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How to develop extrasensory abilities: a guide for beginners


Psychic is a mysterious and mystical area of ​​human capabilities, allowing you to go beyond the traditional perception of the world. Far from everyone thinks about the fact that he, it turns out, possesses hidden extrasensory abilities. It is enough to learn how to develop them - and a truly magical world will open up before you.

What is extrasensory perception

The word "psychic" comes from the Latin extra - "super" and sensus - "feeling." That is, it indicates a person who is able to sense much more than those around him, possesses supernatural capabilities.

Psychic is considered to be the perception of reality by additional senses, except for the usual five, which we all have.

A psychic is able to receive information directly through the brain, without using sight, hearing, smell and touch. These messages come to him as pictures, voices or other phenomena that are familiar only to him.

Extrasensory abilities are usually manifested by telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or telekinesis. Also, these people are able to see the aura of people, animals or objects.

Psychic can be called a voice inside a person who prompts him the right answer to solve a complex task, even if it contradicts logical thinking.

Most people believe that only the elect can own extrasensory perception. This is a wrong judgment, because any of us can become a psychic. Superpowers are hidden in any person from the moment of birth, but in most cases, they remain undisclosed.

Sadly, most people, having matured, lose their potential, not finding in the modern world ways to unleash their abilities. But most young children are real psychics who can see and hear many more adults.

But do not be upset. If you are concerned about questions about the meaning of life and the Universe laws of the universe, then your time has come to comprehend the riddles of extrasensory perception of the world and develop superpowers in yourself.

The manifestation of extrasensory abilities

Extrasensory abilities can manifest themselves as:

  • Clairvoyance - the ability to receive information about what is happening, regardless of time without the participation of the organs of vision. This is an inner vision of what goes beyond the real world.
  • Audience is an inner voice, gaining knowledge about the Universe at the level of auditory vibrations.
  • Clear knowledge is the ability to receive information directly from Space, an understanding of the processes occurring in the Universe. A person receives the correct answer from nowhere and cannot explain how this knowledge came to him.
  • Intuition is the ability to anticipate certain events, using clues that the world sends, dreams and premonitions.
  • Telekinesis - the ability to influence objects with the power of thought without any physical effort.

Very often, psychic abilities open up when there is a threat to life or a person is in a critical situation and needs help. At such moments, some inner voice tells you how to act.

Also, a person can feel in himself superpowers, being in an altered state of consciousness under the influence of psychotropic or narcotic substances. Healers and shamans in various cultures knew this very well, and used the properties of certain plants to enter a state of trance and communicate with otherworldly forces.

How to determine the presence of extrasensory abilities

To assess your psychic perception abilities, try asking yourself a few questions:

  • How sensitive are you sleeping?
  • Do you have a developed intuition?
  • Do you feel someone present when you are alone in a room?
  • Are you lucky in life?
  • Are you superstitious, listening to the various signs and signs that the world sends to you?
  • Are there people in your family associated with magic, witchcraft, healing?
  • Are you sensitive to the energy of the people around you?
  • Try to keep your palms apart about twenty centimeters. Do you feel the heat that comes from the hands?
  • Do you think that "born in a shirt"?
  • Did you feel discomfort and fear in the places where some kind of tragedy happened, although you didn’t know about it before?
  • Do you communicate with inanimate objects?
  • Can you easily persuade a person to certain actions?
  • Can you help the patient and alleviate his pain when communicating with him?

The more affirmative answers, the more extrasensory perception you have developed. If you answered "yes" to more than 10 questions, you definitely need to develop your abilities, because you are a real psychic.

But having one ability is not enough to become a professional in this field. It is also necessary to develop your sensitivity and intuition with the help of training and exercises.

Exercises, developing extrasensory abilities

For people who dream of developing extrasensory abilities, there are a number of exercises that expand the range of perception. These techniques activate dormant extrasensory abilities.

How to learn to feel the aura hands

If you want to learn to perceive the aura of a person, do the following exercise:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair, keep your back straight.
  • Relax and stop the flow of thoughts, rub your palms together.
  • Move your palms one thirty centimeters apart while keeping them parallel.
  • Begin slowly to reduce the palms to their contact. Repeat the exercise several times.

After some time, you will begin to feel with your hands the limits of your aura. There will be a feeling of warmth emanating from the hands, the palms will become elastic. After several trainings, these sensations will become not just barely perceptible, but quite real and physical. In the future, you will also learn to feel the aura of others, to feel its boundaries.

How to learn to see the aura

The exercise is performed in two stages.

In the first stage, you need a couple of days to try to look at the little lines that appear before your eyes when you look into the space between the centuries. It is better to do this in the evening, lying in bed. 15 minutes per day is enough for this exercise.

In the second stage, proceed as follows:

  • Opposite yourself put some object - a jug, a pot or something else. It is desirable that the subject was monochrome. Place it against a white sheet of paper to neutralize the background.
  • Begin to peer into the subject, but not directly, but in passing. Over time, a slight haze will begin to appear on the border of the object. Then you will begin to distinguish its color, depending on the color of the object. For example, a green object has an aura of red and a yellow one has a blue.

It is best to perform an exercise before bedtime.

How to learn to see prophetic dreams

We all know about the phenomenon of prophetic dreams or the ability to anticipate future events based on dreams. In order to see a prophetic dream, you need to give yourself a setup. At bedtime, tune in to the fact that in a dream you have to see how tomorrow will pass. Do it every night for a month. Gradually, you will learn to see excerpts of events that are about to happen soon.

Try to remember your dream in the smallest detail and analyze it. So, over time, you can develop your own system of interpretation of dreams.

Novice psychics are advised to visit nature as far as possible, away from the city bustle. Try to spend more time in solitude and meditation, learn to hear the voices of nature and peer into the night sky. And then, perhaps, the Universe itself will begin to talk to you.

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