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How to read the conspiracy to sell goods


If you are connected with the sphere of trade, you probably want to sell your goods as quickly as possible at a bargain price, while receiving good revenue. Magic comes to the rescue in this case - you will need to read a plot to sell a product. In this article we will explain how to properly trade rituals, as well as give examples of effective rites.

The rules of the conspiracy to sell goods

In order for the magical actions you perform to have the desired effect, you should follow certain rules, namely:

  • Unconditionally believe in the effectiveness of the conspiracy. The presence of even minor doubts will easily reduce the result of the ritual to no.
  • Genuinely enjoy your business, love your customers. If you really can not tolerate people, you will be irritated by the trading process - any magical actions will be ineffective.
  • Of course, you can read the plot and the piece of paper, but best of all, if you learn it by heart. It is necessary to read in a quiet measured pace, without haste and not losing. In extreme cases, it is allowed to rewrite the text on a piece of paper, but it is unacceptable to pronounce the text from the monitor or mobile phone screen.
  • When the ceremony is completed, you will need to sincerely thank the Forces to which you have addressed (in some rituals, something is done for this purpose).
  • The ideal days of the week for successful trading conspiracies are Wednesday or Saturday. The best time is early morning, the moon should be in the growth phase.

Recommendations from Vanga

Wanga left behind a lot of useful tips, in particular, there are recommendations that provide a good trade and a constant stream of customers.

  1. If you want to sell the goods as soon as possible, you need the first person to come to you to buy something. You do not have to be greedy - make a discount, and the first bill received from the sale, you will need to "mark" the rest of the goods.
  2. An important point - without fail, give the first buyer a change, even if he gives you an amount equal to the value of the thing. You can present this to him as a discount or a share. Thus, the activation of the flow of monetary energy.
  3. Do not try to cause any harm to your competitors - remember that all evil actions and even thoughts will certainly come back to you.

We now turn to examples of proven conspiracies for successful trading.

Conspiracy examples

Per coin

Your activity is connected with the constant sale of goods? Then it will not be superfluous to prepare for yourself a special talisman that will speed up the process of buying both inexpensive and quite expensive goods - apartments, cars and so on.

For the ceremony, you will need to stock up on a coin whose face value is 5 rubles. The time of the ritual is the growing moon. Take the coin in your right hand and say the following text:

"Pyatak Pyatakovich. Give me (say your name here) good luck and without surrender. For now and forever, forever. Amen."

The number of repetitions should be no less than twelve. Now the coin is charged with the necessary energy and can be used as a talisman. You always need to keep it with you (ideal - put it in a separate wallet pocket).

On a pigtail of candles

First you will need to go to church and purchase 3 candles from wax. Then in the morning, before going to work, you should light them and read the prayer "Our Father" for each candle. Then connect them one to another, as if you are weaving a pigtail and place them in a candlestick. After that, say this magic text three times:

Then the candles are stewed with the help of a coin, this is all done with the left hand. The final part of the ritual is to disguise a coin and the remains of a candle somewhere in your workplace, and the coin should look up over it.

From the following video you will learn another effective rite for the success of the trading business.

To attract customers on the bill and thread

This rite can be resorted to any day of the week, except Saturday and the numbers thirteen, twenty-two and twenty-seven. An important condition is that there should be no one in the room during the rite.

For ritual stock up on such attributes:

  • paper banknote of one hundred rubles;
  • red wool thread.

It is necessary to measure the length of the bill forty-nine times on the thread, and then cut it off and wind it on the wrist on the left hand. The ends of the thread are wrapped down. All the time while doing the thread, you should say these magic words:

I have money, I trade.
All for me.
And you - the goods and delivery. Amen.

Very soon, you will not be discontinued from those who want to buy what you are selling.

For the sale of "stale" product

If you have been in the store for a long time is some product that is not in demand, we recommend that you use this rite.

The venue is a forest. Look for an anthill there, get a handful of ants out of it.

Put them in a bag and take them to your workplace, then pour it on it, saying this speech:

Like ants in that house
many buyers
for my goods send me
Lord Amen.

Ritual on the expensive thing

If you want to sell some thing with a high cost, you can resort to a powerful rite to implement the desired.

You will need to stock up on the key, which falls into boiling water. It is necessary to boil it well. While the key is boiling - you utter a slander:

The water remaining after the magical manipulation should be drained into the jar. Before you go to work or before making a deal, wash your hands in this water.

An important point! When you say the text of the hex, be sure to specify the exact name of the item being sold. Also pay attention to the fact that the plot will only help inanimate objects.

Now you know with what magical actions you can increase the influx of customers and speed up the sale of goods. Do not forget that a good seller is, above all, a polite seller who cares about his customers and works conscientiously, and not only for the purpose of obtaining his own profit. We wish you successful sales and grateful customers!