Dream interpretation

I dreamed of a submarine - which she foretells, several versions


The pictures that we see in dreams can be exciting and astounding. In our dreams, we can see even what we have never seen in real life. However, any phenomenon seen in the night has a symbolic meaning. Dream Interpretation will help to figure out what dream of a submarine, and determine the correct interpretation of sleep.

General interpretation

A submarine in a dream, as a rule, does not speak about future events and does not foreshadow changes in the fate of a sleeping person. Often she is the personification of his situation in real life, his well-being and other circumstances.

Night vision, in which this transport with great efforts makes its way through the water column or even stops, says that in real life a sleeping person has a hard time.

The dreamer is dissatisfied with his work or personal life, but does not make any attempts to change the surrounding reality, but simply continues to drift.

If a submarine moves at high speed in a dream, there are no obstacles in its path, and the emotions of the dreamer watching this picture are positive - in this case, the dream indicates that the person has chosen the right path in reality.

However, the image of the submarine may be associated with a particular sphere of life - family life, work or passion. It is worth thinking about what worries you the most at the moment, and remember your emotions during sleep: if they were positive, success is expected in this area, negative results are expected.

Interpretation of a sinking submarine

Night vision with a submarine crashing and sinking to the very bottom can be tragic and at the same time exciting. Such a dream also has its own interpretation.

  • Being inside the submarine, in the walls of which there are holes that allow water to flow on board, foreshadow not the most pleasant event in real life. It will not bring significant harm, but will leave unpleasant emotions. Do not worry too much about this.
  • Also an unfavorable sign - a dream in which you had the opportunity to drown in a whole and intact submarine. It foreshadows troubles and losses. We will have to make a lot of effort to prevent negative events, but it is worth remembering that this is possible.
  • A submarine fire symbolizes feelings hidden by the dreamer. Most likely, a sleeping person cannot say something to someone from close people. It is necessary to muster courage and open up.
  • The submarine, the board of which is filled with water, is a sign warning the dreamer that at the moment it is not necessary to dive headlong into any projects and to focus on them. It is better to temporarily leave everything as it is, so as not to run into great difficulties.

Interpretation on other details

Seeing the submarine in their dreams is often brought to those who are overly keen on their favorite business and do not notice at all what is happening around. Such zeal can lead to tremendous results, but sometimes it is worth looking around in order not to get into an unpleasant situation or not to be left alone.

There is a version according to which dreams with the participation of a submarine foreshadow deception and intrigue that malicious people spin around a sleeping person. It is worth being less gullible and looking at your surroundings - perhaps, under the mask of a friend, there is an envious hiding who will show his essence in the most uncomfortable situation for you.

An unfavorable sign is a dream in which the submarine is on the surface of the water. He says that gossip is spreading around the dreamer, which has already become known to many people.

The immersion of the submarine heralds the beginning of a new successful business, which will bring not only financial well-being and stable profits, but also raise the authority of a sleeping person, his social status and social position.

Dream interpretation of Simeon Prozorov

According to the interpretation given by this dream book, a submarine floating under water symbolizes the hidden talents and abilities of a sleeping person. If the dreamer himself is swimming in a submarine, his timidity and shyness prevent him from achieving success.

Dream dream Raido

The image of the submarine - an unfavorable sign, which portends a very dangerous situation. In some cases, it foreshadows the disease. However, most often the danger should be expected from the people around them - ill-wishers have made a cunning and insidious plan against you. It is worth being very attentive and careful.

Dreaming Ivanova

If you rely on the interpretation that is in this dream book, the submarine foreshadows an unusual period in the sphere of romantic relations. For men, this image promises a love affair with a married lady, and for women - a passion with a married man.