Dream interpretation

I dreamed of prison and being in it: the exact interpretation


A rather unpleasant dream in which you are in prison. But, if not to consider negative emotions, the dream book, as a rule, treats sleep positively. And so, let's find out why dreaming in jail. What carries such a test in a dream.

According to Denise Lynn, being in prison in a dream symbolizes the voluntary, own limitation of your body and your spirit. The key to liberation lies in you, because you are the only person who can remove the boundary in your mind and let go of the spirit.

Dream Interpretation: sit in a dream

You were imprisoned for a robbery - in real life you will put some person and a very difficult situation (by accident or on purpose).

If in a dream you miraculously managed to avoid a conclusion, then you are waiting for an increase in profits in affairs or participation in events that will end successfully.

If you had a dream about how a prisoner is released, wait for a very profitable business or the end of a difficult life period.

What are you doing behind bars

If you are in prison, while looking at the world in a prison window, according to Nostradamus’s dream book, such a dream means the appearance of a person in real life, whose unlimited power can hold you.

Sitting in prison in a dream, while breaking the grid - symbolizes attempts to free themselves from the obsessive influence of a person. If in a dream you are applying desperate attempts to break free - beware of the unexpected consequences that may arise from in a hurry decisions.

If you dreamed that you were not in prison for long, and then you escaped - wait for the end of troubles and a successful solution to the problem if you are in a difficult situation now. In addition, such a dream can talk about healing a serious illness.

To sit in jail for popular dream books

If you dreamed that you were in prison - remember the details to make it easier to give a correct interpretation.

Dream loft

According to the dream book of Lofa, to be in prison is not symbolized as a restriction of freedom of action. Sleep should be considered as solitude, self-knowledge or some kind of security from the outside world. Such a dream is trying to hint at you to increase self-esteem, self-analysis or to increase internal control.

Dream Vanga

The prison for Wanga’s dream book is a sign of agonizing reticence, fatal silence.

You saw a prison building in a dream - you will discover a secret that it will be very difficult and unpleasant to keep in yourself.

The dream in which you are in prison foreshadows that no one will warn you in time about the impending danger or danger. Perhaps you will suffer if you can not talk about something important with your acquaintance or close person.

Also Vanga gives an interpretation of the events that occurred in prison:

  • In the dream you were hit hard, you were completely unprepared for such a turn of events, so you missed the blow - in real life you need time to understand what is happening.
  • If you were able to dodge the blow - in life you will be able to solve all the problems, get out of any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.
  • If you hit someone in a dream - wait for the unexpected news.
  • If in a dream you tried to protect your loved ones, and because of this, the whole blow fell on you - be prepared for the fact that in reality you will have to suffer rather large damage caused by the negligence and carelessness of your relatives or friends.

Dream Miller

According to Miller’s dream book, being imprisoned in a dream is explained by an event that can significantly worsen the current state of affairs.

If in a dream you had to see those who were detained - consider such a dream as your patronage to those people whom you trust.

If a girl dreamed that her lover is in prison, then in real life she will have to endure the disappointment that is specifically related to her chosen one.

Dreaming nostradamus

If in a dream you dreamed that one of your loved ones was in prison, then based on the interpretations of Nostradamus, such a dream can be interpreted as an excessive abuse of the confidence of loved ones. Perhaps they are beginning to consider you a despot - try to change something in yourself.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

According to the interpretation of Freud, the dream in which you had to sit in jail can be interpreted as your fear of the intimacy that you are facing. A girl can be afraid of losing her innocence, and a man can make a mistake in bed (in other words, “screw it up”), a woman will have a new connection, because the new one may be worse than the previous one.

Dream interpretation Maneghetti

A prison is a symbol of the appearance of powerlessness. Restricting one’s own freedom, restraining one’s desires, restraining one’s personal relationships or careers is why you dream in prison. You want to suppress your desires and inclinations or you are waiting for the punishment for the mistakes made, so you are afraid.

Such a dream can talk about enjoying your own power over other people, punishing enemies. And if someone else is detained in a dream, you will be able to avoid a real punishment for your mistakes.

Family Dream

Seeing oneself in jail is to the crash of everything that is planned. But if this dream came from Wednesday to Thursday - you can cope with their complexes after passing all the tests.

If a dream in which you break the cage came at night from Sunday to Monday - wait for the troubles that are associated with your many actions and your behavior.

If a dream in which you are trying to free someone from prison came on the night from Thursday to Friday - expect that very soon you will have to solve other people's problems.