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How to protect against damage and witchcraft


If everything in your life suddenly went somehow wrong, there were problems at work and in personal relationships, you may need protection from damage. In this article we will talk about how to protect yourself from various magical influences and witchcraft.

What is damage?

Damage refers to targeted negative influences on a person, which is rendered through witchcraft rituals and rituals. They often use food or drinks, personal belongings, hair and nails, which are read by special plots.

If such an item gets into your home, very soon you will feel its effect. Health problems, family discord, constant quarrels and scandals, depression and lack of vitality will begin.

To save yourself from such troubles, it is enough to follow simple tips:

  • Do not take with your hands the strange things found on the threshold. These can be needles, pins, a bunch of hair, a trifle or other items. Gently scoop them on the scoop and throw them away from the dwelling through the left shoulder. Three days you can not give anything from home and do not accept any gifts.
  • If you find money or jewelery on the road, do not pick it up. One of the most powerful types of damage is brought to such valuable things - to the wind. The one who takes such an item will take it upon himself.
  • If you find yourself at the same table with ill-wishers, mentally cross over food and drink three times before eating.
  • Carefully inspect the places you usually visit. Burned matches, melted wax, drops of an incomprehensible liquid, or a bundle of rags should alert you. All this may be attributes of witchcraft rituals. In this case, it is recommended to consult with a professional magician.

Protection against damage with amulets, amulets and talismans

Conspiracy objects will help you to make a strong protection against damage and witchcraft: amulets, talismans and amulets.

Amulet is usually an item made by a specialist in the field of magic. Various natural objects, animal parts, such as a mammoth tusk, shark's tooth, or bird feathers, are used to create them. Today, as amulets, stones with powerful protective properties are most often used: jasper, agate, diamond, tiger eye, malachite. The strongest amulet is considered to be a stone, which is transmitted by kind and does not bear the imprint of evil thoughts and actions of previous owners.

To protect against negative influences can also be used talismans. They can be any object that brings you luck: a fashion accessory, a coin or a pebble with a hole. Having noticed such a property behind a thing, carry it all the time with you. It will reliably protect you from any negativity.

If you believe that a certain item can have strong protection against the evil eye, you should make a protective amulet yourself.

How to make a protective amulet against damage

To create a strong guard against magical influences with your own hands, follow these steps:

  • Go to the temple and select a tree growing nearby. Such a plant absorbed all the creative energy emanating from this place. It will make a powerful protective amulet against dark forces.
  • Tear off a leaf or a branch and wrap a white cloth. Do not unfold the fabric before the rite, so that the amulet does not expire.
  • Now proceed to the ritual itself. Light a wax candle and unfold the object torn from the tree. Start pouring melted wax on it. Continue to do this until it is completely covered in wax. Let the amulet freeze.
  • Put the made amulet in a wooden box and cover it with a lid. Take in your right hand and read this conspiracy: "The energy of the good, the light will help protect me from all evil, from the evil eye and love spells. So be it."

With these words, your amulet is filled with a powerful charge of positive energy, which will save from any damage or witchcraft. May he always be in your purse. But do not forget that you can not give your guardian to anyone, otherwise it will lose its protective power.

Magical rituals and rituals will also help protect you from witchcraft and damage. Some of them can be spent independently.

The rite of protection from damage to the growing moon

If you want to put a powerful defense against magical influences, you should conduct such a rite. It is necessary to prepare the consecrated salt, holy water, small coins and nine wax candles. Take as many coins as your corners. Next, proceed in this order:

  • Put a coin in each corner and light a candle by the front door.
  • Light another candle from the fire first and go around with it all the rooms in the house. In each room, read the following conspiracy:

  • Return to the front door and place a candle there. Very quietly read nine times such a plot:

"Our Savior, our God, beckoning to the shelter of Zakkheyev and the salvation of all the dwelling that happened. He himself always and now cherished our delight with unworthy supplications and prayers that bring harm from all harm unhurt, blessing those who live here. Amen."

  • Notice where the candle cracks. Light another candle and walk around it again. Cross over all the corners in these rooms and the place where the strange candle behavior was noticed.
  • Leave a candle to burn out in one of these places and do not enter the room until it has gone out.
  • The ritual must be spent three days in a row, and on the fourth go to the temple. Having risen from the icon of the Virgin, ask her for protection for all family members from all evil. The money that was used in the ritual, donate the temple.
  • After returning home, sprinkle salt at the entrance and at each window. This will protect you from the various entities of the astral world penetrating the dwelling. Sprinkle every room with holy water.

Now you are protected from various types of damage and witchcraft.

How to install mirror protection against damage

For the ritual, you will need seven small mirrors and 7 wax candles in white.

  • At sunset, sit in the center of the room, placing around the mirror. They should all be reflected in each other.
  • Light one candle near each of the mirrors and draw a circle around them. This circle will close the energy of the mirrors from magical influences.
  • Enter the state of meditation, tune into positive thoughts. Remember the most joyous moments of your life, a place where you felt completely happy. Spend a quarter hour in this condition.
  • Gradually turn each mirror away from you over your left shoulder, while extinguishing the candle. These mirrors can no longer be used for other rites.

Strong magical damage protection installed. If you ever want to remove it, you will need to break the mirror.

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