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Signs and superstitions associated with the money tree - to which it falls, dies, blooms


Around the money tree will take and superstition more than around many other plants. Proper care of this plant, located in someone's home, will bring wealth, prosperity and happiness to the family. Also, the fat woman is able to show what kind of energy at the moment prevails in the dwelling and tell about what is in store for future residents of the house in terms of financial stability.

Signs of care

It is believed that the closest energy link between the money tree and the inhabitants of the home is established when it is grown with its own hands from a seed or small process. For this plant attention and care are even more important than others. It is worth adhering to the following signs:

  • It is worth making friends with a fat woman so that she can assist in maintaining material well-being. To do this, it is necessary to give her maximum attention and care. This indoor flower loves communication - it is worth telling him about your financial problems and thank for the help. Environment is best for this.
  • It is worth taking care that dust does not accumulate on the leaves of the plant - it harms both from an energetic point of view and objectively detrimental to the health of the fat man.
  • To arrange a pot with this plant is best in the south-eastern part of the apartment. However, you should ensure that it does not fall in direct sunlight.
  • Periodically it is worth tying banknotes to a money tree or placing them between leaves. From time to time it is worth changing them to new ones.

Other signs of care

It is believed that the money tree should not be located next to electrical appliances, and vice versa. This applies particularly to televisions, microwaves and mobile phones. The fact is that this technique takes away the positive energy of the plant.

This plant loves red - it enhances the energy impact of the money tree. An excellent solution would be to put a jerk in a pot of red colors. You can also bandage it or the plant itself with a red ribbon.

With each deposit or money received in any other way, it is worth separating one coin and for some time putting it on the ground next to the money tree. This will enhance the beneficial effects on material well-being.

Account love not only money. Periodic recalculation of money tree leaves will help increase your chances of gaining wealth. This process can be combined with wiping dust - thus, you will combine caring for the plant and attracting money.

Putting a coin in the pot

There is a great way to significantly enhance the energy of the money tree in the long run. At that moment, when you plant a jersey in a pot or a pot, in the ground you should put a few coins.

Several ways to conduct a ritual:

  • Coins in any quantity are placed on the bottom of the pot, before filling it with soil and planting a money tree;
  • According to another belief, there should be a fixed amount of coins, namely, three. In this case, the energy of the plant will be the strongest and most focused;
  • If you believe feng shui supporters, there should be an even number of coins, namely, eight;
  • Another way is to put three coins under the pot itself.

Flowering money tree - meaning

A fat woman is a plant that blooms quite rarely. It is necessary to show the best care for this indoor flower, so that this moment will come as soon as possible, because during its flowering it has the greatest impact on finances. Also, flowering foreshadows rapid enrichment.

Another bonus that can be obtained at the moment when the plant has flowered is the ability to make wishes that will be fulfilled with high probability. Material dreams and ideas are best suited. Inhabitants of the house during this period will receive profits from various and often unexpected sources.

Why the money tree perishes

Do not prematurely panic and worry, finding in the death of the money tree symbolic meaning and foreshadowing financial collapse. Such annoying trouble can happen to any indoor plant.

First, pay attention to the following points:

  • How correct was the care;
  • Compliance with the optimum level of moisture and temperature;
  • Fertilizer frequency

It is necessary to adjust your own care for the plant. If these changes do not lead to anything and the plant continues to disappear, it is worth cutting off the healthiest appendage from it and re-planting it, growing a new money tree.

If your bastard has some leaves dried up and fell off - this is a good sign, as they symbolize precious stones. It is necessary to carefully collect them and keep them in your wallet to attract additional profits.

If all the leaves have dried and fallen - this is a bad sign. However, its consequences can be prevented by carrying out such activities as plant transplantation and its additional fertilizer.

Money tree as a gift

A common question is whether it is possible to donate a money tree. There is a definite answer to it: a tea tree is an excellent gift, especially if it is presented to the wedding.

This plant will play a significant role in the financial well-being of the future family. Dressing with a red ribbon will help at the same time give it a gift look and enhance energy.

Also, a scarlet or red ribbon should be tied to the tree a few bills, beautifully rolled into a tube. It is important to give this flower, having only the most light thoughts and pure intentions. Wishes of well-being and happiness should be sincere and joyful.

Many believe that the money tree cannot be given and transferred from house to house, since this action will lead to a deterioration in the financial situation of both the one who gives the plant and the one who accepts the gift. If you believe in this sign and fear it - the person accepting the tree can pay the donor a small symbolic amount. This will save both from all sorts of risks.

Also, superstitious people are not recommended to throw out the tea tree - it is better to give it to someone or put it on the windowsill in the entrance.