Dream interpretation

I had a dream about the icon, what it means: interpretation of sleep


The icon is a symbol of the spiritual life of a person. What dreams of icons? Such dreams may be a subconscious reflection of faith in the future, trying to find the necessary information that you do not have enough to decide to take this or that step. More in understanding the meaning of such dreams will help a dream book.

General interpretation of sleep

Icon in a dream can mean the help of higher powers, admiration for them. Such dreams come to a person in the most difficult life moments when he loses faith in himself, his strength. Of great importance is what kind of icon you saw in your nightly dreams:

  • The seven-arrow icon is a sign that in reality you have set foot on a dangerous path. Your thoughts of revenge, and possible bad deeds will lead to terrible consequences. Before it's too late, get rid of evil thoughts, and your life will get better;
  • the icon of the Savior is a symbol of the fact that you did the wrong thing and realize this. You are tormented by remorse. To gain peace of mind, you need to repent of your deed, and release your soul from the negative;
  • inverted icons - to serious illnesses, fatal mistakes or death;
  • a broken icon is a symbol of what you have turned from your true path;
  • a burning icon - to adversity, trials and troubles on your way of life;
  • ancient icon - a symbol of the fact that you need the help of your blood relatives;
  • golden icons - a symbol of the fact that you have a strong faith, which will help to cope with all adversity;
  • The icon of the Kazan Mother of God is a sign of a fateful meeting for single women, a happy marriage for those who are going to get married, and an addition to the family for people in a marriage.

The meaning of the dream also changes depending on what you did in the dream with the icon:

  • donated an icon - a symbol of the fact that soon you will have to help your loved ones;
  • to wipe the icons - to the possibility of correcting their mistakes;
  • to find an icon is a symbol of the fact that you rush things too much. Stop and you can achieve what you want and solve all your problems;
  • hiding the icon - a sign that you are losing faith or shy of your religious views;
  • kiss the icon - to great luck, the fulfillment of your desires, to the acquisition of benefits that you so desperately needed;
  • to hold the icon in hand - to close the resolution of their problems. Soon you will receive advice that will help correct the situation.

Icons in a dream that were in your house promise you large-scale unhappiness. If you dreamed of an icon in the sky, then chaos and confusion, difficult times are waiting for you soon. If you saw icons in the water, then soon there will be changes in your life, with a request about which you applied to higher forces.

Interpretation of different dream books

According to Miller's dream book

This dream book offers several interpretations of dreams with icons:

  • standing in front of the icon on your knees is a symbol of the fact that in reality you have practically lost your strength, you do not have enough patience to cope with the troubles that have arisen in life. You should ask for the help of your loved ones, because without them you will not cope;
  • to see the icon of the Mother of God - to a happy marriage and a strong family;
  • the weeping icon is a symbol of your belief in something supernatural, in higher powers.

According to the Nostradamus dream book

This dream book interprets the appearance of the icon in a dream as identification with the spiritual state of the dreamer, his views on life, possible repentance, or faith in a better future. If in a dream you prayed to an icon, then in reality you forget about your soul, aspire only to material values, forgetting about spiritual development.

The peace-giving icon in a dream is a bad symbol that predicts some kind of global catastrophe, the death of people. If you kept the icon in a dream in your hands, then soon you will receive good and good news. Icons with candles in night dreams signify repentance and repentance.

According to the dream Wang

The famous seer interpreted the image of the icon in dreams as a warning that a conflict of national importance is brewing among people. The dream personifies the crisis of faith in all humanity, the destruction of temples in the future, the suffering of many people.

If in a dream you were standing in front of images and reading a prayer, then everything in your life is natural and in the most difficult times your faith will save you. A dream with icons can speak to the dreamer and about the sense of guilt with which he is tormented in reality. It is necessary to overcome your fear and admit your mistakes, repent of them. Then your destiny will change for the better.

According to the dream book of Lofa

This dream book has several interpretations of dreams with icons:

  • the big icon is a symbol of the oscillating scales of balance between spirituality and material values. You should think about what matters more in your life. Perhaps you are too obsessed with material goods, and forget about more important feelings: compassion, sincerity, help to loved ones, love and so on.

According to the dream Juno

This dream book presents several options for the values ​​of dreams with icons: