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Favorite thing: the secrets of his finding


Surely, everyone, without exaggeration, wants to find a favorite thing. It's so great when you can do something that brings you real pleasure, while also receiving material rewards.

Alas, for some reason in the modern world, people find it increasingly difficult to search for themselves in the present. We spend our lives on getting several educations, finish regular courses, attend master classes, but this does not bring the state of buzz and happiness. How to find your vocation? Let's figure it out.

Favorite thing - what kind of beast is this

By nature, we all have specific inclinations, talents and skills. Some people, for example, are easily given public appearances, while others enjoy the creation of creative pieces of clothing in complete solitude. In this case, someone uses their skills exclusively in the form of a hobby, and the other - gets a good monetary benefit from it.

But back to the question.

Favorite business is an activity or occupation, which gives a person maximum pleasure, he does very well, plus is monetized.

Probably there is no need to explain how important it is to find the cause of your life. After all, a person who loves what he does will do it qualitatively, is laid out one hundred percent, but at the same time he does not remain exhausted. On the contrary, in return, he feels inner satisfaction from the work done and necessarily receives returns (in the form of money, public recognition, and so on).

One can say about such a person that he is self-fulfilling, he lives for his own pleasure, while bringing benefits to the surrounding world.

Work, and if you are loved

There is no way you can come to the conclusion whether what you are doing is your true vocation? Yes, indeed, such a question is not an easy one and not everyone can truly answer it. But you can at least try, penetrating the following "tips":

  • Favourite hobby it takes a lot of free time from a person (often - all the time). Moreover, its implementation is absolutely not annoying.
  • Really combining several classes at once - for example, you are watching a TV show, in parallel knit a new sweater. Your favorite business is always a priority.
  • You just get to the core of the work.. Neither the idle talk of the staff, nor the hustle and bustle of the kids who run around, nor anything else, interfere. Literally, you are "plunging into your business", so it’s really difficult to distract you.
  • Strive to constantly develop, get new knowledge in your field. Visiting trainings, courses, watching thematic videos on the Internet for you is not a tiresome duty, but a true spiritual impulse. Together with the new information comes internal moral satisfaction.
  • Completed work brings positive emotions. When a person does what he really likes, he is able to experience physical fatigue, but not moral at all. On the contrary, observing the result of his work, he is inspired and motivated to conquer new and new heights.

Anyway, there is no understanding of whether you are in your place in life? Consider whether the activity you are doing brings you joy and finances? If the answer is negative in both cases, then it would not hurt to start looking for something more suitable for you.

How to find a favorite thing: top tips

“Find a job of your liking, and you will not work a day for your life,” said the famous ancient sage Confucius. The catch phrase has become the motto of modern society.

However, what to do if you have no idea which class can turn into a favorite? Referring to the recommendations of Rebecca Bern-Callander, a business journalist who wrote some simple exercises to solve the problem. They were tested on a large number of people who are now enjoying the business of their dreams and lives.

So, here they are:

  • Answer yourself honestly to three simple questions:
  1. On which topics you could easily read five hundred books, and they would not bother you?
  2. What would you be able to do for five years, if you do not pay for it?
  3. If you had enough finance, what would you do?

True answers to these questions will help to understand yourself. But that is not all.

  • Stop thinking about the fact that your favorite thing should certainly be profitable.

I would like to bring one more interesting phrase of the writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson: "Everything that makes your heart beat more is worth it to do it."

Think, maybe there is something that you are willing to do without relying on material gain? Even if you have some time to attribute the work of life to the category of hobby (and, perhaps, it will be so all my life) - it does not matter. The main thing is that you self-realize and give to the world what was laid from birth.

  • Find out what you want to do.

Here you will need to make a list of professions and activities that are close to your liking. Having painted them all on a sheet of paper, it is easier to realize which business is most acceptable. You can think about those people whom you can envy professionally. Honestly ask yourself the question: "Which profession makes me feel envious? What would I like to do, but I’m afraid to do it?"

  • Reveal your talents.

Suppose you do not have the Montserat Caballe vocal voice or you do not have Einstein's ingenious intellect - you still have something that can be done better than others. After analyzing your own abilities and skills, you can get very close to that very illusive "vocation."

You should not dwell on one skill. As practice shows, the majority of successful individuals have at once a whole combination of skills, and it is not necessary that they all be outstanding.

  • Stop believing in a miracle.

Many people naively believe that they, like Newton, will suddenly fall on an apple, and they will finally understand what to devote their lives to. Even if this happens, it is in very rare cases. But the reality is that a person often has to go a long way and persistently by trial and error to his vocation.

Therefore, it is worth starting a search for yourself: think about what courses I would like to take, what skills to master. And begin to actively do something, rather than passively sit still.

  • Remember childhood.

The most interesting thing is, perhaps, that knowledge of one’s true purpose, as a rule, is present and manifests itself in children. And then over the years, pressure from parents, society, others, their own fears, insecurity, and other factors, is erased, lost.

And it turns out that a small child, who knew why he came to this world, becoming an adult, completely forgets about his vocation, often working in a completely different field.

Why not start correcting the situation? Remember what you were most interested in in your childhood? What did you get real pleasure from? Do you continue to do this now? Finding children's hobbies, it is worth pondering how you can realize them already in adulthood.

  • Engage in visualization.

Try to come up with a picture of your ideal life. How does your morning begin? Where are you at? What are you going to do? Try to visualize as much details as possible.

Of course, finding a life task is not an easy task. But, as they say, "he who seeks will always find!" The main thing is not to give up halfway and do not stop the search operation.

In conclusion, I propose a thematic video: