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Ohm mantra - what is needed and how to read


In ancient teachings, mantra is a language in which the Universe itself communicates with us. From ancient times, when people still possessed sacred knowledge, a great number of various mantras have reached our days. Each of them carries a certain frequency, rhythm and is aimed at the implementation of a particular program. By uttering such a prayer, all the bodies of our essence enter into resonance with its frequency and introduce us to an altered state of consciousness in which we access its program.

The mantra will work anyway, even if we don’t know its meaning and don’t believe in its power. But, of course, it will have the most effective impact if we concentrate and distract from the outsider.

To awaken the mantra, it is necessary to release its energy or shathi. To do this, it is necessary to repeat it repeatedly, individual for each. It is possible to utter a mantra as barely audible as well as very loudly. It is considered that mental repetition is most powerful. It is also recommended to pronounce "Om" in combination with other mantras. In this case, it will enhance their energy.

Mantra "Om" Description

This is the whole Universe: our past, present and future. And also everything that goes beyond the limits of our consciousness, everything that does not fit into our ideas about time and space. The sound "Om" is considered to be original, from which all worlds and spaces originated. This is the very first vibration that has arisen in an as yet not manifested reality, which gave rise to the birth of the entire universe. The mantra consists of three sounds: A, U and M, which correspond to the three main forces of the Universe - Creation, Preservation and Destruction. They also symbolize the main levels of things: the Divine world, the physical reality and the world of dreams and dreams.

By uttering this mantra, you awaken the energy of life within you, which purifies all your subtle soul shells and allows you to reach a higher spiritual level. If a person is in a state of excitement, the mantra harmonizes and calms. With a lack of vital energy, it is able to charge with power and inspiration. In any case, it acts positively and is aimed at creation.

In what situations is it necessary to sing the mantra "Om"

The sound "Om" carries a powerful charge of positive vital energy. Therefore, with health problems, emotional stress or depression, singing a mantra is recommended at least fifty times. Repeating it, you will gradually feel how the pure all-absorbing energy of light will fill your body, consciousness, thoughts, clearing them and giving healing power. People who often practice singing this mantra are distinguished by good health, a high level of spiritual development, purity of thoughts, harmony and tranquility.

Often the mantra "Om" is used to purify the negative energies of various things, the room in which people live. They sing the mantra in a singing voice as the air exhales from the lungs, while maintaining calm and even breathing. The sound creates a certain vibration "Aaaaaa-uuuuuu-mmmmmm", which acts as a cleansing and healing all around.

Often the mantra "Om" is used in meditation. To do this, find a place where nothing will distract you, close your eyes and relax. Your consciousness should be turned off, the internal dialogue should stop, and thoughts should stop running. It is possible to enter such a state by concentrating for a long time on one point in space. Now you can begin to pronounce the sound "Om", tuning in to a conversation with the Universe, which is eternal, immortal and endless. You must feel that you are the Universe itself. If you were able to realize this, it means that you did not just repeat the sound, but really, were able to tune in to its vibration.

How to pronounce the mantra

It is believed that you can pronounce the sound "Om" in two ways: Ohm and AUM. But in fact, this is the same thing. If you combine the two sounds A and U, you get O. When singing a mantra, a person needs to choose the option that he is better at.

How to decipher the mantra "Om"

The combination AUM denotes the Universal Mind, which through individual consciousness manifests itself in the divine worlds, the material Universe and not manifested realities.

  • The sound "A" is a symbol of the material world.
  • The sound "U" - the divine mind
  • The sound "M" - symbolizes the individual consciousness

In accordance with another interpretation: "A" means the birth, creation. The sound "Y" corresponds with the development process. And the sound of "M" symbolizes the power of destruction. Thanks to these states, the existence of the Universe becomes possible. This is God. Not for nothing in Hinduism the sound "AUM" corresponds to three divine entities: Brahma to the Creator, Cherry to the Keeper of Worlds and Shiva to the Destroyer.

How many times must be repeated mantra "Om"

There is an opinion that it is necessary to pronounce a mantra three, nine, eighteen, twenty seven or one hundred eight times. The greatest force is the number 108, so it is better to try to repeat the mantra so many times. But this number is not the limit. Many Buddhists during meditation repeat it and much more. There is an opinion that the sound “Om” should be pronounced so many times that can be divided by 9. In order not to get confused, they recommend using beads. You can also bend the fingers on your hand, but here you can easily lose count.

When and in what position you can read the mantra "Om"

You can meditate with the help of the mantra "Om" at any time of the day when you have such a desire. And the correct posture helps to increase the effectiveness of the mantra many times. In the process of reading the mantra, you should sit comfortably, relax, take a deep breath and exhale three times, take a Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Padmasana position, otherwise the action will be reduced. To begin to pronounce the mantra you need to whisper from three to nine times. Next, it is necessary to sing loudly. At the final stage, they move on to mental reading. It is necessary to inhale and on exhalation repeat the mantra 3-9 more times. This meditation lasts about half an hour.

During the pronunciation of the Om mantra, a person restores all energy channels, heals the physical body, and the soul gets the opportunity to rise to a new level of development and improvement.

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