Dream interpretation

How to interpret dreams about pregnancy and childbirth?


Waiting or the birth of a child in a dream - an occasion to reflect on their lives. Such a dream can both delight and scare. What dreams of pregnancy and childbirth? Each dream book gives a specific interpretation, based on the details and emotions of the seen picture.

General interpretation

The meaning of sleep may vary depending on who dreams of pregnancy or the process of birth. For men, the picture seen symbolizes the coming changes and the new stage of life. The main message of sleep for a male audience is moral preparation for changes, since at the initial stage it is important to respond correctly to the situation.

Note! If a wife’s pregnancy and childbirth dreams of a married man, this can be considered as a dream: soon the chosen one will wear a baby under the heart. Also, such a dream suggests that the guy is morally ready to become a dad.

For young women of the fair sex, such a dream foreshadows petty efforts that their relatives can burden. For mature ladies to be in a dream, being “in position” or relieved by burdens is a symbol of the fact that a woman leads an unhealthy lifestyle. If a girl is pregnant and she dreams of such a dream - this is a sign of excitement before the upcoming process.

Pay attention to details.

To fully understand the meaning of a dream, it is important to analyze the details:

  • own physical sensations;
  • emotions;
  • overall picture;
  • having other people.

If childbirth is painful - a new stage in life will also be difficult, but the result will please the owner of sleep. Lack of pain and discomfort - quick and easy implementation of plans. If you dream of giving birth yourself, wait for uninvited guests or another surprise.

It is especially important to pay attention to who was born (baby floor). A newborn boy for an unmarried woman is a harbinger of the emergence of a new boyfriend who will be set up for a serious relationship.

In general, pregnancy and childbirth in a dream are positive. For entrepreneurs, such a dream is a sign of success, for girls it is a symbol of pleasant changes, for people of creativity - the discovery of new talents in themselves. But an unhealthy pregnant woman in a dream or an artificial interruption (abortion, miscarriage) is a sign of the imminent completion of successful cases.

How do different dream books interpret the meaning?

Loff, in his book of interpretations, says that young unmarried girls who are not yet ready (or unwilling) to burden themselves with family can see such dreams. Such a picture for them is a reflection of inner fear and unreadiness for marriage and children.

For reference! If a man himself gives birth in me - it means he has hidden fears that relate to his sexual capabilities.

Easy childbirth - a symbol of the fact that the heavy "cross" of responsibility or work will soon fall from the owner of sleep. It is not necessary to be afraid of what is seen of pregnancy and childbirth, such a dream guarantees a favorable outcome of cases.

Appeal to Miller's Dream Book

A scientist and psychologist Gustav Miller states that women "in position" can see pregnancy and childbirth in a dream. The explanation of this phenomenon is a projection on real life. The future mother pays a lot of attention to the baby, she is constantly tormented by thoughts about the upcoming birth. So, such a dream for her is a reflection of emotions and a picture independently constructed in the subconscious.

Interesting to know! The scientist predicts the sex of the baby with accuracy and vice versa: if a boy is dreaming of a boy, there will be a girl in real life.

What does the dream foretell for men and non-pregnant girls?

  1. For a married woman, the picture he saw is a signal from the subconscious that she does not experience happiness in marriage.
  2. For a virgin, such a dream foreshadows the early publicity of any secret affairs (reputation may suffer).
  3. If you are watching the birth - it is a happy sign (you are waiting for favorable changes).
  4. The giving birth to a man - the realization of the most daring fantasies.

Features of the book of interpretation of Freud

Feeling “in position” means getting pregnant soon (an interpretation for a girl of childbearing age). Also, such a dream foreshadows new relationships on the love front. The meaning of sleep for a man is twofold: the desire to become a father or the occurrence of misunderstandings in relationships with women.

What does it mean to give birth in a dream? If you are giving birth, you may soon meet a new person and create a harmonious union with him (an important feature - first you will not pay attention to this person, but then your relationship will reach a new level). If childbirth takes you - it is possible an immediate real pregnancy (for a woman) or the exposure of an extra-marital relationship (for men).

We find out the meaning in the Tsvetkova dream book

So, the dream book pregnancy and childbirth treats so.

  1. Pregnancy for a young girl - an unexpected betrayal of a loved one.
  2. A married woman "in position" - harmony and joy in family life, love and tenderness of the spouse.
  3. Pregnant man - the imminent emergence or embodiment of new ideas.
  4. To give birth to a woman in a dream is only a positive meaning (great happiness will soon fill life).

For reference! According to Tsvetkov’s dream book, if a man has a boy born (or a man gives birth to a boy himself) - receiving news on a financial issue, a girl has news of a spiritual nature.

What does Longo dream book say?

Yuri Longo - magician, illusionist and writer. According to his dream book, pregnancy for a young girl is a sign that you need to realize the maternal instinct or get married. If a man sees his woman "in position", do not rush to go to an appointment with a gynecologist. Such a picture signals that a hopeless idea can be profitable.

Childbirth in a dream is a symbol of a difficult business in the near future. To achieve the result, you will need to work hard. Longo advises men who see their own childbirth, refers to such dreams with humor and from a position of common sense (not to look for a secret message).

So, the general meaning of all interpretations suggests that the period of waiting or giving birth to a child in a dream is an opportunity to reconsider one’s affairs, make corrections to them, or start a new life. The seen picture recommends revising your own values ​​and priorities.