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Meditation to attract money and financial success


Meditation to raise money, if used correctly, helps to eliminate negative financial blockages, to create a favorable energy study. As a result, you will learn how to easily receive and give money and stop focusing on financial problems.

The practice of attracting material well-being

This practice consists of two parts. The first is working with formulations, the second is actually meditation.

How does she work? The fact is that in your subconscious there is no temporal attachment, there are only your feelings, emotions. If, in relation to money, these emotions are negative (for example, you have a lot of debts, loans, or you have suddenly lost a large amount of money), then the energy radiation is negative. Consequently, the material well-being can not speak.

Therefore, you need, first of all, to rewrite the negative scenario with the power of your own subconscious, catch the necessary energy radiation, and then fix the positive attitudes in the subconscious with the help of meditations.

What you need to do in the first part:

  • Take an A4 sheet. Better even more if there are a lot of negative financial blockages. Divide it into two parts.
  • In the first half, list in a column all negative events related to money and their consequences. For example: a wallet was stolen and there was not enough money to buy a phone for a child. Or: I have three credits, so most of the salary is spent on their repayment, I have to save
  • Describe everything, everything that just comes to mind. Do not save paper, try to describe all thoughts.
  • After that, proceed to the "scenario change". Negative events and consequences are replaced by positive ones. Turn on the fantasy. For example: "Found a wallet on the street and returned to the owner, received a reward." Or: "I accidentally discovered a large amount of money in an old fur coat, was able to repay a loan" And so on

Try to consolidate the new script with joyful emotions. Do not do this mechanically. On this, the first part is finished, you just have to consolidate the effect of working with the subconscious with meditation.

How to meditate:

  • 10-15 minutes every day, close your eyes and mentally scroll through the events from the positive scenario you have invented as if they had already happened
  • A prerequisite - you should feel positive emotions in the process of meditation

Visualization session can be carried out at any other time convenient for you. For example, while driving to the subway or waiting for their turn in the clinic.

Meditative practices for getting rid of debts and credits

Monetary success can turn away from you permanently if you continue with your debts and constantly think about them. In order for nothing bad to happen, you need to shift the focus of attention to more positive things. Meditations to get money and good luck help in this.

Meditation with visualizations and positive affirmations - affirmations - work best in such situations.

How to meditate:

  1. Try to set aside for meditation at least 15 minutes a day. And meditate every day, because only regular practice can help you
  2. In everyday life, stop concentrating on debts and loans with all your thoughts, try to instantly switch, think about anything, but not about that. Otherwise, all the positive effects of meditation will be minimized.
  3. In the process of meditation, shift the focus to increasing income. This should be your main goal. You have two ways: either to represent your successful, free and beautiful life by visualizing. Or repeat affirmations like this: “My income is growing, I can afford everything I want”

If the situation is critical (for example, the debt needs to be paid within a few days), you can use the following wording: "I gratefully accept the n-th sum I need to close the debt, let my desire be fulfilled for my and the common good." But use this affirmation in the most extreme cases.

Meditate on attracting financial benefits on a regular basis, and the Universe will send you the opportunity to correct the situation.

Installations for monetary well-being

In principle, all classical monetary meditations are reduced to the same thing:

  • You turn on pleasant music, take a comfortable pose and close your eyes.
  • Trying to relax the body and chase away any extraneous thoughts from the subconscious.
  • And then visualize the images of what you want to receive. Either repeat positive statements.

The algorithm is pretty simple. You can always use it by choosing the appropriate installation. Let's figure out how to do it right.

It is very important to carefully filter your thoughts and correctly formulate monetary desires. When you ask for a specific amount, desire rarely comes true, because money is not a goal for the universe.

It is better to ask for your dream job or some kind of thing, a journey, and so on. It is important that this is the need of your soul.

Examples of positive attitudes you can use:

  • Money love me
  • I attract monetary well-being in my life
  • Every day my income grows
  • I always have enough money
  • My salary is 100 thousand rubles per month or even more.

Never mark the upper limit. Always remember that the boundaries are only in your head, and the possibilities of the universe are limitless. Work on the statements that are best for you. Come up with your own versions of the wording.