Dream interpretation

What does the name Vadim mean and how is it reflected in the fate and character of a person


The meaning of the name comes from the old Russian "vadit", which means the conductor, teacher, mentor. The later meanings of this word are a debater, a person who constantly defends his opinion, imposes it on others, an instigator. It is likely that the change in the meaning of the name is due to the clergy and shamanism, which have become negative with the advent of Christianity.

Words of the root - got into the habit, discard. Accordingly, Vadim is the one who walks, the shaman. A man able to walk between worlds. According to another theory, in the origin of the name lies the Hindu word "vazdra" - a sacred object, a sign of the power of the gods and destined fate. Vadim chooses his own destiny. Usually difficult, hard, but he is quite capable. By vocation he is a philosopher, spiritual father, mentor, teacher.

Name options

Vadik, Vadya, Dima, Vadimka, Vadimchik, Vad, Veda, Vadka.


  • Zodiac sign - Taurus
  • Control Planet - Moon
  • Happy color - golden, yellow, silver
  • Walnut Tree
  • Flower - Dahlia, Gerbera
  • Animal - bear, wolf, ox
  • Stone - turquoise, moonstone

Name Compatibility

Vadim prefers girls with simple and short names. For example, Masha is much more likely to like him than Marietta or Manuela. But if the girl really likes it, he will rename her as he likes. We can say that it is sexism or male chauvinism.

And there is. He himself will calmly respond to the "owner" in his own house or to "hey you" if you are not well acquainted. Most of all he loves names that have a deep meaning - Sophia, Stella, Tatiana, Vera, Nadya, Lyuba, Masha, Christina. He would prefer to let Larisa go - to keep a seagull in the house - a bad omen.

The girl with whom he will build relationships should be domovit, to be able to do everything at home, to cook well, to do needlework, to adhere to patriarchal ideologies. For his part, he will provide full support for care and support.

Name Day It Celebrates April 22


Vadim is valued by friends, family, leadership for absolute reliability. He will always do what he must, help in a difficult situation and take on any job. Carrying a piano is good. Wash your hands in the icy water with a mountain of soiled baby diapers - good. To read a lecture on medieval French poetry is good.

He gladly moves to live outside the city, closer to nature, because it is easy for him to chop and put firewood, plow up a vegetable garden or a field, build a house, lay down a stove. He is strong as a bull, calm as a full boa and reliable as a rock. He sees his house on the outskirts, on the outskirts, away from the hustle and bustle. He is not inclined to extra communication, he does not welcome uninvited guests.

The main features can be considered as sullenness, isolation, devotion, reliability and secret voluptuousness. He just adores sex and has reached great heights in what is the most important joy of his life. He also loves to eat, but the love of food is limited to some kind of austerity - everything should be cooked exactly as he likes, without the slightest deviation. Only then can he have fun.

But in sex, he is ready to create, experiment, try new things, show tirelessness and bear power. Surrounding people are wondering why a whole line of the most brilliant and inaccessible beauties is lining up to the rather poor dwelling of the gloomy and modest silence. The answer is obvious. These girls know exactly what to look for.

But not everyone will pass a rigorous test, including rigorous quibbles for beauty, well-groomed appearance, natural intelligence and education. Vadim is picky, picky, picky and even squeamish. For him the reputation of the girl is important. If she is not crystal enough, he will not be able to get carried away with it. Depth of feelings is crucial for him.

Education is comprehensive. He vigorously and eagerly engaged in self-education, is able to talk about Boethius and Flavia as if they were his roommates. But he is poorly given languages, even English. This makes him suffer and feel his inferiority compared to brilliant young people who communicate in several languages ​​with ease.

In order to compensate for this disadvantage, he is friendly with translators and willingly uses their services, providing in exchange his own opportunities, as a rule, very significant.

Vadim usually has no enemies. Soft, calm, judicious, he easily resolves any intellectual disputes. Everything else is solved with an impressive appearance. Find a person so stupid that he will be ready to fight with him is difficult. Even if someone harbored a grudge - they prefer not to get involved. It is necessary to understand that even the most peaceful Vadim with the most pacifist views, holds a weapon in the cache, never in sight, and knows how to use it perfectly.


In the children's photos, among the smiling babies, you can see a big and gloomy boy - this is Vadim. Usually he begins to speak late, does not like to chatter, talk, thoughtful, slow. Many consider him blunt compared to nimble peers. He does not argue, he does not care much about the opinions of others, especially without weighty evidence.

But at the Mathematical Olympiad or at a chess tournament, it suddenly turns out that the “slow-witted” easily outperforms the “brilliant minds of the school” and takes the lead. Over time, they begin to turn to him for advice, for help, for support. The girls start to stare at the young warrior early. It is during school and student years that the main circle of Vadim's friends is formed.

Having finished his studies, usually with average marks, he thinks about starting a family and his own house. These concepts for him are inextricably linked. Marry without a home, he will not. But it can easily lead the bride to the shed or bungalow next to the construction of the main building.

In the marriage necessarily appear children, at least three, often more. Vadim sees sense in it and with pleasure potters with children, pampers them whenever possible, completely provides. If there are no children, he can divorce and marry again. Mature years usually take the form of raising children to their feet.

In old age, in old age, he can go to a monastery or to travel around the world in a kayak, just to the forest.

Famous namesakes

Novgorod or "Brave" - ​​Vadim Novgorod - the leader of the famous resistance of Novgorod to Rurik’s power.