Dream interpretation

Dreamed of war: what can it mean for different dream books


Military conflicts, internal strife - it is always terrible and tragic events for the people, as a result of which people lose loved ones, starve, are in ruin and poverty. What dreams of war, we learn in proven dream books.

General interpretation

The dream war is a multi-valued symbol that can reflect both the character and the emotional state of the dreamer and also foreshadow certain events that will fundamentally change the future. All interpreters agree on one thing - after such a dream, do not expect a quiet and peaceful life, complete harmony and comfort. This is the period when fate will test your strength by offering different options for the future.

Positively, such visions can affect those who intend to temper their character, test themselves in difficult circumstances, and obtain a new unique life experience. I dreamed of winning in battles - in reality, you have a clear advantage that will help to cope with all the problems. Defeat is a sign that you should not participate in an open conflict, your weaknesses are noticeable to others, and they can strike at them at any time.

Author's dream books

Sigmund Freud

War in a dream is a symbol of high sexual activity, caused by passion, a storm of emotions and a desire for closeness to a sexual partner. Such a need for sex can be caused by the former abstinence, emotional stress. But it can also characterize the dreamer's relationship with the second half. This alliance is full of contradictions from scandal to violent coition and reconciliation. Perhaps these outbursts of feelings support and prolong the feeling of love and happiness in your couple.

Gustov Miller

Military conflict or battle is a symbol of alarming events and a difficult period, which will require great endurance, patience, strength of mind and courage of the dreamer. For business people, such dreams are a sign of a difficult period at work. You should not plan large projects for this time. Most likely they will cause a lot of problems, which will bring decent profit and success.

A married lady dreamed of going to the very hearth of military confrontation - expect a conflict in the family. Contradictions with the spouse can arise both on domestic issues and relate to raising children or the family budget. I was seen to run out on the battlefield and face the enemy - not to avoid wrangles and scandals in reality, if you do not try to restrain the feeling of anger and resentment. The surest step to avoid trouble is to learn how to use your emotional intelligence, suppress your emotions and influence the behavior of other people.

To a young girl, to accompany the boy to the war - in reality, discover for yourself the unpleasant traits of the groom or find out the facts of the past life, which can shock and affect the future tiff, separation.

Hearing in a dream about an enemy attack on your country - expect bad changes that will affect the political and economic development of the state. As a result, one must be prepared for a decline in welfare, an increase in crime, ruin and poverty.

I was seen to celebrate victory in an armed conflict - it means to feel significant positive changes in the homeland. The rapid pace of economic development, friendly relations between neighboring countries will affect the personal financial viability of the sleeper. The family will have peace and quiet.


War in dreams is a bad sign, warning the dreamer about difficult times that will bring a lot of misery and suffering. For young people, such a vision is a harbinger of failures when entering a school or when hiring. For those who decide to leave the country, sleep hints at a long period of hunger and deprivation. In this case, it is worthwhile to postpone immigration until better times, otherwise you can feel all the delights of poverty and hopelessness.

To participate in battle, to drag out the wounded in a dream is to know the grief from the illness of those closest to you. Your attempts to help and support your loved one may be in vain. It will take a lot of financial resources for treatment and medicine.

Escape from bullets and fire - in reality, anticipate negative consequences and try to avoid a difficult situation. Defeating the enemy - to overcome the difficulties without much loss.


Defeat in armed conflict - not to cope with difficult life circumstances, addicted to addiction. Such dreams warn of a fall in the power of the spirit, the will. A person at such a moment is able to descend to the marginal level, without the possibility of going upstairs again.

To flee from the threat of war, in which the enemy threatens to take possession of their homeland - to retreat from reality to their former life positions and values, to betray those with whom they lived for a long time, worked. In one moment, all life principles of creation for the common good can be broken in exchange for personal happiness and enrichment.

The beginning of the war was seen - to expect changes that will bring instability and vagueness to the future development of the sleeper. We'll have to participate in events that greatly change the life plan. At the same time, the cash reserves are greatly depleted, depriving you of the opportunity to freely spend money on necessary needs.

Yuri Longo

An influential person to participate in a battle and lose is a prophetic dream, which directly hints at a strong opponent. The enemy is fully capable of depriving you of your career growth and further successful development. Such visions warn not to enter into open contradictions with an opponent, but to try to solve problematic issues in a peaceful way.

For an elderly person, this scenario foreshadows an ambulance that will be difficult to cope with alone, without recourse to the help of close relatives and doctors. The illness can cause serious complications if not treated in time.

A woman to observe how the train with the soldiers is sent to the front - in reality await chaos in relations with colleagues, members of the household. The feeling of bewilderment will cause a loss of financial stability, since it is likely to lose a source of income or a breadwinner.

I dreamed of fighting the enemy, feeling my strength and superiority - a good period for completing difficult cases. That moment when you succeed and everything works out. You will feel a great surge of energy, emotional lift, a feeling of inspiration. This will be facilitated by the great support of relatives and friends. Intimate surroundings will show their loyalty and reliability. There will be confidence in the future and many plans and ideas will emerge for the future.