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Mirror in the hallway for Feng Shui: how to hang it correctly


Mirrors make the space visually wider, add room to the space and light, for this reason they are a must-have object of any home. It is difficult to imagine a hallway in which there would be no mirror, it’s so convenient to look at yourself before going out, it is possible to evaluate your appearance.

People rarely think about how to properly hang this item in the hallway and whether it is permissible to place it in front of the front door. The answer to this question can give experts feng shui, aware of all the intricacies and nuances of this teaching. After all, the mirror is a difficult subject, it has a special magic and can cause both good and harm to man. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the main features of the placement of mirrors in the hallway on Feng Shui.

Mirror magic by feng shui

The science of feng shui originated very, very long time ago, it is based on the harmonious interaction of nature and man. Feng Shui states that spiritual balance can only be achieved when there is more positive energy than negative energy.

Using different household items you can both attract and repel the flow of positive and negative energy in your home. This rule applies, above all, to the hallway, which is the beginning of the living space for each of us. When arranging the hallway is very important that the furniture was arranged correctly and with maximum comfort. Also in the hallway almost always place mirrors.

Since ancient times, reflective surfaces were considered to be something mystical, various signs and superstitions were composed about them. The science of feng shui assigns a whole chapter to this subject and the energy that it circulates in the dwelling. Based on the placement of the mirror in different parts of the house, it will affect people living in it in different ways and create the general atmosphere of housing.

If we talk specifically about the hallway, then it has a connection with the energy of the entrance door, it is through it that the direction of all energy flows into the home and back takes place. It is not surprising that the entrance door in China is called “the mouth of the house,” it is she who is responsible for activating and directing energy.

Is it possible to place a mirror in front of the entrance door?

Mirrors have the property of reflecting and attracting energy flows to themselves, and they can also change their direction. The area in which the mirror is located depends on whether the positive energy will linger in the dwelling and where the negative will go.

Experts feng shui argue that the placement of a mirror opposite from the front door is unacceptable, because in this case the reflective surface will miss the flow of positive energy, but will not keep it in the dwelling and the latter will leave the house very soon. In addition, residents of the house will feel bad due to the constant accumulation of negative energy. Also, mirrors placed in front of the front door provoke financial spending, they interfere with cash savings, contribute to various troubles and deterioration of well-being of members of the house.

Correct is the placement of mirrors in the hallway on the same side as the door to the dwelling. At the same time, it is important that the mirror be large enough for each family member to easily see its reflection in it in full growth.

Tips about placing mirrors in the hallway

Listen to the following recommendations if you want a mirror to bring only positive things into your life and a negative to avoid you the tenth way:

  1. A suitable place to place the mirror is the side wall from the door, but do not hang it too close, otherwise the mirror risks breaking. Large mirrors accumulate a large amount of energy, for this reason, stop at a fairly large-scale object, for example, a mirror on the whole wall or a mirror wardrobe.
  2. Floor mirrors are an ideal option when there is no direct contact with the entrance door, this arrangement of Feng Shui fully approves.
  3. Mirrors are able to keep negative events in themselves, so if this happened, it would be more correct to eliminate the item that has become a “dirty” one and replace it with a new one.
  4. You can also place a mirror on the front wall, but only so that it does not face the front door. Place the mirror at an angle, in which case the refraction of the directed energy flows will occur, they will not leave the room, but will be attracted inside.
  5. Feng Shui experts advise placing mirrors in frames that provide additional protection.
  6. Watch the perfect cleanliness of the mirrors very carefully and wipe them as often as possible. It is also worth putting flowers at the mirror or hanging a picture opposite the reflecting surface (in this case, it will accumulate positive energy and distribute it throughout the room).

Mirror design features

The design of reflective surfaces also plays a very large role in the process of hallway design. Ideally, when thanks to fairly spacious areas, you can use mirrors of any size. Difficulties arise in small apartments, in which the hallway is very small. But for this feng shui came up with special rules:

  • The teaching says that even in case of a shortage of space, a mirror can be hung on the front door. But be sure to securely fix the object so that it does not accidentally fall. For this purpose, use special decorative inserts.
  • Reflection in the mirror of garbage buckets and dirty shoes is not allowed, because mirrors are not only able to reflect objects, but also tend to collect and double their strength.
  • Place the mirror in a beautiful frame that will accumulate energy and distribute it throughout the room.

Feng shui tips for last

In conclusion, we give some recommendations of feng shui regarding mirrors:

  • It is permissible to use only whole mirrors, they should be free from any damage, amalgam, cracks, broken frames. After all, all of them will cause energy leakage;
  • mirrors are mounted in wooden or metal frames (these verses balance the power of water);
  • do not use old mirrors, because they managed to fill with the energy of their former owners;
  • Do not choose mirrored tiles and fragmented reflective panels for your interior, as they will negatively affect the flow of qi energy.

And, of course, buy only those mirrors that cause you sympathy.

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