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Can I hang a mirror in front of the window by Feng Shui


Can I hang a mirror in front of the window by Feng Shui? How to properly arrange the mirror in the house, so as not to interfere with the free flow of positive energy? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

Decor or magic attribute?

At all times, the mirror was considered a special magical object. Virtually no fortune telling or ritual could do without it. With it, you can find out your fate, predict the future, the mirror served as a guardian against evil forces and witchcraft rituals.

Today, the mirror is an indispensable element of the interior, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a modern home. But do not forget that this magical object can have a strong impact on your destiny. And his influence can be both positive and fatal, if suddenly it turned out to be in the wrong place. Therefore, before embarking on the decor of the room, you need to find out in what places you can have mirrors in Feng Shui.

Energy Mirrors

Feng Shui pays special attention to the energy of the mirror. It is believed that it is able to reflect and attract energy, change the properties of space, redistribute energy flows. The mirror reflects the rays of Qi energy, which enter the house at different angles. Due to this, the situation in the house develops in a certain way, various events occur. And very few people would think that the reason for this is a mirror located in a certain place.

According to Feng Shui, the vital energy of Qi enters the dwelling through the front door and rushes to the source of running water. If there is a bathroom opposite the door, then all the positive energy will be "flushed" into the toilet. To avoid this, 2 small round mirrors that need to be placed on the inside and outside of the bathroom door will help.

It is categorically impossible to have a mirror opposite the entrance door, otherwise the Qi energy entering the house will be reflected and leave your home.

Places favorable for the location of mirrors in the house on Feng Shui?

In what places should a mirror be hung so as not to interfere with the free flow of Qi energy? The most favorable places for the location of the mirror on Feng Shui are.

Entrance hall

An entrance hall can rightfully be considered the face of your home, because it is she who creates the first impression of the house and gives guests a feeling of comfort and warmth. It is desirable that this room was spacious enough and wide.

But what to do if your hallway is too cramped and small? A mirror will come to the rescue - it can visually enlarge the hallway area and add volume to it. Hang a human-sized mirror in the hallway, and this room will immediately look more spacious. Just do not place it in front of the front door.

Oddly enough, the entrance hall is the main distributor of vital energy in the house. After all, the incoming flow of Qi energy gets through the door to the hallway, and then distributed to the rest of the premises. If you hang a mirror in the hallway, this energy will be reflected and freely distributed throughout the house.

Mirror will help to recreate the missing places in the room. So, when the L-shaped room should be hung mirrors in its corners. This way you can recover the missing space.

Kitchen and dining room

Another room in the house where you can hang a mirror is a kitchen. Feng shui, it is a symbol of material well-being, prosperity and prosperity. Very good place for the location of the mirror in the kitchen - in front of the table at which they have dinner. So the mirror will increase your material condition and harmonize family relationships.

You should not have a mirror in front of the gas stove and work surfaces, otherwise the hostess can add to the worries in the kitchen.

Also a very good place for a mirror will be the living room. This room has a very positive and emotional energy, because the whole family gathers here in the evenings, they receive guests here. A mirror hanging in this place will bring joy and good mood to your home, bring health and prosperity.


Is it worth it to hang a mirror in the bedroom on Feng Shui - a moot point. According to the teachings, the mirror in the bedroom should not reflect people during sleep, otherwise it will affect family relationships and the health of the inhabitants of the house. If you hang a mirror in front of the bed, there will often be conflicts and disagreements in the house, the partners will not be faithful to each other, and family members will start having health problems.

To prevent this from happening, the mirror can only be placed in those areas of the bedroom where the bed and people sleeping on it will not be reflected. It is also not recommended to install a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom, because this contradicts Feng Shui. It is best to put a pier in the bedroom, which can be closed at night.

In the room where the child sleeps, the location of the mirrors must be treated with extreme caution. According to Feng Shui, the number of mirrors in the nursery should be minimal so as not to interfere with a quiet sleep of the child. Here you can hang one small mirror that will reflect the opposite wall.

Can I hang a mirror in front of the window?

Feng shui to have a mirror in front of the window is strictly prohibited, otherwise the positive energy will not be able to linger in your home and just disappear into the window. In order not to interfere with proper energy circulation, hang the mirror on the side wall by the window.

In no case do not hang mirrors opposite one another. This contributes to the creation of a magical mirror corridor, which can penetrate various entities from the other world.

Useful recommendations

To the mirror brought you only benefit, listen to these tips:

  • The attribute must have a frame - it will help to concentrate the energy of Qi.
  • The mirror should not reflect any negative - cracked tiles, clutter in things, stripped wallpaper. It turns out that the mirror doubles all this disgrace. Following this principle, avoid that the desk is reflected in the mirror. Otherwise, the work behind him you can be added.
  • A cracked mirror should not stand in your house, because it will collect all the negative.
  • Try to avoid using mirror tiles in your room decor. According to Feng Shui, this violates harmony and breaks your happiness.
  • The mirror should always be clean. You do remember that mirrors multiply all the negative by two? A dirty mirror, even hanging in the right place, can cause scandals, conflicts, problems and illnesses in your family. Therefore, try more often to wash off all the negative accumulated in the mirror.
  • After breaking the mirror, gently rinse its fragments to wash off information about your family. Next, put them in an opaque bag and take them to the trash.

Try to follow these simple rules. In this case, the mirror will bring only joy, health and prosperity to your home, and all the negative will leave your home forever.

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