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Meaning of the Zen Tarot cards Osho: interpretation of suits


The meaning of the Zen Tarot Osho cards is based on the teachings of the legendary spiritual leader, the founder of his own religious movement. His followers and comrades tried to express the main thoughts of the Master through the interpretation of cards.

Features of the deck Zen Tarot Osho

The Osho Tarot deck is divided into several parts:

  1. Senior Arcana
  2. The suit of fire
  3. The suit of water
  4. The suit of the clouds
  5. Rainbow suit

Each card has its own unique name. In fortune-telling, the deck helps to determine the causal relationships of phenomena, to understand the emotional component of situations, to analyze the psycho-emotional state of a person.

The value of the suit of the Rainbow Taro Zen Osho

Consider the values ​​of the arcana, which are considered basic in the layouts of the Osho deck.

Rainbow suit:

  • The Rainbow Ace is a symbol of a lonely person, alert and silent. Within it reigns harmony, success accompanies in all matters. He is filled with energy, which he happily shares with others
  • Two Rainbow - a man for whom the balance is very important. He knows the measure in everything and always makes decisions based on his mind.
  • Troika Rainbow - a man-leader, teacher, conductor. He is able to direct others along the right path to the cherished goal.
  • Four of the Rainbow - a symbol of a woman who is not self-confident, and therefore clings to minor things and surrounds herself with a wall of distrust towards others
  • The Rainbow Five is a symbol of a child, for whom everything that happens around is new. He knows the world, makes mistakes, but goes further
  • Six - a symbol of compromise, which is required to reach in a doubtful situation
  • Seven - patience is so deep that it allows you to remain impassive even in difficult situations
  • Eight - this is all the usual, everyday, standard. It may be a symbol of the usual things that exist as if by themselves.
  • Nine - the personification of maturity. He says that a person is filled with knowledge and is ready to make decisions in a balanced and reasonable manner.
  • Ten - the expression of the whole world in man
  • Page - these are adventures, exciting events, vivid emotions, rash actions
  • The Queen is a symbol of sexuality and attractiveness for the opposite sex.
  • The king is a whole person, a developed person

The value of the arcana Clouds in the Tarot Osho

Next suit - Clouds with the following values:

  • Ace - a display of the consciousness of a particular person in the outside world
  • Two - reflects the mental state of a person, can talk about mental disorders
  • Three symbolizes isolation from others. Speaks about the need to abstract from the world and be alone with yourself
  • Four - the habit of constantly postponing important things, distracted by empty little things. Symbol of disorganization
  • The five say that a person is used to comparing people from the past with those he faces in the present.
  • Six is ​​a certain burden that a person is forced to carry in life
  • Seven - the personification of a man-politician who seeks to change the world for the better
  • Eight - a sense of guilt and torment of conscience
  • Nine - a symbol of sadness and deep sadness, perhaps disappointment
  • Page - mental abilities that exceed standard
  • Knight - a symbol of struggle: with life difficulties, other people, circumstances
  • Queen - the personification of moral principles and principles
  • The king is a man accustomed to controlling everything

The value of cards suit Water

Water cards have the following meanings:

  • Ace - a person's intention to go with the flow, obeying the circumstances
  • Deuce - a symbol of friendliness, making useful contacts
  • Three - a symbol of celebration, celebration, fun
  • Four indicates that you need to stop thinking superficially, you need to pay attention to the really significant things
  • The Five is a deep connection with the past that does not give rest in the present.
  • Six - a dream, the execution of which depends on the circumstances
  • Seven - projecting your own thoughts on others
  • Eight - a person does not accept and does not love himself
  • Nine - a symbol of laziness, which prevents to achieve success and move on
  • Ten - the personification of harmony and balance in all spheres of life
  • Page - a deep understanding of people's feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions
  • Knight - deep trust, almost unshakable
  • Queen - strong sensitivity and susceptibility to the actions of other people
  • King - a person is endowed with the gift of healing, is able to favorably influence the well-being of other people

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The value of the suit of fire

Arcana of Fire have the following meanings:

  • Ace - a symbol of the source of knowledge that is available to anyone
  • Two - symbol of the opportunities that are needed to achieve the goal
  • Three - strong emotional experiences that limit
  • Four - participation in the affairs of a loved one
  • Five - a symbol of whole nature, which does not succumb to difficulties
  • Six - a symbol of success, achievement and self-confidence
  • Seven - says that a person is experiencing serious stress
  • Eight - a symbol of travel and exciting adventures
  • Nine - says that a person is extremely exhausted, is experiencing a lack of happiness
  • Ten - a person is under the pressure of society
  • Page - a symbol of playfulness and flirty, relationship with the opposite sex
  • Knight - intensity, activity, achievement
  • The Queen is a symbol of generosity and deep female wisdom
  • The king is a creative person with a developed talent

Brief values ​​of cards of the deck will help you to explain the alignment. But listen to the feelings of your own soul, do not trust the cards blindly. Be sure to see, surrounded by what arcane appears each specific map. This will help to make the most correct interpretation.