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Gayatri Mantra - a tool for purification and application of practice


This is the most powerful and effective mantra of all Vedic sacred formulas. Nothing is impossible for the Gayatri mantra, which purifies the soul and body, leads to salvation. What does the 24-syllable Gayatri Mantra, what is its sacred meaning for man? Consider the article.

Karma cleansing tool

Karma is a sequential series of events arising from human actions. Any untruth, incorrectly chosen path or perfect act is returned back to the person in the form of trials sent down by fate. How to protect yourself from the negative effects of karma? The Gayatri Mantra helps in this.

Hindus believe that with the daily practice of Gayatri, you can get rid of the sequence of rebirths - get out of the wheel of Samsara. What gives a person liberation from rebirth? According to the Vedas, he finds himself in a completely different world, different from the earthly one. The power of the mantra is so powerful that together with the practitioner, the objects around him and the whole space are cleaned. Therefore, the Hindus sing Gayatri before eating and before worship.

During the practice of mantra, you can directly refer to the goddess Gayatri, who is the wife of Brahma. Previously, only initiates could practice Gayatri, but recently the heavens allowed her to be used by all who wish to change their lives.

The mantra is sung in Sanskrit - the sacred language of the Vedas. In other languages ​​(in translation) it is not performed: the rhythm of sacred sounds is lost. The mantra was revealed to the initiates by the son of Brahma, Vishwamitra. In the sacred text is an appeal to the solar deity - Surya, dominant in the divine pantheon of the Vedas.

Gayatri Practice

Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas, which is found everywhere and everywhere where her mantra is practiced. The vibrations of Gayatri fill the practitioner's spiritual body, changing it and enlightening it. Gayatri teaches and reveals the spiritual mind, leads him out of the darkness of the material and shows the true path to divine truth and bliss. This is the divine power that gives breath to everything that exists and revives it. This is the embodiment of divine power that protects man.

Gayatri has three names that exist in the human soul:

  • feelings (gayatri);
  • life energy (saraswati);
  • true knowledge (saavitri).

If a person maintains harmony in his life in thoughts (intentions), speeches and actions, three divine names live in him - Gayatri, Saraswati and Saavitri.

The Gayatri Mantra contains three parts:

  • deity worship;
  • meditation;
  • prayer appeal.

The initial words of the sacred text refer to the worship of the divine. The word dhimahi denotes a meditative state. The remaining 4 words express a prayer appeal to God with a request for the gift of spiritual abilities and insight.

Constant mantra practice brings concrete results:

  • deliverance from ailments;
  • protection from evil and misfortune;
  • a dream come true;
  • awakening of the spiritual mind.

If you practice Gayatri with faith, you can get all the spiritual and physical benefits. When should you practice the mantra? The best time to practice are the transitional hours - dawn, noon, sunset. These watches are considered the most favorable for spiritual works and meditations. However, you can sing the mantra at any convenient time, but during these hours you can achieve a greater effect.

An important condition for the proper practice of the Gayatri Mantra is the purity of the heart and thoughts. You can not lightly relate to Gayatri, you must feel the holiness of each pronounced syllable. A mantra practitioner must move away from evil, not take part in evil deeds, and help others. You can not say bad words, scold, make trouble with others. It is necessary to strive for purity in everything - thoughts, words and actions.

Yogis are advised to practice the mantra and while purifying with water - in the shower. The power of water along with the cleansing power of the mantra will free the body and mind from all impure. You can also practice the mantra before bedtime, after waking up and before eating. After completing the practice, it is necessary to pronounce the word Shanti three times.

Note! Wrong mantra practice will lead to the opposite result!

Gayatri purifies the human heart, so it can be practiced at any time at will. However, singing during transition hours is a strong recommendation for action. That is, during the transition hours, practice is necessary, and the rest of the time is desirable.

The more often you repeat the sacred words, the more good you will attract in your life.

What else do you need to know for the proper practice of mantra? It is necessary to free the mind from vain thoughts and concentrate on the area of ​​the third eye - between the eyebrows. During practice, you should temporarily forget about the surrounding reality and immerse yourself in the sound of the sacred sounds that connect you with the cosmos.

How many times to read a mantra? It is necessary to devote to reading Gayatri every morning, repeating the mantra 108 times. The rest of the time, the mantra is read as a multiple of three times - 3, 12, 27 or more.

Value and translation

The holy text of the Gayatri Mantra is:

There are several translations of the formula into Russian, all of them are correct. Consider the translation and meaning of one of the versions:

  • Om - the source of creation, Parabrahman;
  • Bhur - the physical world;
  • Bhuwa - the middle world, the astral plane;
  • Matchmaker - the heavenly world;
  • Tat - Brahmin, God;
  • Savitur - from which the creation originated;
  • Varenyam - venerable;
  • Bhargo - divine radiance;
  • Devasya - the highest reality (divine);
  • Dhimahi - meditation on a deity;
  • Dhyo - allowing to realize the highest truth;
  • Yo - which;
  • Nah is ours;
  • Prahodayat - guides on the true path.

Each syllable of Gayatri represents a certain part of a person’s body, therefore it completely clears from bodily ailments:

In the literary translation into Russian, the text of the mantra is:

In order to pronounce a mantra correctly, you must first listen to the recordings, for example, performed by the Virgin Premal. The inspired performance of this dedicated European woman fills the soul with bliss coming from heaven. At first, you can simply listen to the online recording and feel the sounds touching the body and soul. Then you can repeat with the singer, realizing every sacred word.

It is better to sing the mantra in the half-lotus position, with a straight spine. It is impossible to sit or stand with a hunched back, since it is through the spine that the divine energy flows through the crown of the head from space. Watch your spine always, because it is the root of life. Smooth back - a pledge of physical and spiritual health.

At first practice try to retire, so that no one bothers you. Critical comments of others or their curiosity will negatively affect the results of the practice. You can listen with headphones, repeat the words - to yourself. However, it is precisely speaking out loud that will have a greater effect - vibrations in the body connect it with cosmic energy. In this case, the physical body becomes the receiver of divine energies.

Repetition in the mind also has its positive effect, but if you need healing, sing the mantra out loud. You can achieve a different feeling: listen to the recording in the headphones and imagine how the sacred sounds penetrate into every cell of the body and heal it, free from illness. Ask them not to be distracted during meditation.