Dream interpretation

Name Melania - what character and signs of fate are prepared


The meaning of the name comes from the Greek word melanin, which means dark, black. The talisman of the name is Morion - a black stone, often used in witchcraft. The result is a real dark witch. But we know that she has a tender heart and a kind wide soul.

Just do not offend this woman or stand in her way, stop her from moving forward towards her intended goal. It is also a good idea to remember the sad fate of the magic mirror and not to tell the beautiful Melanie anything that anyone could be more beautiful or smarter than her, even theoretically.

Praise her, love, cheer, treat with goodies - and you will find a reliable faithful friend who will stand up for you and help you in any difficult situation with all your considerable forces.

Name options

Melania is affectionately called Melania, Melanie, Lanachka, Laney, Malasha, Mila.

Other options - Mel, Lana,


  • Zodiac sign - inflexible, stubborn and passionate ibex
  • Planet - the rational Saturn
  • Happy color - dark, black, dark blue, the color of the night sky
  • Tree - fir
  • Plant - stubborn thistle
  • Animal - puma
  • Stone - Morion, Black Diamond

Name Compatibility

It is very important to choose a strong enough name able to withstand the pressure of the furious and irreconcilable Melanie. It is desirable that the name was consonant and melodious - Mel, Nikolai, Valery, Michael.

Name Day Melanie celebrate January 13.

Character Properties

The basic qualities of a name are perseverance and restraint. Usually she is smart and prudent and does not hide her strong qualities. At a young age, she can fiercely deny everything “useless” and non-functional, demanding complete pragmatism from those around her. She is annoyed by everything that can violate strict rationality - alcohol, love, excitement.

She learns to masterfully manage her emotions, manipulate other people, tie them to her, while remaining free. She hides her tender, sensitive and vulnerable soul under iron armor and always strives to look invulnerable.

Weakness should be attributed to greed, stinginess, light paranoia - she always sees conspiracies of envious people and those who hate her. Someone wants to poison her, to compromise someone, to put in a bad light, to demonstrate her ignorance and stupidity.

This is how her secret fears look, and most of all she fears the closest people. It is very difficult, because she does not cease to love them, although in her imagination these are monsters. She tries to melt the stone hearts of her neighbors with her kindness, gifts, love. She pits them against each other so that they do not unite against her, and provides the appearance of support to each one by one, secretly chuckling.

Information received from one is immediately distorted and can be transferred to another, or hidden. Mystery and silence - her middle name. In fact, she hides her helplessness and helplessness. Only having held and received recognition, real power, can it relax and begin to enjoy life.


In childhood, Melania strikes with its diligence and accuracy. All that she does - carefully and thoughtfully. It seems as if it is both a charming child, and an intelligent, responsible and understanding adult.

She hates dirt, gladly brings order, cleanliness, preens, knows how to wear the most magnificent dresses with grace, has an excellent taste. Many girls themselves learn to sew perfectly, go to courses. The result is stunning outfits that complement the beauty of girls, make it special, not like others. Melania rarely takes the path of feminism. She likes to conquer and subjugate men.

Immaturity begins to manifest itself in childhood. If there are hysterical people with pronounced phobias nearby, she will switch them all and hide fears for many years. It’s better not to give the baby encyclopedia a hand in hand - an impressionable girl can get sick at the same time with all known diseases according to the description.

She usually gets married in adulthood and very carefully selects a promising spouse. The main condition is that he should like other women and adore her. She always doubts her choice, so she needs confirmation. If a man likes many, she will choose him for herself.

The union is not always successful, but it will not change its choice if it has already been made. She also gives birth to children rather late and rather focuses on a sense of duty - this is the custom. She usually has one or two children. She is an ideal mother from a technical point of view, her child will never need anything other than a warm word, sincere love, support. Only in adulthood will she learn to love truly, and not because it is so accepted or out of a sense of duty.

In the professional field, Melania achieves any desired heights, becoming a respected specialist. Due to the natural gift to intrigue easily breaks into the management of any company, it becomes indispensable.

In old age, it flourishes, as if making up for lost time in its own childhood. She appreciates every moment, enjoys delicious food without restrictions, stops counting every penny and remembers that you need to manage to save solid accumulations. For the first time in her life, she spits on the advice of doctors, tinkering with her grandchildren and other people's children, as she never bothered with hers. All adore her, appreciate her charm, seek accurate and clear advice, which she shares with great pleasure.