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Moon dream and its distinctive features - the probability of the execution of sleep


The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth. People in the times of ancient times began to notice the powerful influence on various aspects of human life and health, which the earth satellite has. This also includes the area of ​​night rest and dreams. Each of the lunar days is distinguished by its characteristic interpretation of night visions.

There is a special lunar dream book, by which one can know whether dreams come true today or tomorrow or not. To understand how to do this correctly, you need to read this article.

Dreams of the lunar calendar: features of interpretation

Moon in decreasing phase

When the moon grows (that is, it comes), it is called new, and when it starts to decrease, it becomes old. In this case, the decreasing phase of the moon correlates with ebbs, and the growing phase - with tides of water. By analogy, and by nighttime dreams, dreamed during the descending of the lunar disk, a person will be able to learn that he will soon go out of his life, become an exhausted, irrelevant, and dreams of a growing Moon will tell about what will happen to a person .

Therefore, do not be frightened in those cases when you dream of nightmarish dreams on the waning moon, because, oddly enough, they will be interpreted in a positive context. Such a dream will tell you that soon troubles and problems will leave your life. It is thanks to these properties that dreams that have come to pass in the decreasing phase of the moon are called cleansing.

Growing phase of the lunar disk

On the contrary, those dreams that a person sees in the growing phase of the moon will tell about something new that promises to happen soon in your life. These dreams are known as filling. It does not make much difference what the plot of the dream will be, even if it seems to you to be absolutely incredible and fantastic, the likelihood of such a vision coming soon is very high.

This is far from one secret inherent in the new and old phases of the moon. When an earth satellite enters a growth phase, it is customary to begin something new. Therefore, in dreams on the growing moon, you can learn about what initiatives should occur in your life, as well as in which areas of life changes are needed.

By analogy on a decreasing moon, all activities initiated before this should be completed. And the dreams of this phase will tell you what needs to be completed, how to do it in the best way, and whether your plans will somehow change. In the diminishing phase of the moon, you can learn about events that have long passed, and also summarize your current activities by summing up its assessment.

The interpretation of dreams, depending on the phase of the lunar disk

Also, special attention should be paid to the phase of the moon. Do not ignore those night dreams that you had in:

  • new moon;
  • full moon;
  • 1st and 4th phases of the moon.

All this is a listing of the critical points of the moon, when it has a very tense aspect relative to the sun. An aspect is a distance between planetary bodies, measured in degrees.

What do the dreams of the new moon mean?

To begin, let us tell you about the notation of the above concepts:

  • New Moon - acts as the union of the Moon with the Sun (when a distance of zero degrees is observed in the zodiac circle);
  • the full moon is a confrontation (represented by a hundred and eighty degrees);
  • The 1st and 4th quarters are quadratures (ninety degrees). In the case of each of these concepts, we can talk about tension and the presence of conflict between the planets (here it is the Sun and the Moon).

Astrology experts are convinced that the Moon has a strong influence on the human soul, psyche and how a person emotionally perceives the world, and the Sun controls the sphere of mind and world view. The result is that when the critical points of the moon take place, dreams during this time period will tell about the conflict between mind and feelings, as well as logic and intuition. At the same time, it does not matter at all what exactly you will see in your nightly dreams, whatever you think of, it will tell about your personal inner conflict.

The treatment of dreams full moon

When the lunar disk enters the full phase, the person has the most vivid and memorable dreams. Then everything that was dormant before that begins to awaken and is filled with bright colors. In the phase of the full moon, everything just gushes forth energy, the water in the reservoirs reaches its maximum.

The person at the same time feels emotional overcrowding, in some cases it even becomes difficult for him to cope with himself. Give this aspect of special attention: dreams at this time will tell about those moments when you behave too emotionally. Think, perhaps you should slow down and choose a more relaxed manner of behavior.

The difference between the dreams of a new moon and a full moon lies in the fact that in the first case, at night in dreams, a person observes those images on which he is inclined to hold his attention for a day. If the phase of the full moon is emotional, then the new moon is rational. The sun, which is in charge of the mind and affects us, will tell you about what you need to stop thinking as much as you do.

What is remarkable dreams of the 1st and 4th quarters of the moon

As for dreams, dreamed of the 1st and 4th quarters of the lunar disk, they are characterized by less intensity than for the dreams of previous phases. At the same time, they already have less lunar and solar energy.

A person at this time is recommended to take the Moon as an example, which reaches the middle of its path and find a golden balance within itself. You do not need to be afraid of heightened emotion provoked by the Moon, because the night light will help you to successfully eliminate it, just as it appeared.

On the lunar day of the 1st quarter, in the phase of the growing moon, we see dreams regarding how to eliminate excess rationality (to solve the problem we encountered in the new moon phase). The lunar disk at the same time tells you how to best apply your sensual sphere where a sober sensible approach to business is necessary. Often, after such dreams, a person faces a lyrical "aftertaste", which negatively affects prudence.

On the same day, when the moon diminishes and reaches half of its size, you may have dreams in which you will see clues from above on how to act rationally rather than emotionally.

Dreams on lunar days

And now let us deal with what your dream, which you dreamed on a certain lunar day, will mean:

  • 1 day - dream of happy dreams that come true;
  • 2 day - insignificant, empty night visions;
  • 3 days - they promise unexpected and quick dreams;
  • 4 days - dreams tend to come true, especially if they were bright;
  • 5 day - only dreams about joyful and pleasant events are carried out;
  • 6 day - dreams come true in all cases;
  • 7 day - if you do not tell anyone about what you dreamed, it will become a reality;
  • 8 day - dreams have a connection with your innermost dreams and tend to come true often enough;
  • Day 9 - dreams that speak of success come true;
  • 10 days - in contrast to the previous date, those dreams are carried out that portend trouble;
  • 11 days - to happy events;
  • 12 day - good, positive dreams are realized, which will tell about favorable events in life;
  • Day 13 - dream-warning dreams;
  • 14 days - heavy, gloomy dreams;
  • 15 days - promise the execution of exceptionally good, positive dreams;
  • 16 days - empty dreams, meaningless;
  • 17 days - dreams, harbingers of success;
  • 18 days - positive dreams, which tell about the profits and various favorable events in life;
  • 19 days - the dream tells about quarrels and family troubles;
  • 20 days - fast fulfillment of dreams;
  • 21 days - positive dreams are realized;
  • 22 days - the dream will warn about approaching troubles in life;
  • 23 days - dreams-memories;
  • 24 days - good dreams are performed;
  • 25 days - dreams that have no special significance;
  • 26 days - dreams will improve your mood;
  • 27 days - dreams, devoid of any meaning;
  • 28 days - dreams, which will tell about obstacles, a stopper in affairs;
  • 29 days - dreams are not carried out;
  • 30 days (they fall not every month) - dreams on this day, more precisely night, are not fulfilled in all cases.

Now you know how likely it is that your dream will become a reality. You can get more useful information from the following thematic video: