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Sagittarius Woman: She has a temper


Sagittarius is the most straightforward sign of the zodiac from all other constellations. They are distinguished by cheerfulness, optimism, as well as an easy attitude to life and some reverie. Woman Sagittarius - what it is in different areas of life, especially its character and behavior - that is what we will talk about in this material.

Characteristics of female Sagittarius

Sagittarius girl is a real explosion of emotions, which is not possible to predict. She is distinguished by such a changeable mood that it often tires even her. But with all this, a Sagittarius woman has such a powerful natural optimism that is easily conveyed to people around.

By its nature, this lady has the following features:

  • emotionality;
  • sensuality;
  • she is not inclined to rush for a long time with insults, since she is quickly relieved of them;
  • friendly enough;
  • always readily renders his assistance to all who need it;
  • very original;
  • tender;
  • tends to be a leader;
  • very extravagant;
  • independent;
  • possesses natural enthusiasm;
  • has a very rich imagination.

In such women there are few typical female traits of character, namely, appeasability, humility, timidity and diplomacy. They are distinguished by straightforwardness, frankness, and are capable of injuring their interlocutors in conversation.

These women are used to always do what they want. They rarely suffer prejudices and are accustomed to a fairly relaxed lifestyle, complete independence from other people.

Sagittarius are not inherently depressed, as a rule, they have a positive attitude and are accustomed to easily overcome difficulties with a smile on their face. For them, life is an exciting game, such women easily attract people to themselves.

Since Sagittarius is by nature very inquisitive, it is interesting to communicate with him, he easily maintains a conversation on any subject.

Features of appearance

The girls of this zodiac constellation have bright external data. In their younger years, they differ in proportional physique, have a magnificent chest. But Sagittarius women are not very interested in fashion, preferring the convenience and relevance of their clothes.

Upon reaching middle age, such a lady is likely to add a few extra pounds, since it is difficult for her to control her diet and abandon her favorite hazards.

Having by nature a good state of health and excellent metabolism, a Sagittarius woman often shows a somewhat irresponsible attitude towards herself. She simply does not have free time for illness, plus she feels mistrust before people in white coats, so sometimes she can bring herself to critical states.

Sagittarius is very important to control their diet, in any case not to overwork your body and not to give an increased load to the nervous system.

The representative of the sign of the Zodiac Sagittarius is always easy to recognize in the crowd, because she has a very wide, not graceful gait and is constantly used to haste. Therefore, it is very important to be careful and move carefully to protect yourself from possible personal injury.

Woman Sagittarius in career

Communication and active social life are vital for a Sagittarius woman. Such ladies rarely linger on maternity leave and turn into housewives.

Sagittarius are well suited as a manager. But a Sagittarius girl can equally well be an organizer and a performer.

The only thing that negatively affects the deterioration of the results of its activities is the presence of a constant routine and boredom, when there is no opportunity for self-realization. A Sagittarius girl will never agree to go to an unloved job, she should be interested and passionate about what she does.

In a career, Strelets Troops have become accustomed to overestimate their resources and often load themselves with impossible tasks. Such girls tend to creative professions that are associated with public activities and are not without some risks.

From such personalities make excellent journalists, translators, publishers, PR people. But, in order to gain a stable financial position, a Sagittarius woman will have to work very hard and use all her entrepreneurial spirit.

Sagittarius girl - what is she in love and marriage?

Love can amazingly transform a hot Sagittarius, because everything that is connected with emotions is her element. She completely gives herself to the feelings, and no logic will help to understand the actions of the falling Sagittarius.

At the same time, the Streltsov girls are distinguished by their straightforwardness in manifesting their sympathies - this is the typical behavior of representatives of this sign in all spheres of her life. The behavior of an ardent Sagittarius will scare away weak or indecisive men from her (however, why are they needed?). But strong representatives of the opposite sex, such frankness, on the contrary, will attract.

In the intimate terms, Sagittarius rarely suffer from complexes. In sex, these girls are temperamental and energetic, but they need the same active and passionate partner, as they themselves. If a Sagittarius woman has no romantic feelings for her chosen one, then it is unlikely that she will be able to get real pleasure in bed.

According to the astrological characteristics, the lady-Sagittarius pushes her freedom first, therefore she prefers to marry somewhat later than her peers. She likes to feel at the center of male attention, but her loneliness is not too much.

It is very important that the man next to her could provide her with sufficient freedom and personal space. In exchange, the Sagittarius girl will promise him her loyalty and devotion. If such a lady realizes that the feelings have passed, she will not pretend, but prefer to break off the burdensome relationship.

It is also not recommended to impose any restrictions on Sagittarius, because otherwise, sooner or later, such a relationship will disappear. Thanks to their natural optimism, Streltsov is not afraid of love mistakes and failures. Therefore, such women often marry several times, but each time they take the relationship very seriously and hope to become very happy in love.

It should be noted that women-Archers are far from delighted with the hassle of housework. They love to decorate and change the interior of their home. A beautiful mother comes out of Sagittarius, because, thanks to her natural cheerfulness, she easily copes with the whims of her children, and the presence of a creative vein helps to come up with interesting activities for children.

In the case when the sign representative could not fully realize in her life, she can try to fulfill her wishes in children. But on the whole, mothers-Streltsy do not insist too much that children engage in unloved activities. A woman dreams that the baby has shown its personal potential, while not harming his character.

Who is best for Strelets to build relationships with?

The representative of the sign Sagittarius will feel best with other fiery constellations - namely, Aries and Leo. The whole element of Fire is dynamic, independent, so it is easy for them to find a common language with each other, there is no desire to limit the freedom-loving woman-Sagittarius. Such alliances will be long and happy.

But men Streltsov better not to choose the potential suitors: the two leaders will be problematic to get along under the same roof, and regular showdowns have a negative impact on the overall atmosphere in the house. Therefore, we can say that friendship between two Sagittarius is quite likely, but not love at all.

It is also possible to achieve harmony with Aquarius and Libra, but only if the representatives of these signs are not boring and can fully share the interests of Sagittarius.

But Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are quite complex partners for Sagittarius. These signs belong to the earth element, they are couch potatoes and it will be difficult for them to understand the eternal travels of active Streltsov.

In the Sagittarius-Gemini union, the latter will constantly try to take away the freedom of his beloved. But if the partners succeed in achieving harmony in everyday matters, then such a pair can become very successful.

Sagittarius - bright and extraordinary personalities with whom it is very difficult, but if you learn to interact with them correctly - you can create harmonious friendships or love relationships.

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