Dream interpretation

What dreams of cucumbers in the dream book


To find out what dreams of cucumbers, carefully read this article. It will shed light on the events that will happen to you in the future, and help prepare for everything.

Ukrainian dream book

The predictions of this dream book are based on the beliefs of the Ukrainian people and its folklore. The author has collected interpretations for many years, and now you can use them.

Here they are:

  1. To see a cucumber in a dream is a bad sign, which suggests that soon you will have many problems due to the fault of a person from your inner circle. But an adverse period will not last long. Soon it will be replaced by a strip of luck and luck in everything.
  2. Cucumber bright green dreams for the visit of distant relatives. They will decide to bring you and bring with them gifts. Get ready to show hospitality and joyfully welcome guests.
  3. A lot of greenhouse cucumbers - to success in business. The results of your efforts in the past will bring great rewards in the present. Get ready for large amounts of money in your accounts.
  4. Bitter and tasteless cucumbers - to the troubles that will fall on you soon as if from nowhere. We'll have to make time to solve all the problems without compromising work and personal life.
  5. Girl cucumbers dream to meet with a man with whom they will love each other. A dizzying romance begins, with a mass of emotions and vivid feelings. It is possible that with this person it will be possible to create a family.
  6. Pickled cucumbers say that the dreamer often shows weakness in relation to loved ones. Because of this, they often violate its borders, use its dependability and offend.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Interpretations are based on astrological and occult teachings.

Here they are:

  1. The more cucumbers a girl dreams of, the more she will have boyfriends in real life. She will be very attractive to the opposite sex and can very quickly find her soul mate.
  2. Cucumbers lying in the snow - a sign of gossip and rumors that surround your personality in society. You have a lot of envious and detractors. But do not take it to heart, continuing to do what you see fit.
  3. Male cucumbers dream exclusively for money, wealth and fame. This dream suggests that the dreamer is very strong in character, he has a clear position and a strong inner core. He always achieves his goals, despite the difficulties.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Listen to the interpretation of this dream book, if you like modern predictions that fit the realities of today's life.

Here they are:

  1. Eagerly eat cucumbers - to happy and long-awaited events. What you have long dreamed of will come true.
  2. Yellow cucumbers are also an auspicious sign that promises good luck to the dreamer in any endeavors. There will be a good period in life for setting goals and achieving them. Make a wish and act.
  3. Huge cucumbers, which do not exist in reality, foreshadow the visit of unexpected guests. And it will be unpleasant, because there will come people with whom you have a rather strained relationship,
  4. Stale and rotten vegetables dream of recovering from a long illness. If a person is healthy, then such a dream promises soon to get rid of all the old problems.
  5. Lonely people rotten and rotten cucumbers dream about happiness in his personal life. after a long search, you will finally meet a person with whom you want to share your destiny. And this will be true love, about which even in books they don’t write - feelings will become so strong.
  6. Young girls pick cucumbers dream of frustration. What you have long dreamed of will not come true. And because in fact your desires are imposed on someone else. Try to understand yourself and determine what your soul really wants.
  7. Harvesting cucumbers - to a difficult period in life, which will come very soon. You'll have to tighten your belt, learn to save and limit yourself in many ways. This is a test for you, the results of which will determine the entire future.
  8. If cucumbers dreamed on the eve of a long road, the trip will be unsuccessful. On the way you will find many difficulties, so the long-awaited trip will not bring any pleasure.

Indian dream book

The interpretation of this dream book is for women.

Here they are:

  1. Cucumbers - a symbol of vain hopes and frustrated desires. Such a dream suggests that you regret not having achieved what you dreamed of in the past. But it's time to let go of the situation and move forward.
  2. If you are not well, then such a dream spells a speedy recovery. You are already on the mend, so it remains to wait quite a bit.
  3. Small, very "young" cucumbers dream of success, profits and wealth. You will get everything you have dreamed of for a very long time. You may also be added to your salary or promoted.
  4. Striped cucumbers dream of new male friends. You will find yourself in an unfamiliar company, in which you will find like-minded people who support you in everything.
  5. Salt cucumbers - to the unexpected joy. And the more salt you added in your sleep, the more happy events will happen in your life.
  6. Gathering vegetables from the beds - to abundance and prosperity. You have a huge potential and a high level of energy, thanks to which you will very quickly achieve real success.
  7. In winter, cucumbers dream of pregnancy. You should buy a test or go to a doctor to find out about the future baby.