Dream interpretation

Brilliant dreams: what a dream with a diamond ring


In real life, to find or receive as a gift (as a last resort, to buy) such decoration is a very pleasant event. Any dream book will say that seeing such an event in a dream is no less a good sign ... but not always. So, what is the dream ring, adorned with diamonds, and when you need to fear this dream?

General interpretation of sleep

Such a dream is considered favorable, to all other means mutual love, as well as true friendship. But the appearance of the jewel, as well as the circumstances in which you saw it, means a lot.

What did it look like?

  1. The impressive size of the stone on a golden ringlet promises you important business acquaintances, a profit in business. But you are not lazy, because to those who are sitting with folded hands, luck rarely looks in!
  2. Was the stone black? If in a dream you saw only yourself, then your subconscious hints at the duality of your character. If in the dream some familiar person gave you this little ring - in real life you should be wary of him, he is not completely sincere with you.
  3. If such a stone was on a wedding ring, there are two interpretations. The first concerns young people in a relationship: you may not trust your boyfriend (girlfriend). The second interpretation is more general: you are dissatisfied with your present life.
  4. Why dream of a diamond ring of a small "caliber" - one or more? To small, but annoying problems, as well as tears.
  5. If the ring was made of gold, it can mean happiness in your personal life, as well as a quick replenishment in the family. Copper - a pleasant surprise awaits you. Cheap metal - will soon have to contend with the difficulties of life.
  6. Did you know that it was very expensive? You have certain obligations and you consider them very important to yourself. Or maybe you gave someone the word, and try very hard not to break it?

Your actions?

  1. You put this decoration on your finger: your dream will come true soon, or you will be recognized in love, and the one from whom you have been waiting for these words for so long.
  2. You received a ring as a gift, moreover as an engagement ring: it is quite possible that you will soon meet your love. And if such a person is already on your horizon, the dream speaks of a quick wedding.
  3. A diamond ring in a dream gave you a familiar person? In real life, he feels for you the most affectionate feelings (quite possibly friendly).
  4. Did you give such a decoration? The dream foreshadows reunion with the person (people) that are dear to you.
  5. Did you find a diamond ring? If you are a young girl, look for new friends - among them may be your future beloved and groom. If you are a married lady, a male friend will soon be in your circle. It is possible that he is your secret admirer.
  6. You found a ringlet, but after looking, instead of an expensive stone, you saw a piece of glass? A dream is trying to warn you: among the so-called friends who have recently appeared in your life, there are a lot of people "on their mind".
  7. You just admired the ring - say, seeing it in the window? This dream is not the most auspicious, it promises a brewing quarrel, or separation from your dear person.
  8. Did you buy a ring? Most likely, a dream is a projection of a real feeling, namely, of your love.

Unpleasant feeling in a dream

  1. Stole the ring? For a woman, sleep means one thing: you are afraid that your spouse (groom, boyfriend) will be led away. Such dreams often dream jealous women, insecure women.
  2. Did it break? Your favorite can change. It is quite possible that he has already done this several times, and you have secretly guessed it for a long time, but you don’t want to recognize yourself as a “cuckold”. Your subconscious in a dream is trying to get through to your mind: "Take off your rose-colored glasses at last, but face it!"
  3. The diamond fell out of the ring, but still lost? This is the most unfavorable dream: it foreshadows theft, a lot of bad emotions, including strong disappointment and even shame.
  4. Broken engagement ring with a diamond? Your beloved will not call you to marry, and if he calls you, plans may be terminated at the engagement stage. But do not worry: if so, it means that he is not your destiny, and the one who you really need will meet in your way of life.

Who wore jewelry?

  1. Someone else: soon you will meet a new person. At first the acquaintance will seem successful to you, but very soon you will become it.
  2. You wore: the subconscious tells you about your inner desire to receive compliments, including on work achievements.
  3. You, and on the little finger: one of your friends needs your strong shoulder.

And what will the "meters" of deciphering the world of dreams say?

  • Wang considers the ring primarily a family symbol, "delineating" loyalty and loyalty in a pair. If you (or you) put a ring on your finger - fine, friends will keep their word, your lover will not betray, and when you need help, she will arrive. If the “fitting” turned out that the decoration turned out to be great / not enough - do not be fooled, you do not love your present companion. Well, if a piece of jewelry has been lost or broken, you will be disappointed in someone's loyalty. If you betray those who believe you, fate will make you regret it.
  • Miller believes that seeing a diamond ring is a success, or the beginning of a new business. If the stone was cut, all affairs will bring profit and happiness, and if not, do not expect success.
  • David Loff considers such a dream protective: it shelters you from all evil in this life.

Well, if in real life you are passionately dreaming about the decoration, seen from a friend or in advertising, and you dreamed it - such a dream just shows how much your desire. Do not look for hidden meanings and subtext in it, do not terrorize the dream book - the diamond ring that you tried on in dreams, is nothing more than a continuation of your day thoughts, and nothing more.