Dream interpretation

The effect of sleep, which happened to fall asleep a second time


Wow, you had a rather unusual dream, didn't you? The dream, the plot of which you fall asleep, can not be interpreted unequivocally. To begin, let us warn you - based on the details of this dream, you can tell a lot about the emotional foundation of a person, his tolerance and torment. So, why dream that lucky to sleep in a dream?

Interpretation on separate plots

Do you need to be alone, meet friends, or forget about business?

We advise the reader to concentrate fully on the details of his recent dream, literally present the picture. What happened, how did you fall asleep, where was it, did you wake up? Only by making a solid puzzle out of jerky memories, the reader will be able to interpret his dream.

Our site will give you all the necessary information, just tune in, soberly evaluate your dream, remember all the circumstances and we will begin. So look for the interpretation of your dream and enjoy the prediction:

  • Dreamed a sleeping child. The sleeping sweet creature in your dream symbolizes the creative makings, ideas that you never decide to embody in real life. The subconscious mind literally screams to you - make up your mind;
  • Mother sleeps. To see a sleeping mom in her dream is to stay safe. Surprisingly, according to dream books, a mother in a dream is always a symbol of safety and purity of thoughts;
  • Sweet sister fell asleep. Look at your sister while she sleeps. A dream with a similar plot symbolizes the significant losses that will have to endure. It is recommended to wait some time after the dream, without getting involved in adventures, deals and not engaging in important projects, be worth being careful about everything;
  • My brother fell asleep being in your dream. The dream foreshadows a wonderful understanding between you and relatives, friends and colleagues. You finally began to trust each other, so that fear of betrayal is no longer necessary;
  • You wanted to sleep. If you dreamed that you wanted to sleep in a personal dream, then such dreams symbolize your capriciousness. You are accustomed to do first, and only then think about the reason for your action. Dream books recommend the dreamer to be more serious about life, and such a dream is only a reminder of a too idle way of life;
  • A lot of sleeping. The vision showed you many people who have fallen asleep, which means you have to show yourself in all its glory. Use your talents, surpass everyone, become much smarter and better in a particular business, which will bring you one cherished goal one more step;
  • A group of two or three people sleeping next to each other. Not the most rosy dream, in the near future, the dreamer's reputation will be overwhelmed by gossip, which neighbors, colleagues, or simply acquaintances who are not very distant in mind, should beware of betrayals;
  • Little boy. After such a dream, prosperity will come to your abode, peace will come to your soul, and life will be full of adventures for each day;
  • The baby is sleeping, having preformed properly after crying and crying. A vision predicts a hectic life, at least some time after a dream, not the most pleasant chores, petty domestic problems and petty quarrels over and without people around you will be waiting for you;
  • The animal fell asleep, namely the cat. The cat, who considered it his duty to fall asleep in your abode of dreams, is a symbol of a series of betrayals and deceptions that occur in your life, but which do not cause you much trouble, will open quickly, and the conscience of the people who attacked your honor will whine for a long time;
  • You were lucky to fall asleep in nature. Resting in nature, you fell asleep, in which case this dream means the submissiveness of your enemies, they hid or realized that you are much stronger and smarter, so competing with you is a futile matter;
  • You fell asleep in a wedding dress. To fall asleep in a wedding dress in their own dreams, especially before the wedding is a bad sign. Most likely the wedding in real life will not happen, your expectations will be destroyed without due diligence;
  • We went to bed naked. A dream with a similar plot foreshadows the dreamer shame, destruction of reputation, terrible gossip, which will be believed;
  • You fell asleep in a hammock. Sleeping on a hammock in the dreams is a great sign - you will be able to maintain a good mood, do not betray your principles and remain an incorrigible optimist in any life situation that will help you make the right decision and go forward no matter what;
  • You fall asleep, apologize, in a coffin. Yes, a terrible dream, but a positive interpretation can not but rejoice - you have a very long life, all dream books unanimously recognize the vision in which you had to sleep in a coffin as a precursor of a long life filled with love and affection;
  • You fell asleep on the street, in a busy area. Many dream books project a dream with this plot into real life, namely, you will oversleep the most important events of your life, and then you will more than ever regret such irresponsibility and indecisiveness to deny your desires and bad habits;
  • Fell asleep on the grass. And these dreams are interpreted very positively, as well as fall asleep in a coffin. So, if you are lucky enough to fall asleep on the soft grass, you will have a carefree life full of fun, creativity and love. You live it without betrayal, of course. if you yourself are a good person;

Interpretation of sleep by famous personalities and dream-books, Wang, Miller, Freud, and the witch Medea

  1. Dream Medea. The witch characterizes such a vision as a unique opportunity given to the dreamer, because he can express his feelings, show his skills only by trusting in his heart, without building special plans, just to believe his intuition and a special, “human logic”;
  2. Miller's interpretation. The psychologist warns that sleep is quite dangerous, there are frequent betrayals and betrayals, which, however, will be easily revealed by you. Another thing is, what scars they leave on your soul, how quickly the dreamer goes from them depends only on him;
  3. The interpretation of Vanga. The Bulgarian seer connects such a dream with deception, betrayal and gossip. Do not trust all people, even the closest friends can not talk about all the nooks of your soul;
  4. Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud. Freud sees the root, and double sleep symbolizes the lack of sexual contact.