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Aventurine stone: photo, as well as an overview of its properties


The aventurine stone attracts, first of all, with its unusual name, which favorably distinguishes it from the surrounding minerals. But the gem also has other characteristics that attract attention - healing and magical. Aventurine stone, its properties and importance for a person (plus a photo) - this is what we will discuss later in this article.

General information about this mineral

Aventurine is a dense mass of fine-grained quartz, which includes small scales of mica evenly distributed over it. Mineral is a kind of quartzite (metamorphic rock).

You can also meet aventurine under such other names:

  • gold-sparks - so in ancient times the inhabitants of Russia called the gem;
  • Belorechit or Beloretsky quartzite - this is the name Aventurine received in honor of the river Belaya, which is located in Altai
  • spark;
  • aventurine quartz.

At the same time, there are such types of mineral:

  • Indian Jad - mined in India, in the state of Madras;
  • Taganait - the place of its extraction - Taganai range of the Southern Urals;
  • homogeneous honey-yellow aventurines - they are distinguished by their uniform graininess and are painted in the form of muscovite flakes, which gives them a bright “sparkling”. Among the characteristic defects can be called porosity and shagreen;
  • uniform brown cherry shade - differ monotony, uneven color;
  • homogeneous golden-cherry - fine-grained variety, which is most similar to Venetian glass. They are characterized by bright color and the most intense flicker. On a thin section of such a stone, its depth shines up to five millimeters;
  • homogeneous pink - the representatives of the fine-grained variety, having a weak sparkling. They have a fairly massive structure, their depth can be translucent up to 3 millimeters;
  • spotty-striped with cherry-white color - a variety characterized by vague spots, used as an ornamental stone;
  • obscure banded white varieties - they are characterized by intermittent fuzziness and light golden stripes on a white background.

Healing properties of aventurine

Mineral has many medicinal properties, namely:

  • cures the cardiovascular system, relieves from high blood pressure;
  • eliminates pulmonary pathologies, skin diseases (dermatitis);
  • copes with hair loss;
  • Aventurine positively affects the nervous system, increases visual acuity;
  • contributes to the overall improvement of well-being, as well as an increase in the human creative potential;
  • Aventurines make the metabolism process more active, reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, successfully cope with arteriosclerosis;
  • thanks to stones, the excretion of fluid increases in the presence of edema, dropsy;
  • it is shown to use stone in the presence of constipation;
  • increases blood flow in vascular sclerosis;
  • the mineral also has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, reduces the symptoms of migraines.

Healing properties are inherent in decorations with aventurines and various forms of massagers.

The magical properties of the mineral, to whom it suits

In ancient times, it was believed that aventurines of natural origin are closely related to the moon and therefore affect people very ambiguously. First of all, the influence will be exerted by the phase in which the celestial body dwells (can be growing, full or decreasing). Secondly, the impact of the mineral depends on the personal astrological characteristics of the personality (year, hour and month of birth, the zodiac constellation, the position of the planets at the time of the influence of the lunar disk).

Everything described above caused the appearance of two radically different opinions regarding the magical characteristics of the gem. According to the first, the stone helps gamblers, but if you use the mineral too much, serious material losses are coming (perhaps even complete ruin).

And according to the second version, Aventurine assumes the role of “intermediary of pure love” and is obliged to involve the second half into the life of its owner.

Adherents of both theories agree on one thing - Aventurine helps a person to feel positive emotions more strongly, gives confidence in his own strength, clarity of mind and good mood.

Of course, this does not mean at all that all people who use jewelry with citrines, immediately find good luck and cheerfulness. The mineral is suitable for those who do not occupy too high a position and are not burdened with family ties - that is, all those who do not have much responsibility - for example, children under the age of 16 years.

Also, when using aventurine, there is a danger, when chaos occurs in life, a person will think that everything is in order - that is, there is excessive self-confidence on his face.

The main function that the gem performs is that it teaches solar optimism and helps to balance life on the verge of white and black stripes. And due to a more positive outlook on life, the situation will be revealed to you from the other side and you can finally become a happy person.

It is believed that natural aventurines were brought to Europe from India, whose residents were able to personally verify the ability of the mineral to attract good luck.

The gem helps purify the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, as well as the surrounding space around its owner.

What signs of the zodiac fit

The magical properties of aventurines are best suited for representatives of the zodiacal constellation Taurus, Virgo and Cancer. These people, using jewelry with gems, will improve their health.

Dev stone will make more sensitive and soft, help them to develop their senses. Jewelry with mineral will help you make the right decision in a difficult life situation.

Blue adventures are most acceptable for Taurus - people who are down-to-earth and sad. Thanks to the stone, Taurus begins to actively dream and become more elevated. The stone will adjust the personal life of Taurus, diversify it with romantic notes.

But not all people can wear aventurine - so it is worth refusing representatives of the fire element (Sagittarius, Aries and Lions), because with it they will begin to experience material problems, they will be greatly disappointed in life. In addition, the stone will lead those who were born under one of the fire signs to fatalism and cynicism, will make the manifestations of emotions more pronounced, as a result of which they will become very quarrelsome and hysterical.

Caution must also be exercised by representatives of the zodiacal constellation Capricorn.

But the people belonging to the water element, will not feel the negative impact of the gem. Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces stone will help to become more energetic and persevering. As for Pisces, they will gain all the positive traits of character.

In general, Aventurine will be a wonderful assistant for all those who have a passion for change, constantly conducting various experiments and is ready to cope with any blows of fate. According to astrologers, the gem is not very capricious, but it is necessary to refuse it to all those who have any nervous diseases.

In conclusion, be sure to check out the informative video material about Aventurine: