Dream interpretation

What a dream with a hamster predicts - interpretation of various dream books


What is the dream hamster? After reading the dream book, we learn about it.

This rodent symbolizes thrift, according to many sources foreshadows a serene life. May inform the dreamer about certain diseases, about the possibility of becoming a victim of thieves. The exact explanation will depend on the details of the vision. To do this, go to the dream book. There you will find the exact answer.

Interpretation of various dream books

Explanation of the psychologist S. Freud

  • Hamster in a dream - a sign of your rich intimate life, harmony and love in the family. In life, everything will change for the better. A prosperous period awaits you ahead.
  • To see a few small such rodents - to the appearance of children in the dreamer or the desire to have them.
  • Free girl nice plump hamster dreams to a new gentleman. He will try to fulfill all her desires.
  • Thin rodent - a warning to pay attention to their health. Try to fill yourself with vital and sexual energy.
  • For males, a skinny and sick hamster is a sign of weakening of male power.
  • The animal slept on a man's bed - he will have a friendly relationship with a female. Sexual contact will not.
  • For a woman, the vision of a large number of such animals promises not to have children in life.
  • For a pregnant woman, this scenario is a warning to take care of their health. Strictly follow the diet and rest. Otherwise there may be unforeseen trouble.

Interpretation of the psychologist G. Miller

  • To see him in a dream is a sign with a positive color, a precursor of luck and well-being.
  • The rodent was in a cage - you are making efforts to correct your shortcomings.
  • Sleeping hamster promises agreement in the matrimonial life.
  • Running after him and trying to catch foreshadows the dreamer luck in the near future.
  • Little rodents in a dream talk about the dreamer's good relations with their children.

Opinion wangi

To see him in a dream is a sign of punctuality and perseverance of the dreamer, a harbinger of pleasant events.

Nostradamus view

  • A hamster in a dream personifies a thrifty and thrifty person.
  • Buy it - to get acquainted in real life with a wealthy person. You will become friends, but he will never reveal the secret of his success to you.
  • They came home and found a hamster there, although you didn’t have one before. Such a scenario foreshadows a quick relocation.

Explanation of the Hasse Medium

  • Sleeping with such a rodent is a symbol of stinginess and hoarding.
  • Seeing him with full cheeks, full of food - you have overcome the desire for thrift. This is a reason to change the outlook on life and change it.
  • Catching him in a dream and placing him in a cage confirms your inability to control your actions in reality. This leads constantly to failure.

The interpretation of the white magician Y. Longo

Seeing him in a cage is a sign with a positive color. A harbinger of quick positive changes in life.

View of Pastor D. Loff

  • A dream with a similar rodent is a symbol of material well-being in the dreamer's house. The more they dreamed, the better. In the coming months you will be lucky.
  • If the rodent ran away from you - a warning to be careful and cautious in reality. Fortune can turn away from you.
  • To see a dead hamster is an unkind sign. Unexpected loss is possible.

Autumn dream

Vision with a hamster is a warning to be watchful in reality. Beware of thieves.

Summer dream

Such a scenario promises diseases of the internal organs.

Spring dream book

It symbolizes the stinginess of the person to whom you turn for help. He will refuse you.

Interpretation of the writer Aesop

  • Several of these rodents promise the dreamer contacts with bank employees or warehouse workers.
  • See how a hamster eats - a sign with a positive color. Harbinger of wealth, income.
  • The animal ran away from you, and you could not catch it. This promises unexpected monetary losses. They will be required for your relatives or for children.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite

To see him in a dream is a precursor of material security.

Dream interpretation N. Grishina

  • Dead rodent foreshadows the failure of your plans. The goal will not be achieved.
  • To sell or kill the animal promises a deterioration in the financial situation.

Modern dream book

Dead hamster dreams to complete a career.

Female dream book (for women only)

  • Such a plot foreshadows familiarity with influential persons.
  • Another explanation is the wrong choice of the way to make a serious decision.

Interpretations from other sources

  1. Many such animals in the house foreshadow new ways of making a profit, a stable financial situation.
  2. Discover the hamster in the house dreams to well-being.
  3. See how a rodent gives birth - to cash income, promotion at work, success in all matters.
  4. Watching him eat, filling his cheeks with food - the dreamer's financial situation will improve. The reason for this will be your frugality and forethought.
  5. Feed the animal from the hands of dreams for a possible illness.
  6. The bite of a rodent in a dream promises possible financial losses. This may be due to your stinginess.
  7. The animal running away from you foreshadows unplanned cash expenditures.
  8. Crush the rodent in a dream promises a loss of hope for the improvement of the material state. You will feel a constant lack of money. After some time, the situation will change for the better.
  9. If the hamster was talking to you in a dream - to meet a mean person. He will bring trouble for you.
  10. The white animal promises the dreamer to fall under the influence of a person who will make changes in your life. The exact nature of the changes is unknown.
  11. The animal is of red color - caution is more cautious about its finances.
  12. Guys rodent promises a romantic meeting with a nice girl.
  13. The black hamster may portend a disease.

Hamster runs in a circle

  1. Such a scenario reminds the dreamer that there is no need to go back to the past. So the problem is not solved. We need to look for new ways for this.
  2. He ran around him - you are concerned about pride in your actions. On the merits of other people do not pay attention.
  3. The animal did so in his cage - the dreamer needs more time to rest.
  4. Ran around you - beware of fraud and cunning of the people around you. Around other people - you will manage to outwit your rivals.