Dream interpretation

Dreamed of a former guy: the essence and how to interpret


First, try to recall this dream in detail. Using Freud's dream book, Tsvetkova and others, we will give you the answers. For example, what dreams of a drunk ex, a wedding or sex with a previous boyfriend.

In the dream, you were the former second half. It means the past still does not give you peace of mind, and in everyday life you constantly look back. This behavior hinders your development as a person, self-realization and relationships with a young man in the present.

As a rule, the former dream of people who still have some unresolved issues. If, by order of Morpheus, the former appears in your dreams with enviable regularity, but you are not in spirit about him, then any girl may feel uneasy.

Dreamed of a former guy, what does this mean?

Someone may notice this sign. However, dear girls, for a start, the author advises to forget all the insults and clear the mind. Remember what emotions you have when a person who is so close in the past appears in your dream. The answer to this question can be very helpful in understanding what the ex-boyfriend is dreaming about. And the bottom line is that the guy who made the visit to your dream can still mean a lot to the lady who subconsciously may really want to return the past.

Attempts by the girl to ward off such thoughts from herself and forget about her feelings will not give fruit, and the subconscious will increasingly give signs, they say, you need to do something. Perhaps it would be right to conquer the arrogance of oneself and take the first step towards restoring relations with the intrusive visitor of your dreams.

However, to see a former young man in a dream with another girl can be far from a positive association, after which in most cases it is recommended to talk with him, but just the opposite - you can no longer be a couple. But in any case, a dream about a former person speaks about what you think about your ex, no matter how bad or good your thoughts are.

What exactly is happening with a former boyfriend in a dream, interpretation.

The state of the former and the situation in which you find yourself with a negligent boyfriend can vary greatly from sleep to sleep, we highlight specific situations. Remember how exactly this person appeared and what you did.

  • Drunk ex. If the former appeared drunk before you, then most likely he is now in a deep emotional crisis. Most likely you are the subject of his excitement. If you have not lost contact with him and communicate, it is worth talking and giving him friendly support;
  • The former became your husband. To anxieties and troubles. May symbolize the stagnation of your relationship with the current man;
  • A gift is a surprise from a boyfriend. Do not take this situation rosy, because such a dream can be regarded as a foreshadowing of treason;
  • Sex with a former man. Lustful night with the same love testifies to unfulfilled desires. The subconscious mind is trying to bring you closer to the person, but your present love interferes with the realization of your plans. May signify a quarrel with the second half already in reality;
  • The former is a stranger. A dream in which a once-close man seems completely unfamiliar to you, regardless of the extent of the change in appearance, signifies changes in your life as well as in your life. It is possible that he will declare himself more than once;
  • Talking with him, in reality or by phone. Dreams of this kind almost always mean that the feelings of the former towards you have not yet cooled. Most likely, he ponders why you once did not work out and would like to talk in real life.
  • Late boyfriend A dream about a guy from the next world can scare the girl in earnest. Such a dream really warns you about something dangerous. But a dream in which the deceased former resolves your dilemmas and pressing problems, on the contrary, marks a quick victory over enemies and rivals.
  • The first love. A dream in which you see first love symbolizes a lack of romance and attention. You need to feel the passion and attention to yourself, as they were once in their youth.
  • Swearing with former love. Emotional quarrel and abuse with a former boyfriend in a dream means that you will need to decide with whom you are ready to connect hearts for a long time.

A dream in which the former dies at your hands. If you have already managed to play the role of a real hitman for your past boyfriend in a dream, then you shouldn't be horrified. Such a dream provides you with great opportunities for change. In all endeavors you will follow the same luck, so make up your mind.

A certain role in the interpretation of sleep is played by the day you dreamed of the former:

  • Sleep fell on Wednesday. Dreams on Wednesday often go beyond, are prophetic. Be sure to remember what you did with your ex and what you experienced at that moment. If the dream did not turn out to be prophetic, he could give you some clues that you might not have noticed.
  • Sleep fell on Friday. Such dreams are like a clue that helps to dot the i. A visit from a guy in a dream that day tells you: try to develop angelic patience in yourself and not get involved in various adventures.
  • The guy you dreamed on Saturday. A dream with a former boyfriend in the lead role in 50 percent of cases comes true. In this dream, as a rule, you can see the main problems of your past.
  • The appearance of a former guy on Sunday. Such a dream marks the growth of new ideas, a surge of vitality and energy to achieve the goals.

What dreams of a former guy on various dream books.

According to Sigmund Freud's dream book, a dream involving an ex-boyfriend carries the news of an upcoming quarrel and altercations with his beloved. The altercation may very well be due to your desire to tell the sweetheart about the dream in which the former appears.

A man instinctively feels, Freud argues that another member of the stronger sex is deeply entrenched in your subconscious. However, the former boyfriend can symbolize the beginning of a new relationship, if not a quick marriage.

The old has gone with the ends, according to the Bulgarian seer Vanga. This is something that cannot be returned, or at least is not recommended to return. The very same dream about the former brings melancholy and the desire to re-ignite the passion of old love. Wang adds that if in a dream idyll and you are happy together - you let him go completely and do not feel attracted to him.

Nostradamus wrote that after dreaming about an ex-boyfriend you need to beware of sorcerers and fortunetellers. While Tsvetkov warns of imminent moving, troubles with real estate and children.

And, in general, is not always worth believing dreams.