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The value of the honey name Assel - character, fate and career


The Arabian female name Assel from the ancient Turkic language is translated as “sweet”, “honey”, “tender”, “evening”, “smooth”. The name is so ancient that it is difficult to say which of these translations is correct.

The diminutive form of the name: Asechka, Asya, Selya, Aselechka.

In the Orthodox faith, the name Assel is not marked due to the absence of a saint with this name. Girls are baptized under a different, consonant name.


Has the talent to win the trust of others. Prudent, loves philosophy, Honest, optimistic, kind, perceived by others as a peacemaker. Able to adapt to the most difficult life situations, to see the beauty in the surrounding world. Assel has practically no negative qualities of character, only suspiciousness is present, which spoils the impression about her.


Girl Assel is growing kind and sympathetic, ready to help. He likes to take care of animals, to pick up defenseless puppies, kittens. At school, Assel does not give teachers trouble, learns diligently, gets good grades, knows how to be friends with classmates. He does not refuse to participate in school competitions, at performances, in olympiads.

He does not like extreme sports, preferring to them beautiful - dancing, swimming, gymnastics, in which he achieves success. He knows how to behave tactfully, listen to the interlocutor and keep secrets entrusted to her, always tries to reconcile the warring parties, which she usually manages. Very responsible attitude to promises, always fulfills them. Never complain about fate, taking everything as it is.

Assel becomes more restrained as an adult, she is far from trying to help everyone, realizing that not everyone deserves it. He learns to understand people, starts to imbue them a little to protect himself. Assel is always surrounded by friends, among whom there are always a couple of close friends she can trust.


Grows strong girl, sick less other children, quickly recovering from an illness. All her life she will have a lot of energy that will protect the body from many diseases.


Assel already in childhood knows who she will work when she grows up. And most often this work will be connected with communication, which Assel succeeds best of all: social worker, journalist, TV presenter, administrative worker, consultant. It is important for her to ensure that colleagues and authorities respect and appreciate her.

Before you reach the desired goal, Assel will make a plan and follow it. The financial side of work for Assel is in second place after the spiritual one. If the work is highly paid, but very nervous, then Assel will easily leave her for a low-paid, but favorite job. She loves when she is praised, will not try without praise.


Lovely, but she will let only the man with whom she feels calm, relaxed, who will not humiliate her physically or psychologically.


Before marrying a chosen one, she will check him for years, look closely to him. For her husband, Assel will become a faithful and reliable wife, prompting him a way out of difficult situations. For children will be the best mom in the world. For the sake of the family quit even the most favorite work. Despite her mild and compliant nature, her mother-in-law or mother-in-law will turn out to be hostile, because she will not be able to come to terms with the idea that children have already grown up and have their own lives, separate from their parents.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Excellent: Alexander, Timofey, Nikolay, Stepan, David, Vadim, Mikhail, Egor, Arseny, Konstantin, Semyon, Igor, Ruslan, Yury.
  • The bad: Maxim, Gleb, Victor, Dmitry, Peter, Vladimir, Leonid, Elisha, Andrei, Ivan.


  • Planet - Venus.
  • Name color - Green.
  • Season - Spring.
  • Lucky number is 6.
  • Zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • Totem animal - Jay.
  • Plant - Immortelle.
  • Tree - sycamore.
  • Mineral Mascot - Carnelian.

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