Dream interpretation

What does the name Aziz mean and how does it affect the fate


The name Aziz has Arabic roots and means powerful, merciful. Men with this name are distinguished by gentleness, power, desire for success, secrecy. By nature, Aziz is trustful, receptive, friendly, and distinguished by great kindness. In the difficult conditions of the modern world, it becomes secretive and open only to family and a few close friends. At different periods of his life, he has many friends, or even none during the period of recovery and loneliness. The female version of the name Aziz is a girl with an uneasy and imperious character, who is able to subdue men with a slight movement of the eyebrow.

Name options

  • The main options - Aziz - male, Aziz - female
  • Cuts, affectionate options - Ziza, Zizi, Zizik, Azizik.


  • The sign of the zodiac is cancer, sensitive and resplendent. The name is characterized by high empathy and innate ability to control people's moods.
  • The planet is a moon, changeable and powerful.
  • Kinship with the element of water is characteristic.
  • Colors - white, silver, celadon, blue, green.
  • Metal - silver, steel.
  • Stone - beryl, selenite, sherl, diamond.
  • Flower - lily, water lily, pansies, cornflower.
  • Totem - owl, deer.

Name Compatibility

  • Male names that begin with "a" are distinguished by the brightness of their character and the striving for self-expression of the name carriers. The nature of self-expression is usually mild, creative, based on an understanding of human nature. This makes a man dangerous for careless and amorous ladies successful ladies' men, but also attracts a variety of women, regardless of name.
  • The strongest unions are possible with women whose names have hissing sounds - they have something to oppose. Zhanna, Sasha, Anastasia, Svetlana, Natasha will be a great couple with Aziz.
  • Women with the letter "p" in the name are doomed to a battle for leadership. It is fascinating, but cannot last forever. Christina, Raisa, Rita - the main contenders for the fatal passion.


In a family where love reigns, the boy grows up soft, pleasant in communication, unobtrusive. He loves to play, win, learns well and is proud of his success. Perhaps the early development of creative abilities, musicality, excellent mathematical abilities. The choice of the direction of development is rather complicated, since the child is gifted in various areas. With excessive pressure, tough measures of coercion, harsh criticism, he closes and protests violently. Praise, approval, appreciation of success - the best interventions.

In his youth, he likes beautiful bright things, bright colors and flashy colors, likes to stand out, he is offended if he is told that he looks funny from the outside. The girls of his youth are distinguished by screaming make-up, multi-colored hair, he disappears with pleasure in extreme and creative get-togethers, contriving to have an excellent time to study.

In adulthood, he prefers black and silver, soft pastel colors and high-quality classic costumes, family values, calm atmosphere and classical music. Few people will be able to recognize an extreme party-goer in an elegant, self-confident gentleman.

Negative qualities include indecision, a tendency to delay with important decisions regarding one’s own fate. Sometimes slowness becomes useful and clarifies the situation. Aziz often cares about other people more than about herself. This quality is aligned only with the appearance of his own family, people whom he should take care of.

This quality - care and understanding of other people are often trying to use ill-wishers. With insufficient insight, Aziz can fall into the trap.


The fate of Aziz is complicated. Gentle and vulnerable in childhood, he is ready for the most devoted friendship, but may be confronted with a lack of understanding of his whole and passionate nature. In this case, he closes, acquires useful connections, enjoys well-deserved influence, but does not let anyone close. He trusts his childhood friends unconditionally and can forgive absolutely everything. He perceives any human weaknesses of his relatives and close friends as lovely eccentricities.

In adulthood, this is a smart, prudent person, with a huge number of useful contacts. Perhaps stinging and even tough with outsiders. Stealth, arrogance, possession of a large number of secrets - the main qualities of Aziz in adulthood. He easily overcomes any obstacles, knows how to negotiate with other influential people, is capable of non-standard solutions, mutually beneficial compromises.

In relationships with women, he is a consumer, albeit an extremely selective one. A skilled and sophisticated lover struggles with the crowd of ladies who want to get his ardent heart for personal use. Several serious novels make him think about creating his own family. Aziz chooses his future wife meticulously, thoughtfully, understanding the importance of long-term relationships.

In the current marriage with pleasure is inferior in trifles, likes to please and pamper relatives, loves children, especially daughters. Mistresses and meetings on the side - a small part of the life of a man. He will never leave a small part of the soul of his fleeting girlfriend - his whole heart belongs to the family. But to test his own consistency and fitness, he is unable to refuse the hottest offers. Most likely, the wife never even suspect adultery. Aziz is very careful.

Loyalty and devotion, a clear mind and a keen understanding of human nature help him to make an excellent career and assert himself within a large structure. He is a workaholic and gives work no less power than the family.