be drunk with holy water conspired, and the remaining liquid poured into the ground. Gradually, he will recover.

Watch a video on how to plot on health:

Important: the most suitable day of the week to read the plots is Tuesday. Wednesday is also suitable. But the beginning of the week or end - a period in which to conduct healing rituals is undesirable because they do not have sufficient strength to recover the patient.