Dream interpretation

What dreams of dreaming horse


To unravel the dream of a horse, remember the dream scenario in detail, and better write it down. And then read this article, in which I collected the best interpretations of popular dream books, to which I myself constantly appeal when I want to figure out what is waiting for me in the near future.

Gypsy dream book

Who, if not Roma, understands horses? Their predictions can be an important hint, listening to which you know your future.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. The horse is white or gray - an auspicious symbol. The dreamer expects success in any business for which he will undertake. His life will be filled with abundance and prosperity. Such pleasant bonuses are given by the Higher Forces for good deeds committed in the past.
  2. Horse brown or black - a symbol of influence and power. Sleep says that you are able to take a high position in society, strengthen your position and reputation. Just try a little and find yourself on top. Do not forget to surround yourself with loyal and dedicated people, like-minded people and supporters.
  3. Riding - the work that you are doing now, will bring you good money. The results of your work will be appreciated very highly, and you will get more money than you expected. Career growth or transition to a more lucrative position is also possible.
  4. Shoe a horse - your old age will be happy and serene. You will spend the rest of your days in peace and comfort, and only loved and loving people will surround you. But do not forget that the foundation for a secure future should be laid in the present.
  5. The stallion is a symbol of masculinity and sexual power. For men, dream means love victories, which he will soon win. For a woman, acquaintance with a chosen one who will give her an unforgettable sensual pleasure, which she had never experienced before.
  6. Mare - to the satisfaction of sexual life. But it can also promise a change of partner, relations with which have become obsolete. It is necessary to listen to yourself and understand whether you have chosen the right partner in life, whether your heart wants it.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

This dream book contains more modern predictions.

Here they are:

  1. Black horse - beware of risky cases, the result of which is unknown to you in advance. There is a high probability to put everything on the line and lose, having remained only with a great feeling of regret.
  2. Lame horse - a dream warning. You need to avoid any risk, if you do not want to incur trouble. Be wary of strangers with good deals and strange adventures, beware of any actions that can lead to trouble.
  3. The white horse is an auspicious sign. They symbolize wealth and the respect of others, which you deserve thanks to innate nobility and self-esteem.
  4. The horse in apples - a period of endless routine and boredom will end. Bright events, impressions and emotions will come into your life. You will not exist, but live a very full and rich life, using all the possibilities sent by fate to your happiness.
  5. Red or red horse - you are too hot-tempered and not able to restrain themselves in the expression of emotions. And it can be great to ruin your life if you don’t learn to control yourself. Sincere expression of feelings is good, but you should not forget about the mind.
  6. A silver horse is a sign of the dreamer's rich imagination and his penchant for dreams. But he should more often dive into real life and get rid of most of the illusions, otherwise one day he will have to be seriously disappointed.
  7. To ride a horse - you have set the right goal, you have every chance to reach it in the shortest way. And even if it still seems like a pipe dream, act and be sure to get what you have long sought.
  8. Tired or sick horse - you are often used by other people for personal gain. You should stop letting others around you and think about your own interests.

Ancient dream book

This dream book contains the wisest and deepest interpretations.

Here they are:

  1. Herd of horses - soon you will meet a very rich and powerful person who will become your patron, mentor, and teacher. Thanks to him, you can improve the quality of your life, climb the career ladder and earn more money than usual.
  2. To bury a horse is an ominous sign that promises unpleasant news from close friends. You may receive information about the deadly disease or the unforeseen demise of someone you love.
  3. A dead horse is an unfavorable symbol. Some event will happen that brings with it a lot of trouble. And the blame for everything - your own negligence. To avoid problems, be vigilant and be careful.
  4. The horse stumbled - you will be invited to a celebration that will end badly. Perhaps there will be a fight or some serious conflict. And you will be in the epicenter of the explosion, so beware.
  5. Saddle a horse - you will need the support of a loved one in some very meaningful case for you. But you should not wait for help - you need to rely only on yourself, because a friend does not have the necessary resources that you need.
  6. The horse saves you on the battlefield - you are a very lucky person and live happily because of this.
  7. Wounded horse - you show too much lightheadedness in important matters, because of which sooner or later you can incur trouble. You need to develop a sense of responsibility and always fulfill promises made to other people.
  8. Fight on horseback - you will find yourself in a dangerous situation, but thanks to courage and bravery you will be able to solve everything in the best way and stay safe. Try to remain vigilant, so as not to get lost at the right moment.