Dream interpretation

Alexandrina - the meaning of the name, character and variants of fate


The name Alexandrina has ancient Greek roots and means - a brave, courageous warrior, defender.

Similar male name is Alexander. Other female forms: Sandra, Sasha, Alessandra, Sanya. Some of these interpretations are widely popular in Europe. Alexandra is listed in the Orthodox calendar of the calendar and celebrates Angel Day: April 2, May 31, May 6.

general characteristics

  • The planet patron of the name is Mars;
  • The name is suitable for the sign of the zodiac - Aries;
  • The color that attracts luck and happiness is silver-gray, ashen;
  • The tree, contributing to the addition of strength and energy - cypress;
  • A plant that has a positive effect on health is hydrangea;
  • The season of the year, successful for the realization of plans, is spring;
  • Totem animal - dog (mastiff).

Childhood and adolescence Alexandrina, hobbies and habits

Aleksandrinochka is a stubborn, self-willed and brave little girl. Already from an early age it shows its difficult and controversial nature. On the one hand, she is very sweet, naive, cheerful and positive. But on the other hand, a very persistent, capricious and noisy person.

Some of her character traits are very similar to those of men. This active, independent child instead of playing with dolls will prefer to ride a bike, run barefoot through puddles or build a tent in the forest.

Alexandrina's childhood takes place in a circle of boy friends who are older than her. With girls, she is bored and uninteresting, so she tries to avoid such communication. Sasha, too, gets along with her mom, deliberately provoking a quarrel and scandal in order to quickly escape from the house.

Father for Alexandrina - her main authority. Only he is able to convince the girl by influencing her decision. Alexandra is created from contradictions and often experiences internal disharmony, although outwardly it will not show at all.

From the side it is very difficult to determine the type of Sasha. It can attract its vigor and tirelessness, but completely repel obstinate and prickly disposition. She attracts with her cheerfulness and easily comes into contact, but this often does not reach close friendship due to the fact that she immediately tries to dominate, showing some authoritarianism.

In school, Aleksandrinochka is not distinguished by outstanding talents. The ability to learn well depends on her immediate desire. She can be hardworking and very diligent when she realizes that she really needs it.

Sanya has excellent physical characteristics and often has a great interest in sports. She does not miss training and often the only goal of her life is to achieve a high result in professional sports.

Under the influence of a reputable father, Sanya can successfully finish school and enter a higher educational institution. Here her behavior changes slightly. It already ceases to be so whimsical, easily excitable and frivolous. Perhaps that is why in her life there are less and less unpleasant situations in which she has been falling all the time.

Instead of constant extravagance, Sasha’s behavior now shows restrained determination, cold calculation, and consistency. Empty words and dialogue, she prefers concrete deeds, which also hints at her some masculine principle.

Matured Alexandrina begins to pay more attention to her appearance, realizing that well-groomedness and attractiveness can be, though not the main weapon, but will really help in achieving the goals set.

In the eyes of her peers, she can look very feminine, mysterious and elegant. In Sasha, there is no coquetry, but enough charm to attract male views. Understanding this, Sasha is not afraid to experiment, learning new experience in communication with the opposite sex. You can’t call this girl morally stable, although she fully recognizes the moral values ​​of society.

Personal life, profession and health - options for the fate of Alexandrina

An adult Alexandrina is an honest, fair and decent person. By the age of thirty she is already quite independent and responsible for her life. She has many friends, although she is still secretive for most.

In this attractive person there is a lot of optimism, she adheres to a fast pace in everything, considering slowness as the first sign of defeat. The girl already knows how to skillfully and diplomatically avoid conflict situations. But sometimes it is still too straightforward and deliberately rude.

Of the negative traits that may appear during this period, it is noticeable that she is able to weave intrigue and become the initiator of gossip, believing that such a goal justifies the means. Her eccentricity is staggering and her social circle can change often.

Alesandra herself in people very much appreciates truthfulness, sincerity and reliability. To deceive or betray Alexandrina is to lose her respect and friendship forever. She also rejects the lack of initiative, laziness and mediocrity.

In the business environment, Alexandrina can successfully prove herself as a leader, not only because of her authoritarianism, but also because of her high working ability. It has the pivot that helps the modern director to withstand all the complex and unforeseen circumstances in the business sphere.

The rapid career growth of Sandra can contribute to the fact that she finally loses her femininity and tenderness. But this business woman is able to hit their achievements. She needs either all or nothing. She used to be bold and go beyond the usual and everyday - this feature makes Alexandrina a rare woman.

Although Sandra spins in men's circles, she gets married late. Her busy schedule, constant trips, new projects, the desire to have time and time to do contribute to the fact that she constantly postpones her family happiness.

But this does not mean that a late marriage for her will become a necessity, and not a conscious desire. She is able to sincerely and devotedly to love, to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the house. Her companion must be not only a passionate lover, but also a faithful friend, companion, ally.

Perfect compatibility is possible with men named: Andrei, Peter, Anatoly, Ivan, Semyon, Victor, Yuri. Avoid a serious relationship with a man named: Alexander, Daniel, Sylvester, Spartak.

Although Alexandra, like in her childhood, does not like to devote her free time to housework, she is ready to make an exception for her beloved family. It is not difficult for this woman to cook a delicious dinner or surprise the household with sweet pastries.

Her marriage can be fragile, because of her desire to suppress her partner all the time. If her companion has a soft, docile nature and is ready to put up with the primacy of Alexandrina, then they will constitute a quite good and harmonious pair.

Alexandrina loves her children, but in education she is very restrained in emotions and strict. She rarely has guests in her house; she prefers to meet with loved ones outside her own home. For her, vacation with her family is an active occupation, which she carefully plans.

Alexandrina's health does not upset him with strong interruptions throughout his life. But she should avoid nervous breakdowns and surges. This can cause stress and prolonged depressions that such a strong person will experience in himself, not showing others.

Famous people named Alexandrina