Dream interpretation

I dreamed that the tone in a dream - the interpretation of different dream books


What dreams drown in a dream. The dream book will help us to understand this.

General interpretation of such dreams

Most dream books explain these dreams with a negative color. For accurate interpretation, the circumstances of such dreams will matter, and how they ended up in the end. About this we learn, having familiarized with the proposed dream books.

Interpretation of various dream books

Dream astromeridian

  • Saw a drowning person. Foreshadows material losses, a tragic case.
  • Drowning your friend - to the disappointment in him.
  • A man tries to escape, but he fails. Warning about your depressed mood.

Idiomatic dream book

Seeing yourself drowning is a difficult situation in life.

Autumn dream

Sinking means death.

Spring dream book

Drowning in water is a chance to get problems.

Summer dream

This dream predicts a complete failure in your affairs.

Female dream book

Concerns female.

  • Predicts loss, unfortunate events.
  • You were able to swim out, escape - a messenger of your health, career growth and recognition of authority.
  • They came to the aid of the drowning person - you are on the threshold of your happiness, which you have been waiting for.
  • The girl saw her lover drowning. It is to grief, the loss of faith in him.

Small Veles dream

  • Drowning in water - to the joy, profitable business.
  • Drowned in clean water - minor trouble.
  • It happened in a swamp - bad news. It was possible to pull you out - threats in life bypass you.
  • Saw a drowning person - for fun.
  • The woman was drowning - joy, success. Man - to change.

Gypsy dream book

  • Drowned in a dream - to the income.
  • Watched a drowning person - to joy.

Dream song gypsy

  • You were drowned - to shame.
  • The other person was drowning - to scandals and showdowns.

Dream Esoteric E. Tsvetkova

Sink - troubles, barriers, losses.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

  • If a woman drowned - things will go uphill.
  • Sami drowned - to progress in all matters.
  • If you saw a drowned man - to monetary losses.

Dream Dream

  • Seeing yourself drowning - to the problems of life.
  • Dreamed of a spouse who was drowning - a betrayal on his part.

The dream of the witch Medea

  • Sinking - a warning about impending difficulties, problems.
  • If you are saved - your situation will improve, you will be able to overcome difficulties.

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

Sinking in a dream - a herald of material loss. In case of your salvation, things will get better. Your revival is not far off.

You came to the rescue of a drowning man - fortunately.

The girl dreamed of her boyfriend. This predicts her grief.

Dream Vanga

Seeing yourself drowning in water signals a sharp deterioration in health with a threat to life.

Bible dream book azar

You have problems if you are drowning in a dream.

Esoteric dream book

  • To sink is to risk getting sick. This is especially true of the heart and lungs.
  • While diving, you began to sink and saw, as strangers drowned too. Be careful. You may have a heart attack.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

What you drowned in a dream, says that now you are experiencing not the best times. If you managed to escape - all problems will be left behind.

Muslim Dream (Islamic)

  • You are in a difficult position to get out of. This is what the dream in which you were drowning.
  • Such dreams protect you from the temptation of embarking on an unjust path and committing sinful acts. Repentance and prayers will help you.
  • For atheists, this is a sign to change their views and the opportunity to embark on a religious path.

Dream Dream Meneghetti

  • To shame a dream in which you were drowning.
  • If you have seen a drowning person - to the probability of getting stuck in an unsightly story.

English dream book

  • Sink - a symbol with a negative color. The threat of ruin, grief await you.
  • If they came to your aid and saved you will be provided with the necessary support so that you can avoid total collapse.

Chinese dream book

Sinking in a dream promises poor health.

Jewish dream book

Such dreams are broadcasting major problems to you.

Dreams of Dmitriy and Nadezhda Zima

  • The fact that you drowned in water speaks of your indecision in life.
  • You managed to get ashore - the difficulties will be left behind, you will become a confident person.
  • Saw drowning people. This is to unexpected obstacles on your way.

New family dream book

  • If you are drowned in a dream - in real life this can happen too. We must be careful on the water.
  • You managed to escape - to well-being in life, health.
  • You have helped a drowning person - a herald of happiness.
  • A girl who has seen her lover drowning will not find her complete happiness.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

  • Sinking - predicts monetary difficulties.
  • You threw a life preserver. In real life, everything will be fine with you. Comrades will come to the rescue.
  • Drowned in the swamp - in life, spend a lot of money for a festive fun.
  • Helped a drowning person - to sad family events.

Dream Dream Morozova

  • I dreamed that someone drowns you or you yourself are drowning - the threat will bypass you, things will get better.
  • A man saw a drowning woman - wait for a surprise.
  • Seeing her husband drowning - you will become aware of his love relationships on the side.
  • You tried to bring the drowned man back to life, but you failed. It speaks about the cooling of the marital relationship.

Dream Interpretation Dream Interpretation

  1. They themselves were drowning. Foreshadows your income.
  2. Drowned by their own fault - to material losses, bankruptcy.
  3. We saw a drowning person - to joyful events.

Interpretations from other sources

  1. Drowning in night visions - you are waiting for loss and grief.
  2. To help a drowning man be saved - to trouble.
  3. You did everything not to drown and get to the ground - you will successfully overcome all obstacles.
  4. To come to the aid of a drowning man is an unfavorable sign that threatens misfortune.