Dream interpretation

Dreamed wife: a detailed interpretation of the dream


A dream involving a wife is almost always a vivid and emotional dream that reminds of itself for quite a while. But to find out the true interpretation of your dream, you need to recall the details: its behavior, appearance, emotional state, place of action of sleep.

For men, the second half is always a special person in life. Therefore, the dream should be interpreted, starting only from the relations of the husband with his wife, the life experience of the spouse. A wife in a dream often behaves differently than in real life, but she can fully correspond to a real spouse.

Why did the wife dream? What does it mean to see a wife in a dream? Reader, we advise you to remember this vivid dream, pay attention to the details and carefully search below - the dream book will give you the answers.

Spouse in a dream, individual cases and their interpretation of the dream books

  • Smoking wife in a dream. To see a cigarette in the hands of his beloved wife in a dream (especially if there is such a habit in reality behind her) signals a soon deterioration in the health of his beloved;
  • Drunk second half. Dreamed of a drunk wife? Rejoice, unlike smoking, that your wife’s hurtful rush signifies getting a profitable offer and improving your family’s material well-being;
  • Naked spouse. To see a wife completely naked is a pretty bad sign - you can be accused of committing an unworthy, vile act, as a result of which your reputation can be quite shaken;
  • The second half is filled with bitter tears. To see the tears of a wife in a dream is a good sign only if the crying was joyful - such an event is interpreted by the dream-books as a quick, unexpected, but pleasant event. While the bitter cry symbolizes difficult situations that will soon make themselves known;
  • Dreamed of a sleeping wife. Not everything is so smooth in this dream. The subconscious mind warns you that the wife does not trust you and suspects treason;
  • First wife If you have been married several times and the first passion has penetrated your dreams, then you will have to return to the old business, a type of earnings, a hobby;
  • See your wife surrounded by hearth. Watching the peaceful life of your wife and your family is a good sign - to well-being, a good trip;
  • Hug your soulmate. Beyond dreams, you will receive news of long-absent relatives or friends; you will be successful in all your endeavors;
  • You are the wife. If in a dream you had a dream of a similar metamorphosis, then in the near future you will have to return to an unfinished business, which will cause a lot of trouble;
  • Departure of the wife on working matters on a business trip. The second half, going on a business trip, predicts changes in your life that will definitely suit your taste;
  • Meeting with his wife after arrival. To meet my wife after a long departure, a vacation is a great dream. You are waiting for the good news or promotion at work soon;
  • Arrange a fight with the lady of the heart. To hit a wife is definitely one of the most terrible acts, which is interpreted positively by most dream books. You will succeed in a wide variety of activities and endeavors;
  • You had to scold your wife. To chastise your wife (the reason is unimportant) in a dream like about a wall of peas - the spouse is really angry with you and hides it;
  • To strangle the wife. If you had such a terrible dream involving the second half, it does not mean anything good. Dream predicts the speedy departure of your passion, possible betrayal. You should start to take her seriously and realize the contribution of this lovely lady to your life;
  • Loss of a wife A dream in which you had to follow the traces of your spouse in a desperate search for it signals the most serious problems in your relationship, caused by your violent temper;

  • Love joys constricted. Passionate expression of feelings is positively interpreted by dream-ers, especially if you have achieved the desired orgasm, even in a dream. A dream symbolizes harmony and your wonderful relationship with your wife;
  • Kiss with the wife. You kiss the second half in a dream - a dream marks a positive change in your relationship, ending quarrels and mutual understanding. But if you had to see the kiss of your passion with another man - get ready for conflicts on the basis of jealousy;
  • Birth wife. Waiting for a child for a father is an extremely exciting process. You should follow the rule of inversion in such dreams - if a girl was born, then wait for the boy, in response to the boy, wait for the daughter. If lucky enough to observe the birth of his wife, who is not yet pregnant, this dream marks the result of hard work, the achievement of goals.
  • Cheating wife. The dreamer saw his wife cheat on him and leave with another. A dream tells you, oddly enough, about the faithfulness of the blessed and the impossibility of repeating such a situation beyond dreams;
  • A companion of life filed for divorce. The girl divorces you - wait for a new surge of feelings, emotions, passion;
  • Meet the spouse at the wedding. A dream in which you saw your wife in a wedding dress at another wedding predicts a new black line in your life, associated with financial and moral difficulties;
  • The death of his wife in a dream. Dreams have shown you the death or killing of someone by your wife. Such a vivid dream you probably will not soon forget, but it marks extremely good events - new beginnings, promotion or winning the lottery. If your narrowed was killed exactly - you expect a white stripe in life, quiet time;
  • My husband killed a soul mate. After such a brutal sleep, there are frequent squabbles and scandals within the family;
  • Funeral procession. To see the funeral of his beloved wife means to do long-forgotten things, to finish everything or to start life anew.

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities

  1. In Miller’s dream book, his wife’s visit is unequivocally interpreted - you are concerned about an unfinished project or business. Also expect a sudden profit;
  2. The Bulgarian seer Vanga interprets such a dream in most of his cases positively, but advises to speak with this person, because no one comes to your dreams just like that;
  3. Dream Grishin. Trouble, sorrow and sadness — in such words, the author can describe the event accompanying this dream in a noble dream book;
  4. Esoteric dream book. According to this dream book, any event related to the wife, including an active squabble, signifies success and success in affairs, material wealth and the recovery of loved ones;
  5. Interpretation of Tsvetkov's dream book. Any dream with my wife helps to improve relations with her, but the best of them is where the wife caresses the head of the family - signifies a large income, increase, and perhaps an early pregnancy of your passion.