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How to bewitch a man without consequences at home


Ways of love spells are conventionally divided into "black" and "white." The latter are less effective, the result will have to wait a long time, but there are practically no consequences for the doer and the bewitch. Black love spells are dangerous, but the result you will achieve almost instantly.

Attention: When using black magic, be prepared for the fact that the bewitched may hate you, because they will not understand why he is drawn to you.

White magic is gentle and more often passes without consequences: the beloved man or husband whom you bewitches will gradually become attached to you, his will will be free, as if he will start falling in love of his own will.

Black magic, on the contrary, suppresses the will and reason of the chosen one: it becomes aggressive, secretive, dreary and subsequently regards you as a “savior”, i.e. again falls in love. Otherwise, black love spells are called zombies.

Consider a few ways to bewitch your loved one at home.

Self-defense from higher powers

Suppose you can't wait and decide to charm your beloved in black. In this case, first of all, you need to take care of your own protection. If you are not an experienced magician, there will be enough amulet. The talisman plays the role of a lightning arrester: the destructive forces with which you are going to bewitch the object of your love will inevitably fall on you, but the amulet will take part of the blow on itself.

Protect the object of your love you can not. Unless turning to a professional magician. Possible consequences include aggression, depression, drunkenness, and so on.

How to charm a man with "white" magic

There are innumerable items for the implementation of the ceremony. For most of them you will not need personal things chosen. We will consider the most popular and effective love spells.

Candle - a way without a photo

To charm a man at home, you can at a distance with a candle, even without a photo. Theoretically, a candle can be any, even aromatic. However, to heighten the effect, it is better to use a candle bought in the church by you personally. There is a simple explanation for this - all the objects in the church have a powerful “white” energy charge.

Consider how to charm a husband for a candle:

  • wait until midnight;
  • heat 2 candles;
  • twist the trunks of candles among themselves;
  • during the plexus read the text of the sentence:

"As these candles are suites with each other, so we are forever merged with you";

  • light woven candles;
  • while burning candles read the following text:

"Like candles that light up with fire, so our hearts burn with you.Let the heart of God's servant (name) be kindled, with love for me, the servant of God (name) will burn;

  • hide the candles without separating them from each other.

Attention: when naming names, pronounce those names under which you and the object of your love were baptized, otherwise magic will not work.

Charm on the moon

It is believed that the best time for this rite is spring. Wait for the full moon and do at midnight. The sky at the same time should be clear, and you need to look at the moon and imagine the face of your beloved:

  • kneel down;
  • look at the moon and read the text:

"How your face shines every night in the sky,So let the servant of God (the name) remember me nightly ";

  • go to bed without saying another word.

In fact, the text can be anything. The main thing is its meaning. So, a spell that you wrote yourself from the bottom of your heart will have more power, thinking about your chosen one when writing.

Water or milk

This love spell suits often seen and closely communicating couples or spouses whose love began to slow down. In the evening, offer your chosen one a cup of milk or a glass of water, pre-speaking to drink the following words:

"Lord Jesus Christ, help your servant of God (name): give me the power to instill in the servant of God (name) love for me. As a child cannot live without mother's milk, let the servant of God (name) not live without me. By name Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost, amen. "

For magic to work, you must believe in its action. You should not conduct the ceremony "at random" - or will not work, or will return to you a hundredfold.

Remember that while speaking the love spell itself you need to think about your beloved in a positive way. Not "oh, you are ungrateful," but "I love you madly, I want to live with you all my life."

We charm the beloved man in the "black" way

With photo and candles

You will need the following things:

  • photo of the chosen one;
  • 4 candles;
  • needle;
  • brush (as for watercolor);
  • a handful of earth from the graves of any married couple.

Doing on the waning moon at midnight. The rite mechanism:

  • sit at the table, put a photo in front of you;
  • put candles on the corners of the photo, light it;
  • using a needle, pierce your finger until blood (it should be enough to write a love spell text);
  • with a brush, take blood from a finger and write the following words in a photo, pronouncing them aloud:

I give you pure blood, I will connect you with myself. You will follow the blood, you will forget everything. And the earth, and the fire to that in the svidka, to the gravestone ";

  • throwing a photograph of the guest of the earth and again repeating aloud the text of the plot;
  • set fire to the photo immediately from 4 candles and read the spell for the third time.

Attention: the image of the beloved must burn to the end.

This rite is considered extremely effective. But no less strong spell with the use of menstrual blood.

Black love spell without photo on monthly blood

There are many variations with female blood. The most painless method for both you and your man is on menstruation:

  • add a drop of blood to red wine or any food, speak it in words and give it to the chosen one;
  • put blood on a white cloth (clean and unworn), burn the cloth, and add ashes to food or drink.

Words for a love spell on blood:

"You shall drink my blood and give up your will".


"As this blood was in me, so will you come to me".

Charm, carried out with the help of menstrual blood, is effective and was widely used even by your grandmothers grandmothers, but you need to be careful with it, since such a love spell belongs to the category of black.

The way in the video - using a tomato