Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a bra: decoding on popular dream books


A woman in a beautiful bra, even if no one sees her, feels more self-sufficient, more confident, more relaxed. This condition is reflected in her eyes, facial expressions, gait and, of course, increases her attractiveness among the male environment. But why dream of a bra in a dream, try to find out in the dream books.

There is no better bra than men's hands.

This element of the wardrobe is a symbol of feminine mood and a state of mind, can carry insecurity and to some extent loneliness, and in some cases, personifies feminine sexuality and independence. In the dream books this part of underwear has many meanings, everything plays a role: color, style, novelty and purity of the thing.

In some interpretations are important situations in which the dreamer is involved: dress, shoot in front of a mirror or in the presence of a man. And perhaps the man himself sees such a dream. Consider the options plot.

Luxury or restraint - what is the success

Seeing yourself in a bra from the outside is the most common scenario that tells us to pay attention to the behavior of your opponents, competitors, and others, but you do not consider them to be your well-wishers. Some of them are preparing to give you a lot of trouble. All this may be accompanied by false gossip, rumors, and slander.

During this period, it is not recommended to be overly frank and sincere. Your loyalty and simplicity in meeting strangers can lead to public disclosure of information about your love life, additional sources of income, family secrets.

Seeing on yourself a beautiful expensive item of underwear in the mirror - a new impressive acquaintance awaits you, which will give you confidence and reveal your potential.

Dreamed of wearing an old piece of female toilet - evidence that you are too trusting in your first impression. Remember: it is deceptive.

If you wear a dirty, dirty thing - wait for the trouble, the cause of which is your thoughtless and rash behavior. Take pictures - on the contrary, bypass all the problems and difficulties.

A woman receives underwear as a luxury gift - to stunning success in all areas: promotion, big win, profitable marriage. This period promises increased attention, care and affection of a loved one. Feel the queen will help and other men, too. Take a moment.

For a man to see a beautiful lady in an interesting lower suit is a good dream, fate leads you to a beautiful stranger, for the conquest of which you will spend all your energy.

Simple, modest and sad clothes on a stranger - a sign of a guy's frustration in love. Your desire to lure the chosen one into amorous networks will not be mutual.

On the contrary, lace and bows on a beautiful female body mean your victory and a quick romantic relationship.

Tell me your favorite color and I will tell you who you are

If a woman has seen a pink bra on herself, she is in real life - tender and subtle nature, dreaming about her holili and nurture. It speaks of your peace-loving and pliability. Your helplessness can allow you to become targets for harassment and violence. Be careful.

The blue tint of the thing indicates the creative potential of the sleeper. You are pedantic, calm and balanced, but you lack the perseverance to achieve greater success. This color indicates the desire for love, trust in the partner and his permission to control you.

Green color of linen on a woman means heightened intuition and rich inner world. Be wary of new acquaintances, prefer old friends.

In another interpretation, for a woman such a dream promises love, for a man an intimate relationship, where he will be surprised by the tenderness and ingenuity of her partner.

White is a sign of confidence, you are full of strength and determination to achieve your goals. Your openness and naturalness can win the hearts of any potential partners and customers. Take action.

Beige is the color of success and good luck in life. Fortune smiles to the dreamer.

Black - brings grief and trouble in reality. But above all - it is a warning sign of danger. Trust your intuition.

The beauty of women in their charms

For a young girl, a dream in which she buys a bra means her tiredness with former fans and fleeting connections, she seeks new romantic sensations and adventures.

Buy a lady's item of women's toilets - expresses your desire to change a partner, and you are determined and ready to act yourself in search of the desired companion.

A woman takes off or puts on a bra - it means for a man the passionate love of this woman. For a woman - a short love affair.

A man sees a charming lady trying on a thing in front of a mirror and admiring - to deception and lies.

The young lady dreamed that she had forgotten to put on her bra - difficulties in communicating with colleagues and partners are expected. You benefit, try to hold back and get away from quarrels and conflicts.

Brevity - the soul of lingerie. Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

Embodying the feminine, men such a dream - a promising sign. He expects love attraction and unrestrained intimacy. But this connection can conceal intrigue, deception and mercantile interest, so it will be short.

The girl is often seen washing clothes - it means she is completely satisfied with her sexuality and partner. He considers his life a harmonious cup of pleasure.

Hanging the washed bras on the clothesline - your love secrets and treason will be revealed soon.

Gustov Miller

Buying a new item of intimate wardrobe a young woman promises new acquaintances, meetings, dates. It is not surprising if she is the initiator of these meetings. You want a breath of fresh air, and your old connections are boring or they simply do not exist. Be bold, excessive abstinence is not chastity, but rather the path to solitude.

Admiration of a man in a dream with a woman’s underwear testifies to him, as a connoisseur of the beautiful and the present, you understand art, music, and charming female persons.

A man dreams of washing the underwear of his beloved - it means deception from his companion, she has some kind of secret and feels guilty.


The girl saw herself without outerwear in a crowd of people - a bad sign, it means a quick shame, shame and slander. There may be difficulties at work or discord in personal affairs. Such a dream warns of possible dismissal, demotion or even imprisonment.