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The layouts of the Tarot cards on the relationship with your loved one


Tarot fortune-telling on relationships and the future with your loved one will lift the veil of secrecy, help you understand what the chosen one feels towards you, and what plans they have for the future. Share ways of simple layouts.

Guessing the feelings of men, "Our Future"

This fortune telling is about the future of relations with a loved one. The cards will tell you what your elect is thinking about, what plans he has for you, how serious he is.

The layout is very simple: you need to carefully shuffle the deck, and then arbitrarily get three cards from it and put them on the table in a row.

Important: while working with the Tarot, when you shuffle the arcana, mentally imagine your lover and ask the question: "How does he feel about me?"

Arcane values:

  1. In the first place - the expectations of men from the relationship with you. What does he want to receive from you, that he is ready to give. His ideas about what a person you are, how you feel about him
  2. In second place is a map that personifies the partner’s view of your union. What kind of relationship he sees at the moment. What are you for him: a temporary hobby or a woman with whom he wants to connect life
  3. The third lasso is the most curious: he will indicate the plans of the man towards you. How he sees your union in the future, whether he plans to marry or is ready to part

Even if the tarot forecast is unfavorable, do not despair. You can change everything: for this, pay attention to the advice of each arcana, which is given in the interpretation, and follow it.

Divination by Taro Manara

This alignment helps to determine what awaits you in a relationship with the chosen one. Suitable for people who have just started to be together. You can also use fortune telling, if you do not yet have the official status of a couple, but everything goes to this.

The objectives of the alignment:

  • To determine the strengths and weaknesses of the union, to further develop them
  • Find out how you will treat each other in the near and distant future.
  • Uncover the emotional side of the union and understand what it will eventually lead to

To tell fortunes, carefully shuffle the deck, and then lay out the cards on the table as shown in the figure.

Then begin to decipher the tarot prediction. To do this, you can use any interpreter. What do the arcana say about the positions:

  1. The first card will indicate what your relationship is based on, why they arose. What is it - a spiritual bond, passion or, for example, a marriage of convenience?
  2. The second - displays your personal feelings and emotions that prevail in the present. What you expect from a relationship, what you hope for, how you look at the future with your partner
  3. The third card is the emotions and feelings of your chosen one, which prevail in the present moment. His plans for you, a look at relationships, desires, dreams and fears
  4. The fourth lasso will tell about the near future of the union. What events should be expected, what to prepare for, whether the forecast will be favorable
  5. The fifth lasso is your spiritual well-being in the union in the future. Cards will tell you whether you feel happy, or, conversely, have to suffer
  6. The sixth lasso - how your man will feel in a relationship with you in the future. Is his condition comfortable, or are there any disagreements
  7. The seventh card will indicate the result of the union, what will it lead to, what consequences will come for you: favorable or not so
  8. Eighth - the same, but for a man
  9. Ninth - the fate of relationships in the distant future. All will end with a break or lead to a wedding and children

Read the description of the values ​​of the arcana very carefully, in each sentence you can find the answer to your question. But remember that regardless of the prediction of the Tarot, you are the creator of your own destiny, and there is always a chance to change everything for the better.

Watch a video with a simple layout for love and relationships:

Alignment "Love Horseshoe"

This is a classic way of love fortune telling on the Tarot, which helps to reflect the exact picture of the relationship in the smallest details.

Lay out the cards on the table as shown.

The value of arcana by position is as follows:

  • 1- the past with which the relationship began, what caused the formation of your union, what they are built on
  • 2 - your ideas about the chosen one in the present
  • 3 - your expectations. What are you hoping for, what are you afraid of, what are you dreaming about? Get ready for surprises - cards can tell you what has long and deeply hidden in your subconscious
  • 4 - the critical moments of the relationship, the reasons for which conflicts may arise and differences with a partner. Arcana will tell you what to look for: the financial side, the emotional component or something else.
  • 5 - how external circumstances affect your union. This may be public opinion, the influence of children from previous marriages, former partners, friends, colleagues, parents
  • 6 - Tarot advice on how you need to act to create and keep in harmony, happiness. That depends only on you
  • 7 - the outcome of relations in the future, to which they will lead, if you use the advice of the arcane, located on the sixth position

In conclusion, divination, you can get another one, the eighth lasso. He will talk about how the relationship will develop in your pair, if you do nothing and do not follow the advice of the sixth card.

Alignment "Break"

This method is worth choosing if you are with your loved one on the verge of parting. Shuffle the deck and lay out the cards on the table, as shown.

Explanation of the layout:

  • 1 - is there a chance that the gap can be avoided, possible chances of restoring the relationship
  • 2 - the real state of affairs at the moment
  • 3 - the reasons that led to the rupture, who is to blame, what actions provoked the conflict
  • 4 - what lesson should you learn from the situation that it will bring to you
  • 5 - How separation will affect your feelings and emotions
  • 6 - what will change in your life after parting with a man, in a favorable direction
  • 7 - the likely outcome of the situation, how it will end, if nothing is done

Pay special attention to the advice of the seventh card: it will tell you what can be done to remedy the situation and resume the relationship, if possible.